RHOA Ratings Drastically Fall


This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has not drawn in the ratings that the network is used to, and we are told that Bravo is scrambling to try to save the ratings for what used to be the highest rated show in the franchise.

Season 8 Β of RHOA premiered to only 2.9 million viewers, where season 7 premiered to 5.6 million viewers. That’s quite a drop in numbers for Bravo executives. Insiders tell us that the network is worried if the exit of NeNe Leakes is what has caused the drastic fall in ratings.

For more detailed ratings you can click here.

Do you think the drop is because NeNe Leakes is gone? Comment Below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

Tina is from Chicago, Illinois and loves The Real Housewives. She's even met several of the ladies while traveling. This sweet Italian girl is currently a student, and loves to blog in her spare time.

  • pdt090

    Um, Season 7 premiere was 3.8m.

  • Yule

    I think it’s better without her, it’s much fresher and more intresting. I think Nene should leave for a couple more seasons and make a triumphant return like Bethenny did. She should wait until Season 11 or 12 to return!

    • Scarlett

      Nothing to do with nene leaving the show is boring and stupid with all the fighting.

  • This season is BORING.

  • No one is missing NeNe. These women are an embarrassment to women. Disgusting.

    • jan parish

      I totally agree and find the idiocy they display along with the violence is unacceptable in any forum of society.

  • moriah

    Did you hear that Kenya?
    Your ratings are way down.
    You can’t hold a candle to NeNe.
    You claim you’re a big actress but NeNe is on Broadway.
    You can twirl right out of the show as far as I am concerned.

    • geminigirl

      Bahahahahahaha that’s gotta burn

    • TW

      Exactly Moriah! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Kenya Moore doesn’t hold a candle to NeNe. NeNe made the show. It’s so boring now!

  • Candy

    Boring!!!!! No good storylines!

  • starr

    Nene made the show, without her, the show is very boring & thus far, the storyline makes one yawn.

  • One less peach to eat

    I don’t watch anymore. It was my #1 fav housewives. πŸ™

  • Duchess of Wienerschintzel

    People get tired of the same ghetto girls, looking like ghetto girls and doing ghetto things

  • apple

    I like Kim….and I agree with her…these women are just ridiculous. And I don’t miss Nene…because she was the most ridiculous of them all.

  • I don’t miss Nene at all. I do, however, feel that bringing Sheray back was a mistake, she was boring then and she’s boring now. And Kim is not adding anything except to show a woman who’s only desire is to remain home with her kids! I think casting made several mistakes in this show this year. Even the “friends” they have brought on have been uninteresting and you can tell they are only there to add some drama to a group of women we don’t care about in the first place!

  • Sally

    I can not fathom how ATL pulled in over 5 million viewers! Last season!!! Mind boggling, I will still not watch while Kenya is on.
    Nene will be laughing over this! Ugh!

    • It’s cuz the drama is so much better than on the other shows.

      • Sally

        It depends what you like and it’s not for me at all! Can’t stand Kenya, she has ruined it for me!

        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    your all racist

    • Crybaby


      • Crystal


    • naynay

      So if somebody doesn’t like RHOA there racist?? That’s just silly

      • Lisa

        What an airhead. Seriously.

      • Sally

        Well, I never knew I was racist wow! I don’t like Vicki so what am I for that?

        • Naturally the racist burp was from”anonymous.” Since it is such an embarrassing statement, who would want to claim that BS.

    • No its just easy to recognize Ghetto behavior and this is described under Ghetto in Websters Dic just look

  • Sarah

    This season sucks so far, and I blame Kenya, she’s trying too hard to manufacture drama and stir and the pot, like what is her storyline? I want to real wealth, luxury, families, careers, dating, basically realness, not manufactured drama for the sake of drama. Kandi and Pheadra are the only two on RHOA that I actually enjoy watching.

    • Anonymous

      Yes!!! All of this.

  • I doubt this story is true. This season has been great and it seems like the feedback for the series is really good without Nene.

    The season premiere may have had over 5 mil viewers but that wasn’t a representative number for the season.

    Episodes 2-5 of season 7 averaged 3,164,500, and episodes 2-5 of season 8 averaged 2,872,500 which means they are down 292,000 on average. That isn’t a huge deal and the numbers have been growing over episodes 2-5, so there it’s hardly a crisis.

    They should still be happy that RHOA does SO much better than the other housewives, Beverly hills dropped 140,00 people between episode 1 and 2, whereas RHOA gained viewers.
    RHOA can afford to loose a couple of hundred viewers, RHOBH can’t, so they need to be worrying about that one more. Especially as the feedback hasn’t been as positive as RHOA.

    • Anonymous


      • Nene was too boring the last few seasons, i’d love if she took some time off deflated her head a bit and came back to the show with a better attitude, cuz she used to be amazing.

        The ratings have fallen a bit but are building back up cuz the general feedback has been good. 5 episodes into this season and those 5 episodes are 10 times better than last season, last season was the fakest season by far.

    • pdt090

      AS i said above, their numbers are wrong. Season 7 premiere was 3.8m. They’re adding on the numbers for the 10pm re-airing.

  • Linda

    Of course the ratings dropped when Nene left..she was the show! Bravo made a huge mistake in letting her go.

  • Lisa

    I dont watch it. I did other years. It got too nasty. (and I am a racist too of course)

    • naynay

      silly isn’t it Lisa, how dare you not like ATL!! We’re all racist. I don’t like new Jersey, what does that make me?? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • Sally

        Lisa, Naynay, I don’t like OC that makes me discerning! Xoxo xoxo

  • Kiera Benz

    If they acted like real ladies instead of fighting animals maybe people watch it I haven’t watch it in a year or so

  • Tell It Like It Is

    I have stopped watching all the Housewives since Bravo decided to bring back that convicted felon Teresa Guidice. Looks like many have done the same.

    • anab4

      me too

  • Brenda

    I used to love watching the RHOA, The past seasons with Nene were laugh out loud funny and I could hardly wait tor the next week to see what happens next. You would get a glimpse into the housewives daily life with families and friends, some of the charity events the would attend and some they sponsored. The girl trips were fun and when they would have their arguments it was never so nasty, violent or vindictive. They didn’t always get along but it was not as ratchet as is today with all the mother not liking your man drama, a single woman chasing your man drama, mean girls taking sides drama, husbands in the women business drama., husbands in the stip clubs and flirting drama. The smartest move Bravo made was to bring Kim Fields on to add some class to the show, keep Porsha Williams who adds some sass to the show, Phaedra with her southern charm and brains. The smarter move Bravo could have made was to get rid of Kenya More (who has never been a housewife and looks like naver will) and her side kick Cynthia Bailey too, because the ratchet mess is starting all over again with them. In the words of Kim Fields “Are we grown women talking like this?” As much as I am a big fan of Nene and miss her, she may never come back but I can certainly understand why.
    I don’t care for the RHOOC either the women are just weird and unrelatable and Tamra Judge is just gross & trashy.

  • VaNonna

    I no longer watch. It seemed to go downhill when Kenya came on. The only thing she ever brought was drama. Got enough in my life, not interested in watching so called grown women acting so foolish. Cynthia has never offered anything either. I miss Nene. Porsha needs to go to. Not sure what has happened to her, I don’t like her anymore. No story for her either. Maybe time to start with new housewives, no one is irreplaceable! Bring in new faces and actual stories and actual married women!

  • Anyone blaming Kenya for ratings is pretty delusional.

    The ratings went up after Kenya joined the show, the ratings were up on average 171,391 her first season and up a HUGE 702,296 on average her second season.

    The rating decline started last year. Last year was down an average of 608,736 from the year before. So the drop in ratings is WAY less than last years drop in ratings (down 225,960 on last years average so far), it could be argued getting rid of Nene was good as the ratings didn’t drop as bad as they did last year, and each week the ratings have been climbing up instead of getting better.

    • VaNonna

      Not blaming Kenya for the ratings drop, just stating I didn’t like her on the show, felt she brought nothing. Doesn’t make me delusional, just not interested in watching her.

      • Sally

        Totally agree 100% πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Crystal

    I don’t want because Nene is gone… She made the show..

  • Miss R

    Who cares. The word means nothing in this dumb PCWorld.