RHOA Cast Has A Dramatic, Glass Shattering Dinner In Manila


On Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies traveled to the Philippines… well everyone except for NeNe Leakes, who decided to focus on her upcoming role in Broadway’s Cinderella. Everything seemed to going smoothly until dinner…

During dinner in Manila, the women discuss their therapy session with Dr. Jeff. Cynthia Bailey tells the women that they all have the ability to move forward, make peace and have conversations with each other to mend their relationships.

Claudia Jordan points out that there is an issue between Cynthia and Phaedra Parks and asks Cynthia if there is anything she would like to say.

“I want to say that I apologize to you,” Cynthia tells Phaedra in front of the group. “What was going on in your personal life with your husband is your business… completely, and I respect whatever decision you make… completely. I don’t have an issue with it.”

When Claudia asks Phaedra if she wanted to respond to Cynthia’s apology, Porsha Williams started laughing.

“Hold on, let me lay this out,” Williams jumped in. “I’m very grown and if I’m looking and Kandi and we make a giggle at each other I’m not going to be checked because I’m giggling at somebody.”

“Porsha, I’m not trying to check you…” Claudia tells Williams.

“Where is this going?” Porsha continues. “I know what your intentions may be, but it’s feeling stressful.”

“She’s looking for a moment like she always does,” Kenya Moore adds.

As the dinner spirals out of control, Claudia tries to take control of the situation. Clinking a knife against her glass to get the attention of the women, the glass breaks…

Watch the show highlight below.

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12 Replies to “RHOA Cast Has A Dramatic, Glass Shattering Dinner In Manila”

  1. Oh it was just a little nothing, it was a accident, it wasn’t like Claudia intended to break the wine glass. But seriously Porsha do like to run her mouth. And Cynthia ‘s apology was only half-assed, she fidnt apoligize for spreading rumors, therefor insincere.

  2. Was a little funny how Claudia was trying to force the situation. I like Claudia to a point, but really–why did she have to play the peacemaker?

  3. Why do they feel the need to ruin a perfectly good dinner with all of that BS. It could have been discussed privately between the two of them. It doesn’t always have to be ion front of the entire group does it??? OR DOES IT??? Pretty sure bravo gives them talking points…

  4. Porsha is an idiot. Things were ok till she opened her big nonsensical mouth. I was on her side last year but she is acting very juvenile this year. Her head is getting as big as Nenes.
    I am done with this mess. Kenya is winning.

      1. Sorry but that’s the way I feel. I applaud Claudia for trying and it seemed to go well until Porsha spoke and then Kenya got in her dig. Same old same old. If Nene leaves then Kenya will be the “star” she claimed she would be and I just can’t stomach that. Goodbye Atlanta.

  5. Just about done with rhoa now. I can’t cope with anymore Kenya, Nene in fact any of them In particular Cynthia. Less there is a complete transplant I am done!!!

    1. I AM done with Atlanta and all the petty bickering. I just read the recaps and sides stories on sites like this now. I was driven away by Kenya mostly and the non stop negativity. #notenoughfun

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