RHOA Star NeNe Leakes Owes Over $1 Million In Taxes


Former RHOA star NeNe Leakes owes more than $900,000 to Georgia and the U.S. government, and according to a new report, that’s not all!

The Bravo star was also slapped with a California state tax lien for $86,624 on June 2nd. According to the Sacramento County Court clerk’s office, NeNe, who owns a restaurant in the state capital, did not pay taxes in 2014.

The clerk’s office also confirmed to RadarOnline that the lien has not been released, meaning the actress and entrepreneur has not yet paid.

The latest lien now puts Leakes’ known tax debt to $1,005,856.92! As we previously reported, Leakes was also slapped with a $95,232,92 Georgia state lien on September 22nd for failing to pay taxes in 2014.

She also owes $824,366 to the IRS for unpaid federal taxes in 2014.

NeNe was offereed $2.5 million to return to season 9 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she declined.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Come on “Rich Bitch” pay your taxes!

I guess that is why she was a rich bi$ch – never paid taxes!

Are we surprised? No! Xoxoxo

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Hi Suze sweetie how are you lovely

I’m fine Sweetie, had my bezzie up from Surrey today, she flew up just for the day to see me, lots of laughs and a few tears but a great day! Xoxoxoxo

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Thanks Sweetie xoxox

How nice that your friend came for a visit . I’m so happy that you had a nice day . Hopefully more laughs than tears

Hello gorgeous ladies ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Suze I’m glad you had a great time with your bff! Sandy I was worried about you , nice to see you . Daisy and vanonna ❤️❤️❤️

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Hi Rain, I hope you had a good weekend xoxoxoxoxox

It was a nice weekend , not as productive as I’d wanted but still ok xoxo you’ve been a busy bee haven’t you ❤️❤️❤️

Glad it was a nice weekend. You shouldn’t be overdoing it anyway! My house is like Grand Central Station at the moment, tomorrow I have a day free then Wednesday more visitors then Sunday my brother and his wife for a few days! Then more after that! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Why don’t you ladies use email? I cane to READ!!! 🙂

Daisy, lots more laughs, had great fun being really bitchy about people we haven’t seen for years and don’t like! The best sort of fun! Xoxoxoxox

Hello Ms. Suze! I’m glad you had a wonderful visit!

Thank you V! Xoxoxoxoxo

Her and Trump!!

And yet another bravo person that doesn’t know how to pay taxes . It’s not that hard .

Hi Daisy! How are you doing? I can’t even imagine not paying. I’d be scared to death of the IRS coming after me!

Hi vanonna sweetie , I’m doing good . How are you ? About the taxes I know right . Haven’t they ever heard of turbo tax lol

I’m good Daisy – fall is here! Brrrrr, takes a while for me to adjust. How about you? Yeah, I don’t mess with taxes. I can’t imagine. It’s amazing they don’t realize no taxes are coming out? Or maybe she thinks “real housewives” don’t pay taxes. HA!

Rich bitch is going to jail! She’ll be fine though because with all the bad plastic surgery no one in the slammer will recognize that she is a cell-lebrity.

No one will ‘want’ her either!!! Xoxo

I like that Krista – cell’ebrity. How fitting!

Tee hee 🙂

Hey rich bitch pay your share please!

She’s a Trumperite…it sseems

Better than a Clintonite!

Bet she’ll take that paycheck with RHOA now.

Hmmmmm can they film her in her cell? Lol

She wanted to pull a Trump and got caught !!!

The Countess of Hootersville

Trumperite…LMAO !!!