Could RHOA Star Kenya Moore Lose Her Job as a Housewife?

RHOA star Kenya Moore is being put in a difficult situation of potentially being fired as a Housewife, according to TMZ.

Kenya’s new husband Marc Daly is reluctant to film for the TV show.

“Producers have told Kenya the only way she’ll survive on the show is if they can chronicle her relationship with husband,” a source tell the site. “Marc doesn’t like the way that RHOA portray black men.”

Kenya has tried to tell producers that they hired her and not her husband and that she has waited 46 years for true love and doesn’t want to mess anything up.

Aparently Kenya’s plea to producers isn’t going anywhere.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • starr

    Nonsense!!!! Why should he be forced to be on the show? Not every husband wants to be center front. Maybe a guest appearance perhaps? After all, Kenya’s been on the show minus a husband for a long time & it was ok.

    • Rain

      We agree :). Most of the shows have divorced or single women so this is a nonsense threat

  • noladiva2013

    That’s so much bs. There are other wives on other real housewives shows whose husbands don’t actively participate in the show and they haven’t received this threat. Hell, even the countess Luann blocked Bravo from filming her wedding and she’s still on the show. This is a double standard and doesn’t hold water. Hope this is only a rumor and not true. And i’m not even close to being a Kenya fan. But right is right and wrong is wrong.

  • Heather

    Thats sad. Leave her alone. Theres been enough divorce on Bravo.

  • Ashley Madison

    She’s boring, always the same crap…regardless of her husband involvement in the show she should be sent to twirl away

  • missrox

    KENYA has been 1 of the nastiset HW’s in the franchise Bravo should of kicked this piece of crap to the curb a long time ago kARMA is a bitch and she has to realize what you sow you will reap
    HOW GOD chooses to dish it back at people is his business god is hardest on believer’s cause are the 1’s that should know better…