RHOA Preview: Apollo Shows Up At Nightclub To Talk To Phaedra About Marriage

Phaedra Parks

On Sunday’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta we are introduced to new Housewife Demetria McKinney and we will witness a super awkward moment between Phaedra Parks and her estranged husband Apollo Nida.

While Phaedra is in a packed nightclub with her friends, Apollo shows up to discuss their martial issues. Apollo pulls Phaedra away from her friends and brings up the problems he is having with the communication in their marriage. He insists that he doesn’t want to fight, but adds that he will only remain cordial if Phaedra does.

“I’m still your husband, don’t forget that,” Nida says to his wife as he tries to hug her. “I’m sick of straddling the fence. If two people are unhappy… it’s one solution.”

In October, Parks announced her plans to divorce Nida. Watch the clip for the new episode airing December 21st below.

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15 Replies to “RHOA Preview: Apollo Shows Up At Nightclub To Talk To Phaedra About Marriage”

  1. I hope she shows this footage to the divorce court and that as a result he gets nothing. This may be the creepiest moment in all of Housewives history.

  2. Phaedra is so private, I bet she about lost it when he showed up there acting like he did. He doesn’t wanna fight but will only remain cordial if she does??? What a loser!! I used to really like Apollo, he sure changed or was fake from the beginning.

      1. She also mah have been afraid Apollo might have gotten violent- not that he’d hit her, but screaming, throwing chairs and that kind of thing.

        1. And she has already been embarrassed enough by all of this lord knows. She needs a better “picker” for the next man – maybe Patty Sanger can help her…lol

  3. That slob threatened her right there by saying in essence “be nice or I can pull the switch”.

    Phaedra he has been using you all along. Please divorce his lying a$$ and get him out of your life. You are a smart lady – find yourself a good man who can be the kind of father your sons need – not a 2 time loser like Apollo. He doesn’t deserve you or the boys.

  4. OMG I just actually watched the entire video “I am sick of straddling the fence – if two people are unhappy there is only one solution” – Uh duh yeah Apollo. The only solution is for her to divorce your sorry bitch ass (yes I said bitch). YOU are in jail because YOU chose to break the law. Who wants to wait around for your ass to come back out in how many years? Life does not stop just because you are behind bars you idiot.

  5. at the time of this filming, apollo wanted a divorce. he has signed a pre-nup. he probably will get money that is his. so if this happened at that time, he might get his money and when the feds came they would take his money, because they did. at this time, the feds came and froze his funds, that he stole from other people. now he doesn’t want to get divorced. in either case the feds will get as much money as they can of his. if they had been divorced would he ask phaedra to give him a car, house, and money, because that’s what he wants from phaedra now, as he stated. i hope phaedra was not involved in his crimes. on a radio interview apollo said he had a “crew” and there were women in his crew.that’s his mind set. i don’t think apollo can make it on the outside for very long. . at the last reunion phaedra said that apollo was a grown man and he does what he wants to do , and she does what she does to keep the family together. their relationship is very odd.he has little remorse.he’s a sociopath unable to understand that the money he got was from other people. he hurt a lot of people and he’s not sorry, has he said anything about the people that he stole from ? he doesn’t mind going to prison. as for phaedra, she must have been alone a lone with the kids while he was at the strip clubs.

    1. right he is a self proclaimed liar and has sociopathic behavior for sure. He acts like he was just working? No he was stealing and there were many victims. So why would anyone feel sorry for him. He knew it was illegal but thought he could get away with it. I hope phaedra doesn’t have to give him a dime.

  6. Wow, Apollo does not handle things well. Phaedra will not communicate well when she is pushed into a corner at a club around friends. He made things very on edge and uncomfortable. He is too intimidating she needs to move on. Scary look in his eyes.

  7. I pray Phaedra leaves this man. She’s a beautiful woman and can do so much better. He’s not worth the stress. Apollo had ONE job–to be a trophy husband. He couldn’t even do that. I know the Mr. Chocolate thing is a lie but she really deserves to get a Mr. Chocolate. After all of Apollo’s shenanigans, I wouldn’t be mad at her one bit. I just hope her next man is on her level (and not lower). Get an educated man Phaedra.

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