The RHOA Hotel Room Fight: Watch Apollo Nida, Brandon DeShazer And Christopher Williams Throw Down


Viewers were shocked when Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta quickly turned into a physical fight. The cast attended NeNe’s pillow talk party when Kenya Moore’s assistant Brandi DeShazer got into a physical fight with Christopher Williams after he allegedly grabbed Kenya’s arm. Things took a turn for the worse when Peter Thomas and Apollo Nida tried to break the men up. Apollo ended up getting into a fist fight with Kenya’s assistant. Relive one of the most intense RHOA fights in the history of the show.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The fight continues on the next episode of RHOA. Kandi and Todd get involved and the trailer shows Kenya’s assistant Brandon telling her that Apollo “cracked his rib” which is considered a “felony.” Watch the preview below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Teresa and her table flipping are nothing compared to this trainwreck of an episode…

    I am still somewhat shocked…

    And this hot mess would not be possible without the shit-stirrer Nene, who was either high on something or her vein in head popped… I am not even going to discuss the men of RHOA, most of them are lowlifes; no decent woman would be okay with her man going to Strip joints every day. Sorry, that is just SOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. I would prefer people who are swingers or have sexual intercourse with other couples, but strip joints… geeeeeezeeeeee… how pathetic is that… instead of being with your wife and your family, working, raising children, having sex with your spouse, cooking, travelling, watching tv, you decide to wast hours upon hours upon days in a strip bar.

    The funniest thing is that Todd, whom everybody hates so much, seems to be the only one with two brain cells of all the men in the group.

    Again, Nene just went ghetto and after seeing this horrible episode I am pretty sure she’ll be begging for work in Hollywood… no sane producer would want her gangsta ass ever. And Apollo is really not worth my words. So you married a convicted felon, a guy from prison, who is never shown to be working, except working out, has $8K to spend on whores monthly… and who the hell is surprised that this men will probably again finish in prison. Who I ask?!

    • bkisses

      yes apollo really acted like a jerk and hes on probation… that guy should press charges on apollo… as for Nene her true character finally surfaced.. she is nothing but shit stirrer and she did this mess with Kim … turning all the ladies on Kim Zoliak.. I really think fame has went to Nenes head and she was on something.. she is very rude to her friends, and treats them like children,, scolding them and screaming at them.. I wouldnt be her friend at all. Nene is trash and Cynthia taking up for Nene once again tells me what an idiot she is.

  • Jodi

    Honestly, I am speechless! I hope Phaedra knew nothing of this. Apollo seems like a loose canon. It looks as if Joe Giudice is going to take the fall for Teresa so she can stay with the girls. I don’t get the feeling Apollo would do the same for Phaedra.

  • Aunt Bee

    I think NeNe was not herself in this episode. She was acting so strange and it looked to me that she and Gregg were just standing there enjoying the fight.
    This is not the NeNe I tune in to watch. I agree with almost all of what Millivanili said.

    • bkisses

      I dont think Gregg enjoyed the fight I looked at his face he was in shock.. I think Gregg doesnt want to rile Nene up … he knows how vocal she is.. so hes keeping quiet. Nene is trash pure and simple.

  • Ciryn Bristoll


    Used to love Nene, and still do, but damn she fell far down on my list for being a shit-starter. And LOL @ Apollo being a punk.

  • tilly

    What do you mean Christopher “allegedly” grabbed Kenya’s arm? He DID do it!

  • Marie

    That fight was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen on television. And NeNe started the whole thing. She had an agenda and she stuck to it. Then tried to turn it around on Kenya, an easy target in that group. NeNe should be SO ashamed of herself. But she won’t be.

  • Vanessa_H

    Why is everybody blaming Kenya? Nene Started the whole thing, she yells at Kenya for getting out of her seat when she should of yelled at Chrstopher. Cynthia said last night that Kenya should of not of stood up. NO Chris should of NOT stood up just to make his point thats when someone should of said we are all talking sitting down. IMO The conversation was getting heated the host or any decent person should of said Chris have a sea.t He didnt need to stand to confront a woman if I was Kenya I would of stood too. There is NO way he was going to stand there and speak to me/her while she/I am sitting like he is above me and talk down to her/me. Im glad Kenya is so smart she knows how to handle herself and will not take the fall for this one….SMH

    • bkisses

      omg i agree with you .. well stated.. Kenya did nothing to deserve this behavior from Nene or Chris.. so what she was late she did apologize to Nene and still Nene was high strung going after Kenya.. Nene is very rude and she treats her friends like shit..

  • Oscar

    Porsha tried to get him to sit down. Go Porsha.

    Also, the questions were all so inappropriate…. Nene was totally trying to have something pop-off.

    I feel bad for Kenya and her friend… and I feel embarrassed for Phaedra.

    It seems as though Apollo had it out for Kenya’s friend…Maybe they shared a romantic tryst in the past that Apollo wants to keep quiet…or maybe Kenya’s friend knows something Apollo desperately needs to keep on the DL…..

  • Izzy

    CoursI have a LOT to say on this. Im really NOT team anyone on this show. BUT I feel like everyone is just blaming one person weather it be Nene Christopher or Kenya it thats not the case. Yes Nene bringing up some controversial topics. But lets NOT act like she is the only one who stirs the pot on the show. Remember in the vineyard Kenya brought up that Natalie told Cynthia that she called Todd an opportunist(And im NOT making excuses for anyone Nene should have been a better hostess). Ya but anyway the physical part of it all is NONE of Nene’s fault. They are ALL grown adults and need to take responsibility for there actions. Chris stood up which he shouldnt have done but I understand(when you have a conversation with someone and one person is standing up and the other is sitting down its already uneven) so now that I got to Chris lets move on to Kenya. She wants to stand up thats fine BUT she stood up and started walking over to Natalie who was sitting down in the back so ofcourse Chris wasnt going to let Kenya walk up on Natalie he SHOULD NOT have grabbed her arm and touched her but I see where he was coming from. But everything else from there is crazy. Brandon stood up and its nice that he had Kenya’s back BUT he got a LITTLE to hype after him and Chris were split up. Peter was trying to break it up and I dont know about Apollo because he pushed Brandon down and then right after choked him. It was a LOT going on and its a SHAME that there was a fight. There was sool many STOP signs and things that could have been . So hopefully they learn from this and get it together. It was a MESS. So there is no ONE person to blame. EVERYONE could have acted better.

    • Myomy

      Disgusting behavior from Nene, Christopher, Apollo, and Peter. Brandon should have brought charges. Apollo should be in jail at this point; he admitted that he spent his stolen money at strip clubs. Apollo was an a** the entire show including Mr. President’s party; although that was ridiculous and over the top. Bravo has certainly gotten their money’s worth out of this trashy group.

  • bkisses

    he needs to press charges on apollo since apollo is on probation..

  • Anonymous

    Miss Lawrence was hysterical, I laughed forever. I don’t want to type about the fight. As someone else said, Kenya needs to learn how to talk to people. She screams or shouts. I’ve never heard her just talking to people.

  • wooowww,horrible fight

  • I agree with milivannilli that these couples with all of strip clubs swinging etc etc etc! !! Just disgusting but this is the lifestyle of Atlanta! Strip clubs strippers swingers etc etc etc etc. They put all of their dirty laundry on national Tv. They don’t care its a paycheck Lol!

  • Marriage is no longer sacred and honorable!