RHOA Reunion Part Two, Kenya vs. Porsha


Part two of the RHOA reunion aired Sunday night and first to be discussed was the brawl between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams on Kenya Moore’s booze cruise. Both of the ladies were sorry for the incident.

“I just turned 49 years old and I’ve never been in a physical altercation with anyone in my life,” Cynthia said. “It is an isolated incident that will never happen again because it’s not what I do.”

However, when Kenya got involved by bringing up her own physical altercation with Porsha, things got heated.

“If she brings up our incident one more time, Andy,” Porsha began telling host Andy Cohen before getting sidetracked. “Can we end our incident with the fact that she pulled a grown woman’s chair out and leave it at that?”

“Let’s get to the point of you beating up your assistant at the finale!” Kenya shouted.

“Let’s talk about you and the one-eyed African who’s married!” Porsha shaded back. Although Andy seemed quite intrigued by the one-eyed African comment, it was never clarified. Instead, Kenya told Porsha, “You’ve been in three incidents now involving violence. Three. You are the one with the problem.”

When Peter Thomas joined the stage to talk about the state of his marriage to Cynthia Bailey, Porsha also claimed to know secrets about their marriage. Again… Kenya got involved which set off another fight between Moore and Williams.

“Shut your mouth, Porsha, because if there’s not a d*ck in it, you don’t even know what you’re saying.”

No one commented on whether that slam made any sense and Porsha blasted back with a reference to Kenya doing a “tuck” everyday before she came to work.

Porsha told Cynthia, “Find out how your waitresses are getting paid and it’s full of penis.” Peter challenged Porsha to “publish the list” of all of the women that he was sleeping with and then Andy asked Peter if they would still be married if Cynthia left the show. Peter said their marriage would be “better” if she weren’t part of the cast.

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  1. I can’t see me ever watching agin unless there is a complete cast change! These can’t call themselves women! Ridiculous!

    1. I can tell you nothing has changed other then Kenya must be more desperate for the paycheck, cause she has gotten nastier and simply meaner then ever. It seems Kim will be leaving the show (I’ve read on other sites) and to me that’s disappointing. She really showed her teeth at the reunion but did so with class. However, next week will be the worse with Nene showing up and sitting right next to Andy. If she comes back full time, that just might do it for me and this show.


        1. That’s far too much for any network head to offer a reality cast member, it would put her on economic par with a primetime unionized talent which completely defeats the economic objective of producing a reality show. Nene has less crossover appeal than some of the other Bravo talent that have branched out into different arenas, and putting a figure like that in front of her leaves no room for negotiation on the network’s behalf. Typically, Bravo talent is first presented with a contract and a low-ball figure, and then the haggle over how much the talent wants to raise it. Nene will likely take the deal not because they’re offering her such an extraordinary figure, rather than her Fashion Police spot only consisting of 6 episodes and her game show job “To Tell the Truth” not really being on the A-list of tv gigs. But kudos to her for her hustle. Hollywood is an ever constant grind and you have to get in where you fit in.

      1. Barbara, my mother would have said she needs her mouth washed out with soap! I agree she is so desperate, maybe running scared on Nene coming back? I still won’t watch either of them but out of choice I prefer Nene but only slightly. I stopped watching because I couldn’t stand Kenya. Xo

        1. And I’l stop watching if Nene comes back. Sounds like we’re both finished with this show. Thank goodness there’s tons of great shows on Sunday nights. LOL 🙂

      2. What I dislike most about this group, especially Keenya, is that she talks over others every time they open their mouth. NO ONE can speak without her interrupting. I don’t understand why Andy doesn’t tell her to shut up. Even when what they are saying has NOTHING to do with her. She is verbose big time. Then I can’t hear what anyone says, Cynthia and Porsha do it too. Phaedra is better about it, and I am also sad that Kim isn’t returning. K will think it was her doing. She is so nasty, nothing she does or says is ever anything but nasty. Even when she’s doing that phony annoying laughter, nothing is funny. I think there is something, a lot of things seriously wrong with her. I can’t recall her ever having a true conversation with ANYONE. And I don’t believe it as anything whatsoever to do with her Mom giving her up. She had women loving her that raised her, which is way more than a lot of kids have that turn out to be kind, giving, fun, wonderful people. Her ego is totally empty. She is not proud of herself, she doesn’t think well of herself, she has nothing going on in her life and I pray to God she isn’t pregnant. That rent-a-date is a creep too, just like any guy who would get her attention. I am going to try to watch again tonight.

    2. How are you tonight lovely Suze? I guess we will chat tomorrow to discuss RHOBH, when you tell me how much u adore Erika and Eileen! 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Newsflash– they are separated! Peter and Cynthia doing poor job of PR regarding their status and coverup.

    Also, hard to believe Peter said they would be better off with Cynthia off show, when they both fought for her to stay and get a paycheck.

  3. Oh please Patricia wants that peach, he wants to be on the show, he’s the type of person who loves watching himself on TV. Kenya is sickening, she is one disgusting human being and her new side kick seems to be Kandi, she has really changed (for the worst) since she married Todd, he’s got a big swollen ego you can tell by looking at his head, he’s a Peter wannabe that says it all.

    1. LOLOLOL! I read that as egg not ego! But either could be right coming out of his head. Yes he is a different but just as desperate Jim Cheeseburger! In fact Patricia and Todd so agree totally! Xoxoxo

  4. This group of women leaves me with a bad taste overall. To even look at Peter is distasteful. Kandi irritates the liver out of me. She thinks she’s all that & she’s far from all that. Said it before, will repeat, she’s like her mother. As for Kenya, cant find not even one single good thing about her. Porsha is giving it her all & I’m glad about that. Phaedra is obviously quite hurt from finally seeing her once so called close friend’s nasty ways & total lack of support & understanding. Kim is too much of a lady to be amongst these wolves. She showed a lot of spine with a lot of dignity though & as much as I feel she’s just too nice for this group, I still don’t want her to go. AND, Against popular votes, I Love my Nene.

    1. I think Nene has changed, I really do. She is over the top, ridiculous, at times loud and conceited, but I still hope she stays on the show. Cynthia, now, I can’t stand her, never could. And Peter, gag. I have always liked Phaedra and Porsha was out there too much this year. Kandi is odd IMO. I can’t put my finger on what it is that bugs me about her. And I don’t like it when any of them do that weird accent when talking to each other. I don’t understand what they are saying, and I guess I don’t know why they do that. Does anyone? Maybe it’s like a friendship language that I haven’t had the wherewithal to ask about.

  5. Part two was boring. Kenya is down right disgusting, fake and a liar. How CB or Kandi consider her a friend is beyond my understanding. She comes into the reunions nasty and bitter. She is so full of it – said her dad considers her the apple of his eye and she walks on water…what…? I wish just once Porsha would not sink to her level, but I don’t think she’s smart enough. Time for a recast!!!

    1. Oh 2.million the show do not need nene! Nene trying to act like she got Class nene do not make the show PORSHA ! And Phaedra does they fun and funny that is what t.v.need we need no bull dogs like khandi Kenya and old lady Cynthia . Andy offer porsha and Phaedra more they know how to party and have Fun old lady Cynthia or Kenya they serve no purpose on the show they R TIED ANGER and need help!

    1. Real talk! KHANDI IS A MESS SHE KNOW THE. Fbi.found out about that mess at her house from Kenya and Cynthia BIG ASS .mouth on t.v. khandi your brain is not working you sounded like a real nut case, we know Kenya got mad issue when she dated the one eye man shameful, Shameful! And she lived in HOLLYWOOD 30 years well u go with that broke tied Thang you meet at the GYM! And live porsha! Out of the mess!

  6. I don’t care for Peter. Never have. I agree with Nene that Peter is trying to be a damned bitch! I don’t like that especially in a man. And for him to say his marriage would be better were Cynthia not on the show…please! I think Peter acts like a damned bitch just to get some tv time himself!! I don’t see Nene’s husband Greg involved in such foolishness…I like Greg. As far as Kenya and Cynthia go…for some reason it seems Kenya is desperate to be Cynthia’s friend even though Cynthia has made it perfectly clear she does not consider Kenya one of her best friends…in fact, Cynthia apparently has no problems throwing Kenya under the bus in order to make herself more appealing to Nene! Cynthia is a fair-weather friend if ever I have seen one. I would really love it if Cynthia and Peter were not invited back next season…but I know they will both be back. Peter would find a way onto the show even if he and Cynthia were to split, I am sure. Yuck!

  7. The delusion from the Kenya-haters is hilarious. And the level of racism shines through. The cast is no different form the rest of the franchise, yet everyone seems to think their behaviour is outrages. Get over yourselves.

    1. There is no racism here. All franchises are ridiculed equally. We don’t want Nene back. Even you have to admit Kenya is a troubled person. Brandi wasn’t liked. (BH) Eileen and Yolanda aren’t loved. NY Bethanny..some like her some don’t. There’s Ramona, Sonja and Vicki. (OC) Not delusional just opinionated.

      1. Granny, very well said. In all of the time I have been commenting here I have never seen a racial comment. Not liking Kenya has nothing to do with her colour just her mouth and her behaviour. So saying its racial is absolute nonsense!
        I loved Kim but she didn’t fit with the rest so again nonsense!
        I hope you are well and had a lovely Easter?

        1. Not once have I ever seen a racial comment here. Just because Kenya is an ass and most people can’t stand her doesn’t make it racism that is such a ridiculous stupid comment.

        2. Suze, I haven’t been here long but I’ve never read anything close to racism. I love this site.

          On a personal note I would like to thank you for your candor. Your attitude, courage and sense of humor have inspired me and I’m sure many others. Thank you.

    2. It is just like a true racist to cry racist when someone says a comment against someone who happens to be your race perhaps. So, if someone dislikes a black/African American/person of color, that means it was because of their skin color and not because that person was acting like a complete ass? Jarlath, if anyone is racist here, it is you.
      If you stayed a while and read all of the comments, you would see that opinions are based on the characters’ behavior and not their color. I, myself, refuse to watch this show, but I do read the comments. I don’t watch because I find these women largely ignorami.
      Maybe they should just take this show to BET then to make you happy, so that, perhaps, it won’t be viewed by as many people not of color? Would that be a racist move? See it as the truth. We are all here as one big family for the most part and not all of these people commenting are not of color either, and you play the race card here. Why be so damn defensive and read into things that are not there? You, are clearly the racist, and you make me sick. I will not appease racists.

      1. Well,said Sandy, this comment really annoyed me this morning! I Don’t like Yolanda so do I hate all the Dutch people! Of course I don’t one of my closest friends is Dutch! Biggest load of cobblers I have ever read! Xoxoxo

        1. Very true, Suze. Where are these awful commentators coming from? They are attacking us directly, not the housewives that we discuss. Guess they have a problem with our unity on this site.

          1. I recognise this one and the site they come from. This is just a different type of blog. Do we go off topic, yes but what’s the harm, do we really feel for each other, yes but so what! Just ignore it was a very stupid comment.

          2. That’s true Starr, whenever I briefly venture into another site, one look at the comments and I click AWAY!! Who are these people????? We are so lucky here and if they don’t like it, well , there are many other sites I can recommend for them

      2. Well stated Real Sandy & true too. The woman I loved most in this world was a black woman & my second mother. Because of her love & kindness, I love most black people, Kenya not being one of them.

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