RHOA Looking at America’s Next Top Model Eva Marcille as New Housewife

It looks like the producers from The Real Housewives of Atlanta are looking to add someone to the cast that previously has reality TV experience, according to TMZ.

Her name is Eva Marcille, and apparently she has already shot some footage with NeNe Leakes at her home.

Eva won season 3 of America’s Next Top Model and producers are looking to possibly phase out Cynthia Bailey or Porsha Williams as one of the two women’s storylines are going to be coming to an end.

Producers reportedly like Eva. She is only 32, but it’s all going to come down to chemistry with the other ladies.

What do do you think?

Photo Credit: YouTube

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The purpose of the housewives franchise was based onn a reality show about famous and wealthy wives. Now it is nothing but thugs pretending..

but I will still watch….lol

How on earth does one get thug from Eva Marcille? She got her start in high fashion modeling and has been a legit actress for years, but before the Elle shoots, tv movies, and joining Eileen Davidson & co. over in soap opera land she was an early admissions student to Vanderbilt from a 2 parent home in sunny California. Not exactly the dire circumstances out of which so called “thugs” are born.

I agree . They don’t even have to be married anymore . It’s hilarious. Can we remove the word ‘housewives ‘ from the title ??

Now that I will agree with! Seems like every cast started off with one single gal until…

…well, I guess with a divorce rate as high as the one we have at home in theStates the pickins’ are slim…especially because these days most people with happy husbands and wives would rather chew their own lips off than get caught up in these reality circuses. I wonder what the survival rate is for for reality tv marriages…it’s like a curse!

Yes it’s s curse and a ‘vow renewal’ ceremony is the kiss of death 🙂

That show should be called Real Fame Wh*res of Atlanta

It looks like anybody can a be a real housewife these days….

Oh cool, I met her at the Essence festival this year where Kandi began her reunion tour with her teeny bopper group, Excape. I’ve seen her on a lot of tv shows and movies in the past, but outside of Young & The Restless, I thought she was still modeling and designing eyewear mostly…? Oh well, it’ll be interesting to see how she fits in with the Atlanta crowd, I’ve always seen her as more of a LA/California girl. Very pretty IRL, though.