RHOA Season 8 Reunion Taping


The cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta will be shooting the reunion today and a new report claims that NeNe Leakes’ diva behavior is out of control!

“The ladies will be filming on Thursday and this will be cast member Kim Fields‘ first reunion,” an insider said. “Kim is super upset that rumors her husband is gay were discussed on the show. The fallout from that will no doubt spill over into the reunion, which producers are hoping will create tons of drama.”

“Bravo will make the women shoot all day long, and will air the reunion over a three-to-four week period,” the insider added.

As far as NeNe Leakes attending? “NeNe hasn’t agreed to be a part of it yet since she wasn’t a full time cast member, however,” the source told RadarOnline. “Fans could be disappointed!”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I hope Kim squashes Kenya like a fly! Stand up for yourself woman please!

Ive never condoned violence in my life but I’d be lying if i didnt say I enjoyed Porsha giving her a little smackdown. Kenya is so vile. The worst part is that she could be so interesting if she didnt have to be so incredibly full of hate. The best part about Kim is that she doesnt give Kenya what she wants. Kenya hasnt been able to push Kim out of her character like she has with so many other housewives. I hope Kim stays true to who she is because that will ruin Kenya even more than a verbal… Read more »


Yes! Totally agree. Same age definitely not same life. Kenya is a sad woman.

The part about Nene is 100% B.S. Andy said on her recent episode of WWHL that she would be filming and asked her about it.

That said, I’m sure they are hoping for major Kim v. Kenya sparks, because if you think about it, that’s the only real feud that remains unresolved (though we know the reunion brings up/ often reignites conflict). I think, if it’s optimal dramz, we could see (I’ve starred the ones I’m sure we will see): Sheree v. Kim (I assume Sheree will be there too- idk how Kim will feel abut Sheree’s DC comments) *Nene v. Kenya (always a possibility) Nene v. Phaedra and Porsha (Nene has mentioned that the two Ps weren’t as happy with her return as she… Read more »

I don’t think Kim Fields is really cut out for this group. She is coming off as holier than thou. She complains about hanging out with the ladies (that is what the show is all about!) and not being able to be with her children 24 hours a day. She is really coming off as a whiner. I am hoping she is not invited back for next season.

To be honest, Glad they hired Kim Fields. Too cute.

Kim fields is a true parent who truly loves her children and does not use nannys so who ever said she was a whiner is stupid look at the caliber of women she has to deal with angry ass hateful women who try to get a rise out of her and its sad she should have her own show kenyas own momma dont want to see or talk to her I guess its because she knows how evil she is like stealing vivvica foxs cell phone and lying through her teeth she is so ugly on the inside that no… Read more »