RHOA Preview: Why Is Kenya Crying?


In this preview for Sunday’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, new Housewife Claudia Jordan sits down with Porsha Williams to see if Porsha would consider meeting with Kenya Moore. Claudia explains that she thinks it would be good for Porsha and Kenya to discuss what happened at last year’s reunion and try to move forward.

Not only is Kenya dealing with Porsha drama, but she also breaks down crying after Kandi Burruss tells her that she believed Apollo Nida’s lies. Kenya is shocked and upset that her cast mates think she would come on to a man that was married.

Watch the preview below.

Should Porsha meet with Kenya? Do you think Kenya has a right to be upset that no one believed her about Apollo? Sound off in our comments section!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “RHOA Preview: Why Is Kenya Crying?”

  1. No! No! No! Porsha should stay away from Kenya as should everyone else. Kenya is a bully no matter how you look at it! She’s crazy! With the mean things that Apollo’s saying about Phaedra… how she’s done him so wrong…, and with Kenya pulling every word she wanted said out of his sorry mouth… you have to say I didn’t offer you fellatio, I’m inclined to believe that Kenya and Apollo were in cahoots about the whole apology. It allowed Apollo to get back at Phaedra for not sticking with him and it gave Kenya a “woe is me” story line to start off the season! Kendra is sly. Remember that!

  2. Really I don’t CARE why Kenya is crying. She is SO overly dramatic 24/7 and such the victim it’s just plain tiring. Does she EVER stop playing poor me? She just wears you out, grinds you down and spits you out- so much so that you really, truly don’t give a rats a**! Who in their right mind would want to be her friend much less spend five minutes listening to her loud grating voice talking nonstop about herself and that braying fake laugh? Ugh, I’d rather clean urinals at a truck stop.

  3. Visine tears…please. I need them to fire this fraud. She is the most evil person on the show and now she wants the audience to feel sorry for her. That’s not going to happen. Lady, please exit the stage.

  4. Oh no, I’m so sorry Kenya showed herself vulnerable in this episode. She is not going to get the support and vindication that she’s looking for! ! Kenyaaaaaaa just do what you do for the show, because that’s what viewers want to see, Drama, and bravo wants drama for ratings! !!!!!!

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