RHOBH Cast Jealous Of New Housewife Joyce Giraud!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are reportedly getting catty with newest cast member, Joyce Giraud, and RadarOnline reports the women are jealous of Joyce! The former beauty queen “isn’t getting a warm reception from the Housewives. They are all green with jealousy because Joyce is absolutely stunning. She has it all, looks, brains and a loving family,” an insider tells Radar.

“Brandi Glanville is used to being the young, hot housewife and having all of the attention from the men, and Joyce is a threat. Brandi isn’t happy that she is going to be upstaged by Joyce. Kim Richards doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about concerning Joyce, and doesn’t think Joyce is anything special in the looks department,” the source adds.

Bravo reportedly pursued Giraud “with a vengeance because they really wanted to mix it up for the fourth season. Joyce has won several major beauty pageants, and none of the others come close to her in the looks department,” the show insider said. “It was a very calculating and provocative maneuver to cast Joyce. Producers are expecting to really mix it up with Joyce.”

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7 Replies to “RHOBH Cast Jealous Of New Housewife Joyce Giraud!”

  1. I doubt Brandi and Kyle and the other ladies are all in a jealous rage against Joyce Giraud as you suggest. This new girl has not even been on a show yet and most of these women are not so vicious as to attack someone they’ve never even met or been around for a while. I believe the ladies will give Joyce a chance to see what she’s all about, feel her out, listen to her a while, especially Yolanda and Lisa. One never knows how the Richards sisters will react but if there is trouble towards Joyce, I imagine it will come from these two old has-beens.

  2. She is stunning! Can’t stand Brndi and think it is great to put her in her place. Brandi is pretty but her nasty language and her disgusting behavior is her downfall.

  3. Joyce, you better watch your back because Brandi is going to be out get you. So now the show is going to get fun because I bet this lady is not going to be pushed around like the others. Maybe team Lisa is not going to be number 1,, I cannot wait for the new shows I hope Joyce, brings some heat and spice to RHOBH,

  4. I will judge her by her actions, not how many beauty contests she’s won. I’ll bet Lisa, Yolanda, and Brandi will, too.

  5. again this is a story from radar online like lmfao WHAT IS THE VALIDITY OF THIS LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL im pretty sure her and brandi would get along the best.

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