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In Episode 2 of this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta we picked back up at Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear launch party where Kenya Moore and Shereè Whitfield were arguing about Chateau Shereè. Eventually Kenya walked away and insisted she didn’t start the argument. Next, Peter told Cynthia about the argument he got into with Kenya when he got to the event about the video and he reprimanded Cynthia for entering the party in a bikini. She fired back, Peter got upset and walked away from her, which I’m sure will lead to more issues for them in the future.

We finally get to meet the new Housewife Kim Fields! Kenya shows up to Kim’s office to see if Fields would be interested in co-directing her pilot Life Twirls On, who is not exactly interested in the project. Kim explains she isn’t much into the social scene in Atlanta… she’s more into being a mom and a wife.

Cynthia confides in her business partner that once she had gotten home from the launch party that Peter had already gone back to Charlotte. She said that it’s exhausting pretending like things are good in public when they aren’t. Bailey admits she doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her marriage at this point.

Porsha reveals she’s building her business and expanding from hair to lingerie. Williams says she sees her business being around like Jessica Simpson’s.

Phaedra and Cynthia meet for tea while Kandi works at her boutique Tags. Shereè and her daughters come in to shop for Whitfield’s daughters but they take some time to catch up on what went down at Cynthia’s event. Shereè and Kandi talk about Burruss’ relationship with Phaedra. Whitfield understands why Kandi was hurt that Phaedra shared stuff about their friendship with NeNe. Phaedra shared with Cynthia that she hasn’t forgotten what Kandi did last year.

We get a sneak peek at Kim Fields at home with her husband Chris and two sons. Fields reveals she is working on launching a new website that will offer things like maternity clothes and home accessories. She opens up about juggling her career vs. being a wife and mom and even reveals her struggles with having miscarriages.

Porsha throws a going away party for her boyfriend Duke. Just as she’s getting ready her sister Lauren tells Porsha she’s pregnant. When the ladies start arriving to the party they greet each other kindly and patiently away for Duke to arrive. Porsha’s mother expresses concern for how fast Porsha and Duke are moving and how young he is at 24 years-old. Porsha’s friend reveals it has been reported that Duke has been hooking up with porn-stars and a transgendered woman just before Williams announces she and Duke are going to look at places together in the city.

Finally, Kandi and Phaedra meet up to hash out what caused the fallout of their friendship. Kandi admits to Phaedra that she has been pulling back from Phaedra because she didn’t like what was said. Kandi told Parks that she acted one way to her face and another way behind her back. Phaedra tells Kandi that a stranger came up to her in the grocery store and wanted to buy some of Apollo’s stuff that was being stored at Kandi’s house. Phaedra says it’s inappropriate how many comments Kandi has made about whether or not she takes her children to visit their father in prison. Kandi also has to explain to Phaedra that she still owes Todd money and that puts her in an awkward position. Both Kandi and Phaedra agree that they want their friendship to be what it was and that lack of communication was their issue. They hug and makeup and things seem to be back to normal…

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Kenya is so nasty and so rude. Even to Kim Fields. Then asks for her help with that sh*tshow twirl. I don’t even like Sheree bt Kenya’s attack has me rooting for Chateau Sheree to get finished before that filthy moldy rat trap of Kenya’s.


Kandi still irks the hell out of me and plays both sides of the fence. How any one can be confused as why kenya is always getting cussed out or not call her behavior anything but what it is…UGLY. Kenya behavior at someone else’s event was completely inappropriate…keep it real. Another issue I have is that she and Todd were basically aiding Apollo in hiding his assets that should have been confiscated to pay back all those people he frauded out. I would be livid if the feds continued to harass me for something my so called “friend” had sitting… Read more »

And they all lived happily ever after ….oh wait it’s rh never mind.

Still do not trust Khandi all that well after last season. But, so glad these two friends talked. Kenya? RUDE both to Sheree & to Kim Fields. Time & place to be nasty. Peter & Cynthia? He is rotten to the core. After what Cynthia did to Phaedra last season, must say Phaedra’s reaching out touched my heart, did not see Cynthia offer any apology though. Having said that, I still feel bad for Cynthia with having dirty goods for a husband. Don’t anticipate this will end well.
Kenya is such a mess, but she’s so entertaining to watch. Her one liners in the talking heads have seriously stepped up their game. Very funny. Porsha giving her boyfriend a trophy was so cringe. Between trophies for boyfriends and friendship contracts these women are so cringe! The Kandi/Phaedra thing is boring, mainly cuz they are both wrong. Kandi is too on the fence, her and Todd hiding Apollos stuff while feds came to reposes stuff is a much bigger deal than it got made out to be in the 2 seconds airtime it got like thats crazy shady, though… Read more »

I never thought of that! Todd hiding Appolo’s stuff from the feds. I wonder why they showed it at all, then. Wow. I wonder now what else they have of his hidden over there.

Do you think they were hiding it from the Feds? Sounds a bit soap to me. Why would they show it now? Surely they could be prosecuted? Also I’m not sure I believe this. Maybe whatever was there was just away so Phaedra didn’t see it? I don’t know what to believe about ATL any more!

NeNe was there for Phaedra for one reason. She needed someone to film with.