RHOA Season 9 Part Two Reunion Recap

Part one of four part The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired Sunday night and the ladies full of drama and ready to discuss what had happened this season.

First, Andy asked Porsha Williams if she continued to believe that Kenya Moore’s boobs were not real, as Kenya claimed. Porsha still wasn’t convinced, though Kenya maintained her position that she had not had them surgically enhanced. This is when Kandi Burruss announced that she had just recently had her boobs done.

Kenya Moore started off the drama by saying she didn’t believe people were living in Chateau Sheree. “Yes, I am living there,” Sheree quipped. “I drive by her house all day and night because of where she lives, and there are never lights on. It’s pitch-black at night,” Kenya argued.

Whitfield admitted her basement was not finished yet, but said that since the housewarming aired she’d had her appliances delivered. When Kenya commented that Sheree couldn’t even pay for her home, Sheree snapped, “I can put two of your homes in my unfinished basement.” Put on the spot about whether she had paid all of her contractors, Sheree said, she had paid all of the contractors “who should be paid.”

The relationship between Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks had also not gotten any better either. Kandi argued that on camera Phaedra was “all positive,” but as soon as she didn’t think she was being filmed anymore, she would say things that were crazy. However, Kandi did give Phaedra credit for her charity work for the children in Flint, Michigan, and even Kenya conceded that she was “honored” to participate in the Flint camp.

Next, the group watched footage of Kenya and Phaedra’s relationship, particularly from the ill-fated “divorce” party Kenya tried to throw for Phaedra and Cynthia. Kenya brushed it off. “She texted my husband and that’s a fact,” Phaedra said, adding that Kenya had asked them to have a three-way in Anguilla.

Phaedra said that Kenya texting Apollo Nida was the reason their friendship fizzled, but Kenya said it was because they’d had a falling out over a workout video they worked on together, which Phaedra had refused to pay Kenya for at the end. “You want to have two different lives,” Kenya said. “You readjust to keep up this false image that you’ve had of yourself.” Then Phaedra and Kenya argued about who was a bigger “freak ho.” It ended with Kenya telling Phaedra she was “full of sh*t,” “phony” and “fake.”

While Porsha Williams was talking about her anger management courses, Kenya admitted she probably shouldn’t have chased Porsha out into the parking lot. “You are an angry person,” Porsha said. “You really are evil.” She added that Kenya “not only followed” her across the street, but then got right up in her face. “When I’m trying to better myself, all y’all think is it’s something bad,” Porsha added.

This is when Kandi jumped in and Porsha and Kandi started arguing. Kandi started screaming about how she had donated $5,000 to help Porsha during her Celebrity Apprentice stint. Porsha argued that donation was for charity, but Kandi wasn’t buying it. Kandi and Porsha were screaming over each other (which made it pretty impossible to hear either one of them), while Andy looked shocked.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I want to see what Andy does when Kandi corners him about Frick and Frack’s lies about her sexuality and the sex dungeon…from the clip it looks like he is fine with it, until Kandi “blows up on his ass” and lets him have it. If so, it proves Andy will do anything for a buck…including “outting” someone else on national TV. I don’t think Kandi is gay, or even Bi…but it doesn’t matter. There needs to be consequences for what Phaedra and Porsha said…and Bravo for allowing it to air.

Yes I’m very disappointed in Andy ! Plus is he really that oblivious to the 2 dumb hoochies ?? What Porscha said about kandi is criminal !!!!

Cynthia’s “look” is drawing heat on SM, but I agree….I love it.

Apple hi there! What is SM?

Hiya BC….SM is Social Media.
How you doing, Girrrl?

Fakedra even LOOKED demonic during the taping.. does she think that her obsession with midgets and strip clubs and penises are lost on the viewership! She can pretend to be all holy” but her whoredoms, maliciousness, spite and unforgiveness are the “fruit” we see! You can’t live with one foot in the devils kingdom and the other in the Lords! She has it in for Kandi and Todd and Kenya! She is NOT a friend to either! She’s a hypocrite to the inth degree.. wouldn’t want her praying with me either! Now her sidekick Porsha..who is the “frick to her… Read more »
I hope you are right. I hope there are consequences. Unfortunately, on reality TV, …and now, it seems, everywhere… there are no longer limits…you can make up lies, accuse people of heinous behavior, destroy people’s reputations, and be rewarded with a fatter paycheck. I would grill the fuck out of both of them as to what proof they have that Kandi and Todd are having or had an affair with Shamea Morton. I would bring out Shamea, and anyone else Phaedra tries to implicate and I would stay on it until she was asking for her attorney. Then I would… Read more »
This is how “dirty” fakedra is.. she and porsha both pretend to they are NOT “Ho’s” but they are.. birds of a feather flock together.. Porsha is a rug muncher who doesnt much care how she gets it..male or female..Same for Fakedra! Midget sex and long dongs! FaFa is the great pretender! She’s a preacher’s kid and they are always the wildest and vilest! Lady is not a word I would associate with either one.. desperate the both of them..dirty dirty dirty! What they are trying to do is smear the other members of the group..with the same profane paint… Read more »

Lol…but how do you really feel?
I think your wish may come true…I heard Kandi threatened both Bravo and Frick and Frack with a lawsuit and that is why all the stuff about Phaedra being fired and the EP, Carlos King blew up in the rags. I just hope it is all true and Bravo finally took a stand.

I don’t blame Kandi..Porsha made all this stuff up! She’s a liar and a whore just like Fakedra..who “pretends” to be a lady and a Christian”! If I were Kandi I would never put myself in a “one on one” situation w either of them, keep my distance and keep it moving! Success is the greatest revenge.. so make lots of money!

I’m afraid you’re right..it’s about “rating not right”! Good comments enjoyed reading them!

LOVE your post ❤️❤️❤️ ITA agree about the 2 witches

Loved Cynthia ‘ s hair . I normally always do

Oh Rain. I know y’all don’t like Porsha but there’s just something about her and like… can we all agree that Kenya was trying to provoke Porsha at the dinner and Porsha did the right thing and walked away? I truly believe she was going to anger management, and I’ve seen an anger in Kandi the past couple years that has turned me off from her. Keep in mind this anger from her came before the lesbian rumors so it seemed so mean spirited when she continued to question Porsha. I really agree with Porsha. I think Kandi has a… Read more »

I don’t watch this one anymore. With all the yelling and my bad hearing I couldn’t u derstand what they were saying. Cynthia was the only one with any class and
Kenya has mental problems.

Good morning love . I absolutely adore Cynthia . Imo she’s the prettiest and the nicest out of all the ladies on any of the franchises

The best thing I can say about Porscha is , I liked her dress

Thot Porsha is funny to me!! I think what she ususally says is so stupid and her storylines are usually really tired but I think a lot of what she had to say in this first part of the reunion was on point.

Lol , right girl. With her who knows

I think she’s so dim that she genuinely doesn’t realize the gravity of such an accusation

I think she’s just so upset at Kandi, and so unfortunately trusting of Phaedra, that she’d say ANYTHING if it meant getting a reaction from Kandi. I’m not so sure that she’s so dim because I’ve gone back and watched this many times and she is SOOOOO careful to make sure that she never directly accuses her but continually hangs on this tiny little detail that “someone TOLD her!!” like that makes a difference.

Wrong is wrong Jack . There is no way to excuse such slander and pure evil .

right right, that’s what I’m saying. I think she THINKS it makes a different how she phrases it.

Shady Phae Phae probably told her to be careful.

<3 <3 <3 Good morning!!! I know i'll probably always be in the minority as a Porsha supporter. There's just something in her that I see can be salvaged. But who knows, sometimes you have to leave your fav behind when they do something like *cough cough* accuses someone of trying to rape them. AND CHILE!!!! Don't even get me started on Kenya!

It would be heaven if Kim Z would come to the reunion, push Shady Phaedy off the sofa and sit with Sheree and Porsha. They would put Kenya on BLAST.

That is my DREAM!!!!!!!!

You’re not alone Jack, I’m a Porsha fan as well. I also prefer Phaedra to Kandi any day of the week as well.

Oh absolutely not, I just think she’s a little smarter in this whole thing than people give her credit for. But it seems she’s gonna milk that dumb card, let Phaedra get her ass handed to her and walk out of this the little victim of Fakedra’s scams which is NOT FAIR.

Phaedra Parks with all of her degrees and worthy causes should have started to help her friend. Instead, she took her to the gutter with her.
That was sad.

Apollo doesn’t want the divorce so she can’t testify against him, isn’t that the way it works?

The only client we ever heard about was Bobby Brown, puhleeze. And now the non client caterer/event planner. Which is why she had to move on to the mortuary.

Why does lie and keep insisting they’re divorced when eveybody knows they are not .
Apparently she shows up with FAKE divorce papers at the reunion. Allegedly that’s what may have gotten her fired
She’s a pathological lair

Plus she has no one to film with but Porsha, and she even threw her under the bus with Shemea.

She can’t help herself lol… she has to throw people under the bus

Frank Van Der Heijden

Why most of women look like expensive sex workers ?

What´s the deal with showing off their boobs?