RHOA Star Porsha Williams Kicked Off Cast Trip After Attempting to Attack Marlo Hampton

RHOA star Porsha Williams was kicked of the cast trip to Barcelona, Spain because she tried to fight Marlo Hampton.

Porsha and Marlo got into an argument and things escalated quickly when Porsha pointed an object in Marlo’s face, LoveBscott is reporting.

“Marlo then snatched the object from Porsha, which prompted her to LUNGE in Marlo’s direction. Porsha didn’t touch Marlo, but security did break them up and Porsha had to be restrained before being escorted from the venue,” the site’s source claims.

“The ladies aren’t set to leave Barcelona until tomorrow, but Porsha was put on a flight yesterday,” the source added.

Porsha took to Instagram to share a photo with an uplifting message.

#blessedandhighlyfavored ❤️#peaceofmind #MyChoice #lovingthenewme💋

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Marlo then responded on Instagram saying, “Your attacks are becoming greater because your blessing is getting closer.”

#blessedbythebest #namaste #actionsspeaklouderthanwords change is imaginary for some.

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10 Replies to “RHOA Star Porsha Williams Kicked Off Cast Trip After Attempting to Attack Marlo Hampton”

  1. Kenya could drive anyone to fight, but it is clear at this point that Porsha has a problem with getting violent with anyone and everyone. Bravo has a real liability issue on their hands if they keep her and she actually injures someone.

  2. Porsha has an anger management problem and she has not followed through on treatment! Her “lawyer” Fakedra (lol) was covering for her on past episodes by making it impossible for Bravo to fire her for her “violent physical tendencies” because she was seeking “treatment”! The problem is “entitlement” and the fact that little Porsha has always gotten her “way and her say” her entire life” ! Mommy didn’t do little Por-Por any favors by spoiling her and giving in to her her entire life! Where was her daddy’s restraining influence? She even disrespected her mother’s house by sneaking in her” partner of the moment”! Yuk! That was SO SO disrespectful! We’ve watched her mistreat her sister when she was pregnant because little Porsha didn’t get her way w her chosen “baby daddy” and to be honest.. time is running OUT for this perpetual woman child ! She can’t function in the adult world because she is handicapped developmentally by her family! Maybe hitting the very bottom and having the financial rug pulled out from under her will finally provide a platform for her to ” finally grow up”!

  3. Porsha should have been FIRED after her first violent attack. What are we up to the third or fourth attack now? This is ridiculous! She needs to go.

    1. I think it is four. There was Kenya, the stranger at the party she chased out into the street, Cynthia, and now this. I could give a pass on the first one to most people. I think most reasonable people are liable to whoop a trick when she gets up in their face with a bullhorn. Then again, Porsha is not a reasonable person. It is time for her to go.

  4. Angry and stupid aren’t great characteristics on their own. Combine them and you’ve got this. But don’t worry folks, she’s still cutting with rounded scissors. She’s harmless.

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