RHOBH Cast Jealous Of Brandi Glanville’s Fame?


Brandi Glanville has been all over the media for her controversial comments and behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even though Brandi is getting mostly negative attention for her actions, RadarOnline is reporting that Brandi’s RHOBH co-stars are jealous of her fame. “The women are going crazy with all the attention Brandi is getting,” a show insider tells Radar. “They each want to be the biggest star of the show, and even though most of them think what Brandi has done is despicable, they’re still jealous that she is the most prominent of all the ladies.”

The source told Radar that Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster and Carlton Gebbia have all been complaining about the spotlight being on Brandi. “Each lady is saying that they can’t believe Brandi is the focus of the show now when all that she has done has been mean-spirited,” the source says, adding that Brandi’s nemesis Joyce Giraud is angry as well. “Joyce is really mad that what she feels are rude and racist comments about her are only making Brandi more famous and sending more fans her way. She believes that Brandi is jealous of her wealth and her life but doesn’t think it is right that she’s getting accolades for being nasty.”

The women are expected to film the reunion in a couple of weeks, the source reveals, adding that the women are all ready to confront Brandi. “All the ladies are prepping for Brandi’s zingers, and they’re hoping they can compete with her level of attention somehow at the taping,” the insider said.

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  • Confused

    wow if this ends up being true, they honestly have no dignity and clearly don’t have their priorities straight.

  • lol, what a bunch of bull… sorry, but I can’t believe that anybody would be jealous of Brandi having all the negative exposure, I don’t believe she is a racist (Americans are very PC these days) or a bad person in general, she is just so lost and needs to find herself again, ofcourse, not by drinking, cursing and being an all-night-bitch

    Anyway, jealous? Nobody, except maybe, I don’t know…. Kyle?

  • Judy

    Nobody is jealous of Brandi. While she’s pretty and thin, she is classless. She is the one jealous of Joyce, Kyle and Lisa. Probably the only one she’s not jealous of is Kim.

  • PaulaQ

    The only ones I think who would be jealous are Joyce, Joyce, and Joyce; as well as Kyle and Kim. Joyce is so incredibly annoying. She attacks over nothing, remember her attacking Lisa 3 times because Lisa didn’t want Joyce to touch her hair. Now she has fixated on Brandi and I am so, so, so tired of hearing her address the same old issues that are totally inaccurate and nasty. Too bad Joyce has to have her ugly husband to jump in her battles over nothing. There is no way to make her interesting to me. Wake me up when she is not on the screen.

    • Lori Ann

      LOL Brandi has NOTHING Joyce would want! NOTHING! Joyce has beauty, a loving husband, LOTS of money and Brandi has none of those things. Wake me up when they send Glanville to rehab where she belongs!

    • Cynthia

      When you invite a “couple” to dinner and proceed to insult the wife along with some of your “dream team” guests what would you expect her husband to do, with the “dream team” and make fun of her too? Or perhaps have his wife’s back since not even the host and hostess (Lisa and Ken) put an end to the insults. Someone should have been on Joyce’s side so that only left her husband to support her. If the women don’t want the husbands to comment on anything, then they should NOT be included on the guest list, it’s a bit much to expect a “loving” husband to sit quietly and hear his wife constantly insulted at a dinner party.

  • Giuliana

    None of the women are jealous of Brandi, the rest of the ladies are smart enough to know fame and infamy are two different things. Also although I would like all the women to confront Brandi at the reunion, I think this season we’re gonna find Lisa in that position. To me she seems like the one to be jealous of, she got her own spin off, appeared on dancing with the stars etc.

  • carolina

    Sounds likr brandi’s friend. (the ex-druggie now counselor) from the Dr. ??? drug intervention show is the “insider” who planted the story. NObody – even druggies and drunks on the corner or the trailer park where brandi’s from – no one is, or even has reason to envy ANYthing about brandi. She. is a washed-up has-been ex-wife whom no sane or sobet man will ever marry again.

    is a washed up has-been

  • deonn

    lol radaronline their stories are usually so fabricated and i mean look how its written haha

  • NanNan

    POOR POOR Brandi she is a drunk, has a mouth nastier than a truck drive, cannot keep a man, her kids would like to stay at their dads more, her dog ran away from her, her friends speck Spanish with Joyce, she does not know what the truth is, and yet everyone is so jealous of her lol.
    Joyce is skinny, beautiful, has a husband, he does not cheat, she has her kids full time, and best of all she is NOT one the “Mean opps Dream Team….

  • yaya

    These women jealous of Brandi?!? LMAO! No sir, no one is jealous of this trainwreck! This is funny as hell!

  • bryn

    I feel sorry for Brandi. The root of her problem is that she is an ignorant, uneducated, classless woman. Her only marketable “talents” in life being attractive and young, both of which are quickly fading. She has nothing to offer anyone of substance and meaning, therefore her only option is to peddle her sexuality.
    She is nothing, has been nothing and will always be nothing. She has not real friends, support, love or meaning in her life which leads her to acting out. she knows at her core she is unredeemable trash and will end her days lonely, unfulfilled and forgotten.
    Hopefully her boys will grow up and choose better women than her.
    She is an utter embarrassment to womanhood everywhere.
    Dumb, dumb, dumb loser.