RHOBH Carlton Gebbia Explains Her Wicca Religion, Does She Practice Witchcraft?


Bravo introduced two new Housewives to season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Carlton Gebbia has been described to “sound like Lisa Vanderpump but act like Brandi Glanville.” In the preview for the season we see Kyle Richards ask Carlton, “Have you explored with witchcraft?” This revealed that Carlton practices Wicca as her religion and she has already been asked questions on Twitter about her beliefs. When a fan asked Carlton if she is really a witch, she replied, “… I am & unfortunately my Faith has a stigma attached that does not cast a positive light upon it but what I practice is.” Adding, “…There r so many misconceptions but I practice white & believe in the power of prayer. not all Wicca, Paganism is dark.” When a fan asked if Carlton worships satan, she said, “Bloody hell NO!” But as far as her view on Jesus, “I really cant answer that. I just don’t feel people r defined by their religious beliefs but by their hearts. No judgement,” she wrote.

So what is Wicca? Here’s how Wikipedia explains it:

The term Wicca first achieved widespread acceptance when referring to the religion in the 1960s and 70s. Prior to that, the term Witchcraft had been more widely used. Whilst being based upon the Old English word wicca, a masculine term for sorcerers, the actual individual who coined the capitalised term Wicca is unknown, though it has been speculated that it was Charles Cardell, who certainly used the term Wiccen during the 1950s.

Beliefs vary markedly between different traditions and individual practitioners. However, various commonalities exist between these disparate groups, which usually include views on theology, the afterlife, magic and morality.

Wiccan views on theology are numerous and varied and there is no universally agreed-upon religious canon, but Wicca is traditionally a duotheistic religion that venerates both a Triple Goddess associated with the Moon and stars and fate, and a Horned God associated with forests and animals and the realm beyond death. These two deities are variously understood through the frameworks of pantheism (as being dual aspects of a single godhead), duotheism (as being two polar opposites), hard polytheism(being two distinct deities in a larger pantheon which includes other pagan gods) or soft polytheism(being composed of many lesser deities). In some pantheistic and duotheistic conceptions, deities from diverse cultures may be seen as aspects of the Goddess or God. However, there are also other theological viewpoints to be found within the Craft, including monotheism, the concept that there is just one deity, which is seen by some, such as Dianic Wiccans, as being the Goddess, whilst by others, like the Church and School of Wicca, as instead being genderless. There are other Wiccans who areatheists or agnostics, not believing in any actual deity, but instead viewing the gods as psychological archetypes of the human mind which can be evoked and interacted with.

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  • Callisto

    Firstly, I applaud you for providing an even-handed article. But secondly, WOW, Wikipedia is grossly incorrect!

    Cardell was a self-admitted charlatan and snake oil salesmen who had an axe to grind with the founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner. Copies of news articles on the matter exist and are online along with the findings of one of the witches who investigated Cardell’s claim, Doreen Valiente. Several years after Gardner’s religion was in practice, Cardell claimed he was descended from “Wiccens” (with an ‘e’) who practiced a Celtic form of Craft that had been handed down from Atlantis. (No, really, and he expected people to believe this.) Not only was he deemed (and proven) a fraud by other Craft practitioners of the day, but he and his associate admitted in a court of law to having made the story up in order to gain access to actual Witches and to expose the oathbound practices of the actual Wicca religion.

    “Wicca” is only applicable to the religion founded by Gardner, the authentic/original form of which is still an initiatory pagan priesthood that utilizes witchcraft. Originally the religion itself was not called Wicca, rather “Wicca” was a title, it meant the priest/ess of the religion. Gardner initially spelled it with one ‘c’ but by the 1950s, and certainly by the time Cardell emerged, it was widely spelled with two “c”s. Other non-Wicca witches had taken to referring to Gardner’s religion itself as alternately Wicca and Gardnerian, and its practitioners as Wiccans.

    This priesthood still exists, and today is more formally referred to as British Traditional Wicca to distinguish it from multitude of eclectic neopagan variations that have borrowed parts of it that also call themselves “Wicca”. E.g., Dianic Witchcraft is not Wicca, however it and various other latter day practices that arose from the 1970s on sometimes adopted the “Wicca” label as at the time the term was less known and seemed less “threatening” to mainstream society than using the term “witchcraft”.

    Today a large segment of the Neopagan community practices what is more precisely known alternately as “solitary” or “eclectic Wicca” or “NeoWicca”. It also is not part of the BTW priesthood, but rather a form of personal spiritual practice specific to the individual. Thus it can differ widely from person to person, though often very basic common Wicca-related elements will exist such as observing the same holy days and adhering to the Wicca ethics known as “The Wiccan Rede” and “The Threefold Law of Return”. Based on the few specifics mentioned in this article, Gebbia sounds to be a solitary practitioner.

  • Robin M

    I will no longer ne watching RHOBH. By far my fav of the franchise. Your newest cast member (Carlton Gebbia) practices Wicca and is a self proclaimed witch. Bravo… I get controversy equals ratings, but you’ve crossed the line. Dump her and I’ll be back. In the meantime, I can’t allow the active “white-washed” practices of the devil into my home. Potential viewership at what cost??? Clearly in my case the cost is a lost viewer.

  • Seamus

    Well, you lost one ignorant christian viewer and gained an entire religion of viewers! I’m a Wiccan, and with full knowledge that we do not believe in some spooky Christian boogeyman called Satan, I can tell you that me and all of my Craft brothers and sisters will be watching in support of our sister, Carlton!

  • Saille

    Devil? Satan? Sorry, what century are we living in here?
    It’s a shame we can’t order up a Tardis and send people like Robin there back a few centuries so she could yodel along with all the other fearful, ignorant bigots who liked to burn people for not believing what they do.

  • Linsey

    Totally agree with you, Robin! The so-called Wiccans are so blinded and misled that they actually believe the practice of Wicca is distinct from devil worship! Hahahaha! Wait until they call upon a demon that they can’t get rid of!

    If being a follower of Jesus Christ and His teachings makes me ignorant, then I’m one of the most ignorant people alive….and PROUD OF IT!

    Keep standing strong in Christ, Robin! 🙂

  • Sherry

    I am Pagan, not Wiccan. There is a difference. Carlton is rather ignorant about her own belief system, IMO. Dark and White? Something she read in a novel perhaps?

    Her explanation of the “Wiccan symbol” is also off the wall. It is a pentagram. A Pentrgram is a symbol, just as the cross (which she loves) is a symbol of a religious belief. The Pentagram is not EVIL no matter what those horror show watchers think. It is a symbol representing air,earth,water, fire and spirit. It is just a symbol, nothing more.

    Carlton is either using the pagan way of life is either ignorance or she is using it as a way to gain publicity. Personally I think the latter. Pagans have been hated by the cross wearing Christians for centuries… why she thinks a cross is beautiful is beyond me! It is a symbol of the people who are responsible for hate mongering and murder of my ancestors. Think about it… how many swaztika’s do Jewish people have hanging on their walls? She is a fake.

  • Cassidy

    Worshipping any source other than the only true God of the bible is wrong! I do not like Creepy Carlton or her Wicca if that’s what she wants to call it. She is a whackjob

    • erthgoddss

      Cassidy, I respect your opinion, but have a question. Which God of the bible do you mean? The old testament God that the Jewish people worship or the new testament God that Christians worship? It really doesn’t matter to me, I just want you to see how disrepectful your response is.

      Also, if you are an American citizen, read the Bill of Rights. Freedom of Religion is right up there.

  • ashli sloan

    Carlton is an absolute fake. What an excellent point a poster made ” how many swastikas are decorated in the space of any jew?”, Carlton is just a complete fraud.
    As for the devil being a boogey man and someone speaking foul of the cross… not everyone who bows at the feet of Jesus Christ is a hate monger, hypocrite or judgemental of others who believe otherwise! First off- I am a SINNER! My belief system works this way – I am no better than anyone else! I love my fellow man and will go above and beyond to treat people the way I want to be treated! I do believe we will reap what we sow in life- my Lord is LOVE! I have enough faith in my Father to not tread on his toes; It’s not my job to point my finger at anyone, period! It is my job to love you and show you nothing but kindness and respect♡ I want anyone that meets me or spends any amount of time with me to feel the presence of my Saviour- my King! Jesus Christ! That’s my goal in life- I want to radiate the love of my Lord, that’s it! He loves Carlton. ..her religion is not the reason I can’t deal with her personality! Lol she, herself- just rubs me wrong! But yea… wiccan, jewish, pagan, catholic…whatever whatever. .. God loves us ALL ♡