RHOBH Cast Have Realized How Manipulative Lisa Vanderpump Is


Lisa Vanderpump is still not speaking to her former sidekick Brandi Glanville, and RadarOnline reports not to expect a reconciliation anytime soon. While Brandi was the first of the RHOBH cast to feud with Lisa, Radar reports all of the women on the show are seeing Lisa’s true colors. “Lisa needed someone to instigate things, to out her and show her true colors, and that person was Brandi,” an insider tells the site.

“All the women on the show have come to realize how conniving and manipulative Lisa is. Brandi was the only one with the balls to actually call her out and do something about it,” the source continues. “Brandi was tired of being Lisa’s b*tch. She has no problem being a b*tch in general, but just not anyone else’s.”

“A lot of it will come out on the show and the world will learn what the girls on the Housewives already know about Lisa,” the insider reveals.

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  • Aunt Bee

    Why would any woman in her right mind want to be on any of these HW shows. Everyone of them on every franchise has been called a liar, a manipulator, unfaithful etc…… Why would any woman with any self respect allow this to happen to her.??????

  • BoycottTeresa

    Finally………..the Goddess Lisa V. is being brought to her knees and called out. About time….

  • Lola

    I had Lisa figured out by the middle of season 2. I can’t wait to watch this season.

    • Debred

      I agree , but she is very skillful at manipulating. When she is interacting w/others on the show, just focus on her and how the conversation gets started, how she walks away saying “I can’t do this” many times as she realizes she is being caught out. The perfect example of Lisa’s need to know everything and try to steer any conversation is when Kyle and Kim are on the bus in Paris as everyone else has gone in to the cooking school. Lisa actually comes back out to see what is going on and they had a hard time getting her to hear it was a private conversation and she needed to go back inside. Boy was she unhappy!

  • Fahlina_G

    I’d still take a “manipulative” Lisa and her lifestyle over a screeching Brandi, Taylor Kim and Kyle ANYDAY! Lisa’s lifestyle is the only reason I watch this show. Not the jealous griping and cattiness of the desperate wannabe’s

  • This is no surprise, the rest of the women (And I use that term lightly) have wanted to take Lisa down after it became quite clear that she is the viewers favorite, and remains my favorite still. I only watch because she has so much class that neither of the others do, and to see that after so many years she & Ken are still completely in love.

    • Fahlina_G

      I’ll take the glamour and fun over a catfight anyday! Hell, I can go outside for that…