RHOA Peter Thomas Says Apollo Nida Needs to “Man Up And Call Me”


After going to prision about a year ago Apollo Nida has been very silent… Until now, as Apollo posted on Instagram a photo of he and Peter Thomas with the caption reading “CRAZY WORLD RIGHT!! I GUESS IT’s TRUE THAT IN TIME ONE WILL SEE WHOM THEIR FAKE FRIENDS REALLY ARE!!”

The reason Apollo put this on Instagram is because he has heard Peter has been bad-mouthing him as of late and he hasn’t heard a peep from him since entering the slammer.

Peter Thomas has responded to TMZ saying, that his number hasn’t changed and he has no idea why Apollo would air his beef on social media instead of calling him.

Peter says he’s got a lot of friends in the big house and there’s a drill … they call you, because you can’t call them. Peter could have sat down and written a letter, but he’s not much of a writer.

The way Peter put it, “If I am a fake friend because I don’t write a letter, then I’m a fake friend.”

What do you think about these two going back and fourth? Comment below.

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9 Replies to “RHOA Peter Thomas Says Apollo Nida Needs to “Man Up And Call Me””

  1. Apollo expects way to much. He’s lucky to still have friends that trust and beleive in him and want to still be around him. He needs to GROW up take a chill pill. When away in prison sometimes friendships change. People will always come and go in your lifetime , But thats Life…….. But he say she say Gossip won’t strengten your friendship. Hang in there no one owes you anything and be thankful and grafeful your not there longer. Fill your New year with reading, knowledge ,forgiveness, read the bible. And give Thanks to God.amen

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