RHOBH Cast ‘Getting Along’ As Season 5 Filming Continues


Last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filled with drama and cat fights, but according to a new report viewers should not expect the same from season 5. Sources are revealing that all of the cast is getting along and there’s no drama as the ladies continue to film!

“This is going to be the most boring season ever of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “There’s no drama, which means there’s barely even a show for Bravo. The issue is that everyone gets along! It’s horrible.”

“This is the last thing Bravo wants, is a cast of girls who all get along. It’s not what viewers tune in for,” the source said. “The girls shot in Santa Barbara this week and it was beyond boring. They need something truly crazy to happen to save this season.”

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36 Replies to “RHOBH Cast ‘Getting Along’ As Season 5 Filming Continues”

  1. GOOD! less BS storylines and more of the women having fun and showing off their wealth is what we wanna see… listen bravo!!!!

  2. I can’t wait,I watch this show because of Lisa and Ken Vanderpump I love there fabulous sexy lifestyle and it is time these ladies learnt to get along, I also want to see them have fun…I do think for people to really enjoy this show they would need to get rid of that skank Brandi and the crack head alcoholic Kim and I could even deal with vile Kyle if they got rid of those other f..cksticks…honestly there has to be a better choice than old sad face sookie lah lah drug addict Kim!!!!

      1. Hey Jody wack it up your ass I am entitled to my opinion…If she was fu..king serious about recovery then she would get off the drugs and alcohol and stop filming when she is off her guts because we can all see the recovery is not working…she is a rude little sad sack bitch and no one can say a word back to her when she being an asshole and I am over her!!!!

        1. Well Lia – you are sounding like an entitled little mess right now – yes you are entitled to your opinion but a little compassion would be appreciated. I am guessing that in your perfect world no one has ever been affected by these conditions. I am very happy for you – but on the same note perhaps some patience, compassion and respect for others as human beings would be in order.

          Respect is earned to a certain degree but I was raised that you respect your elders which doesn’t mean you agree with everything they say but you have the common courtesy to address them with dignity. (I bet your mother’d be real proud of you and your replies huh)

          1. I have to agree with you here S. I know several friends that are trying to get over their addictions and it’s really hard. Anyone that knows someone or has been in an addiction knows that most times once in rehab usually isn’t enough. Kim has been very honest about her being an addict and has also stated that she’s been in rehab more than once. When she got her nose surgery..she was VERY concerned about the pain meds they gave her for after the surgery. She’s really trying hard and it seems this time that it might just last. Maybe Lia doesn’t understand about how addictions and rehab works. As for Kim being rude…possibly she’s been biting her tongue for most of the previous seasons and decided enough was enough, and I don’t really blame her. She was treated horribly by Brandi that season when she was being accused of being a “coke head” when in all actuality…she was an alcoholic. I truly do hope that Lia doesn’t know anyone going through this awful disease….it destroys families, relationships and worse the person’s self worth and self esteem. But, yes…respect IS earned to a certain degree and all the name calling truly isn’t necessary.

        2. Ok it’s pretty clear you’re a biggot. There is no proof showing that Kim has relapsed so no need to hate. Your immature and disrespectful. Everyone is intideled to their own opinion but it does not need to be vocalized in a rude and ignorant and slandering way. Try to disagree with that.

  3. Lia needs to be removed from this board. She is offensive to other members. Please remove her. I will no longer participate.

    1. I am right there along with you. I’ve stopped using this site as much because of her posts. I can’t be bothered with the silliness of it all. Some posters on these sites really make drama and abuse cast members like they really think they are apart of the show.

    2. You know what Jody I hope you don’t participate anymore this is the internet and you with your idol threat are bullshit ( yes sorry everyone I will try not to swear) but it is called freedom of speech you have the right to voice yours but so do bloody I, so put that where the sun does not shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Lia, even though I don’t agree with your opinion…I truly didn’t see you attack anyone until YOU were attacked first. Everyone IS entitled to their own opinion and there IS this little thing called freedom of speech. While I don’t agree with what you posted here…I HAVE read some of your other posts and I find you VERY funny, intelligent, and have A LOT of great points! I look forward to reading more of what you post here. We can’t all agree with each other…but like I said…you didn’t attack anyone on here….you just fought back! Have a great day!

        1. Thank You Michelle!! and I couldn’t agree more with you, we are never all going to have the same perspective on things and I for one love to hear another person’s point of view..it is good to agree to disagree.

  4. Why do some posters feel the need to attack another…we should all be able to post our opinions without fear of being attacked. JMHO

  5. who would even beliebe radaronline like come on look at how its written lol its so biased and probably just a story to put out cuz they have none

  6. I would like to start with an apology for dropping the f.bomb too much in my posts and I will try very hard to use nicer language for that I am very sorry. But for the rest you can put it where the sun doesn’t shine (see I am trying haha) I will never be sorry for Kim Richards, I feel she feels sorry enough for herself and I do feel entitled to my opinions as I also feel everyone is entitled there’s, I mat not agree with you on some thing’s BUT I have never and will never tell you that your opinion is wrong after all it is your’s!, so when I am schooled by another it does not sit well with me. I have not liked Kim Richards because I absolutely feel she not taken recovery seriously, she makes no sense in her interviews mumbles and fumbles makes no sense, and I would like to say when you go into recovery they do not put you on prescription meds that would be replacing one addiction for another, so in Paris saying she mixed up her pills is poppy pooh (see once again no f bomb) and to be taking medication that makes you that off your face NO I am not buying her recovery!!!

  7. Lia–I tend to agree with you about Kim not being sober as she claimed after rehab…in Paris she did seem loopy, and then made that comment about mixing her meds….seems odd. Let’s not forget the poopy pillow at the airport–doesn’t seem like that was a sober person at the time.

    1. Thank you One Rotten Egg many apologies for my foul mouth I went through a couple of my posts and I do swear a lot, so I am sorry….I do not think Kim is cute and just eccentric I honestly believe she has just swapped one addiction for another the woman is disorientated, I couldn’t care if she didn’t cry every time someone tries to answer back one of her nasty comments…I feel she is holding all the cast to ransom they even say they can’t say anything back to her…Yes the poopy pillow omg I remember that haha that was awful.

  8. Wow, wow Jody speak for yourself. I am not offended at all by Lia and ceebee, you sound like
    your in religious grammer school. I agree with Lia and the egg. We have open minds.

    If you don’t like it, simply don’t read. How dare you ask for someone to be removed because you
    don’t like their. There was a man in Germany, who did this over 50 years ago.

    This is bigotry what you suggest. I’d be careful what I print. Can’t take that back.
    PixnTrix is right. However, you are the only outside of ceebee who has gone this far.
    I find Lia to be clever, witty and fun to read. So lady don’t include an entire board.
    She gave me a good laugh with wack it up your ass and christopherm’s comment. Sounds like you
    and ceebee have tempers. Get yourself a sense of humor and a life.

    1. A bigot, wow. I realize now who is speaking. People with 90 points of IQ. It isn’t swearing , LIa, it’s the foul names you call people, but we know you don’t care just like all children.

  9. Oh Jody and Ceecee, Lia owed you no apology. She it is you two prigs that owe her one. She
    did not attack you. You went for the throat. Shame on you.

    1. First of all, Ann, I didn’t ask for an apology. Nor did I expect one considering the types of thing that Lia posts.

      Secondly, there is no reason to attack another poster here. But you seem to have jumped on Lia’s bandwagon. Nice job.

      Thirdly, I’m not in a “religious grammer school”, whatever that is. And I do not have a temper. But thank you for the feedback, Doctor.

      And finally, I never suggested that she be removed from the board. I suggested that her nasty, hateful post be removed. There’s a difference. Boards all over the internet have moderators that stop this type of thing. Not everyone thinks it’s okay to say whatever you want, whenever you want and about whomever you want. And, no, our Constitution does NOT guarantee that. If you think it does, you should brush up on your Federal Government.

      Thank you. I would wish you a “nice” day, but I don’t think you have it in you. So…have a day.

      1. Seriously just shut up with it already ceebee you just seem to be on the old sad faced Kim Richards pay-roll please stop now it’s over you like her and I can’t stand her and now you just look ridiculous!!

        1. You are one nasty piece of work, Lia. And Ann isn’t much better. People who have kindness in themselves and who are, as Ann suggests that she herself is, “blessed” don’t have to be nasty about other people.

          Ann didn’t get dragged into your “fight”. She jumped in. And the both of you can deflect from the real issue here of your nastiness by attacking me and Jody or saying that we’re on Kim’s payroll (which is an asinine statement, btw), but the fact remains that your posts are hateful.

          Period. I’m done. Peace out.

  10. Ceebee, if you look at my post of August 24, you will find that it is addressed to Jody. I would like
    you to know that God has blessed me and that every day I awake, I thank God. Everyday, in my
    life the day is the best and when I put down my head I thank him and look forward to the next. It
    doesn’t get any better than that. You don’t know me and I am having a day. You should have one
    as nice as mine are. I hope you do.
    Now I don’t intend to continue with this anymore. I am going to just get back to this site and go on.
    You know I find it ironic that Jody watches the housewives who some of them use the foulest
    language that I have heard on TV. Yet is insulted when she reads it. Interesting.

    1. Ann, I am so sorry about this..this is my fight sorry you got dragged into it…I am sure there on old crack heads pay-roll… love you Ann!!

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