RHOA Film Season 7 Cast Trip To Puerto Rico


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are filming season 7 and according to a new report, a lot of drama went down on the cast trip, where the women traveled to Puerto Rico.

Tamara Tattles reports that the drama on the trip is out of control! Tamara reports the ladies went to Puerto Rico because singer and new Housewife Demetria McKinney was performing in a concert there.

Claudia Jordan has reportedly been brought on the show to play the role of Kenya Moore’s best friend, and to back Kenya up in her on-going feud with NeNe Leakes.

Sources reveal that Claudia started some major drama with NeNe on the trip to Puerto Rico and it escalated into a huge argument with Claudia being backed up by Demetria.

According to a report by RealityTea, Demetria is being groomed to replace NeNe next season. Bravo is said to be using this season of RHOA to focus on NeNe’s life outside of the ATL as a transition for her full-time spinoff show, I Dream Of NeNe.


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21 Replies to “RHOA Film Season 7 Cast Trip To Puerto Rico”

  1. The moose gets a spinoff?? Who is going to watch that mess?? She has worn out her welcome along with that idiot Teresa…Bye Felicia!!

      1. I do not like nene. Or Kenya. But I do like Teresa g. She is a strong woman and smarter than I thought. Teresa g and nene did good on Donald trump. Victoria gotti didn’t. What do you all think about what Victoria told?

      2. What show have you been watching? Ever since season 5 when Kenya came on the show, she has been the main focus and the topic of every discussion and Nene is clearly jealous of her. Kenya is better looking and more relevant on the show.

  2. My goodness so many people. And they’re actually bringing on someone to play Kenya’s friend. Well
    is she or is she not her friend? Boy talk about scripted.

  3. lolol the thing is …….Kenya doesn’t have friends only the two drags/gays, bravo HAD to pay this broad to play Kenya’s friend, Kenya. Couldn’t take Nene on her own lol

    I’ll watch Nenes spin-off, I watch Kim’s and I can’t stand Kim. Nene will succeed without this mess.

    1. I will watch it too. I cant stand Kim either, but I do like her show with her family, I actually like it a lot. Her children are adorable! I can take Nene, but I detest Kenya.

      1. Teresa, I agree!! Although I am not a Kim fan, I think her kids are adorable.

        Bravo just hired a friend for Kenya bcuz Kenya can’t keep/make friends-Nene will hold her own, she’ll be alright. Can’t wait for show to start!!!!

        1. I am addicted to these housewives. Kenya needs someone to help her. I’m glad I found ppl that watch them too. My family makes fun of me. But I’m still very upset about reading how bravo covered up Caroline and al and his mistress. I do not like Caroline. I can’t wait to watch Monday for more of Shannon. I don’t think David would fool with tamra. I used to really like Andy but he don’t do rite. Like Monday nite he didn’t ask the rite questions to make me happy. Wish I could afford all the housewives shoes. Especially heathers. I do not know how ppl walk in them that high but… I can’t wait for housewives of Miami.

      2. Ditto what you said, Teresa. Kim drives me nuts, but everyone once in a while, she shows a softer side, the mom side.

        I’ll watch NeNe’s show, too, even though she makes me cringe every time she opens that maw of a mouth.

        1. Lol. I do not like Nene, but I will be watching. That could be called addiction. Lol. I am kidding but I love the show. As for Kim, she just seems so happy now. That is the only reason I watch her. She really does seem happy with her big family. She laughs a lot and it looks real. But now I wish she would get back in with her mother and daddy. And I just wonder what Kroys family really think.

  4. I’m so happy they are bringing in some new blood. Hope it does the same for them as it did for this OC season. However, I could do without Kenya. I will miss Pheadra and how she says the meanest things so Nice, Love how she does that! I Absoultly love NeNe and her show will I’m sure be a bigger success than any other spin off, she will be right up
    There with Bethanny.

  5. Kenya wow I have to say I really wonder about her sanity and I do mean I feel she is not far from the edge her and Sonja morgan I would never be surprised if they did a stint in facility for the insane!!

    1. I feel you. I don’t think Sonya is attractive at all. She reminds me of Rue McClanahan, who played sex starved Blanche from the Golden Girls.

      Kenya has a screw loose somewhere, you see it, you hear it, but if you look closely, its stripped! I think she is a flake, I’m laughing now, is the camera on me? I’m twirling, did you get that? Let me grab Nene’s ear, then she will flip out, and I will get more camera time! Hey Kenya, how did you like sweeping the floor with your hair???

      1. Lol. Ur rite. That’s funny it makes sense. I don’t care for the show really. But I watch it. I live in tn. So atl is not that far. Not like oc or bh. I do not like nene. But I think Kim seems so happy. But I don’t like tardy. Kim did Kandinsky wrong on that song.

  6. I knew she looked familiar!! Claudia Jordan has appeared on Deal or No Deal, and multiple seasons of The Celebrity Apprentice. With models, singers, actors…it’s changing the identity of the Real Housewives franchise.

    RHOA used to follow relatively normal, suburban women and found the humor and, yes, the drama in their everyday lives. . We’ve also seen that on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who are now adding former soap stars Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson to the cast.

    1. Can’t wait to watch the show. I watch them all. Wish Kenya could find her a real man. I don’t like her but really no wonder she can’t find one.

    2. Odd how we all watch so much tv. That’s how we know ppl. Lol. Now I don’t care too much for Lisa rinna. Which ever one she is on. But I would be scared of nene. She is one mean woman. Smart but she loses it. I thought they may have Marlo on atl.

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