RHOA’s Peter Thomas Once Arrested For Allegedly Battering Female Employee


More bad news for Cynthia Bailey’s estranged husband Peter Thomas. According to court documents, Thomas was once arrested for battery in a fight with a female employee.

According to an Atlanta Police Department report obtained by P, Thomas “grabbed” and “pushed” the accuser in the ladies’ locker room of his former hot spot, Uptown, on April 27, 2008.

“I noticed visible bruises to her left arm,” an officer wrote in the documents.

The responding officer claimed Thomas told him he had never pushed the woman, and was merely attempting to take a checkbook and the business’s money from her.

But the accuser, whom the site has chosen not to name for privacy reasons, shared a completely different story in an interview.

Around 2 a.m. on the night of the fight, the woman — a waitress at Upstairs during the time — claimed she finished her shift and headed to the locker room to relax and grab a cigarette.

“What are you doing?” she said he screamed.

When she confronted him about his “disrespectful” tone, the waitress alleged that he called her his “slave,” ordered her to give him her shift earnings and attempted to grab her checkbook from her hands.

“He grabbed the book and pushed me,” she said. “I hit a metal table and scraped my arm.”

In retaliation, the waitress admitted she got up and began throwing glasses before leaving the restaurant and calling the police.

“He has a very, very bad temper,” she added. “And he’s super shady. Everyone in Atlanta knows that about him.”

Three years later in 2011, Thomas was found not guilty of two counts of battery after a bench trial. (The case was delayed because the reality star failed to appear in court in June 2009. He was arrested and jailed six months later on a warrant following a routine traffic stop.)

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  1. Shady Boots. ( Cynthia, Please show Peter the Door.) The poor girl should have thrown the glasses at his damn head.
    Peter better be glad that her male friends/ relatives didn’t come after Peter, & have their own type of meeting.

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