The Reviews Are In, Melissa Gorga’s Book Ratings On Amazon


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga can officially call herself an author, as her book, Love Italian Style hit bookshelves this week. Melissa has been making the rounds in the press promoting her book that gives couples advice on how to have a sexy marriage. But if you look at the book’s reviews on Amazon, you’ll notice the ratings aren’t too hot.

However, RealityTea reports some of the reviews might not be credible. Many of the 1 star reviews are people that have admitted to not reading the book and who reveal they just don’t like Melissa because of the show. Many of these people have only left one review on Amazon, and that is for Melissa’s book. But the same goes for a lot of the 5 star reviews. Many of the commenters that gush over how great Melissa’s book is only have a record of commenting on her items on Amazon.

With 90 customer reviews and a 2 star rating, Melissa’s book is ranked #723 in all books, #12 in self-help/marriage, #13 in self-help/love and romance and #33 in biographies/memoirs.


Do you think these reviews are credible?

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  • italian lover

    read the first chapter,that was enough, don’t believe the revirws book stinks

  • Aunt Bee

    This book I will not read. Her whole life is an open book on RHONJ and frankly I think it is pretty boring.

  • Bobby

    I’m sure this will all be blamed on Teresa as well. HA! Nobody really likes Meho. We love love love Teresa .. that’s why her reviews are real and are all rated so highly and ACTUALLY SELL. Let me Tell you that Carowhine Manzo

  • celeste

    From day one when season 3 started both Melissa and her husband came on this show tring to manipulate viewers with their nonsense the husband even going as far saying ” I’m an angel from GOD”. Who says that by the way? I’ll tell you someone who feels they’re better than all of us. What makes these two Melissa and Joe think we would buy a book Melissa put out after seeing their behavior towards their own family. Like we are suppose to believe Melissa is the authority on marriage when she hasn’t been married all that long. And, like anyone is going to believe what she wrote in that book after the way she treated family. I don’t think so. If she wanted to be famous that bad she should of went to acting school.

  • punkinseed

    I only read a bit of the first chapter. I’ve been married 36 years and dang, I sure wish’d I’d had MeGo’s book all this time… ROFL. How’d I get through the first 8 without it! Amazin’ advice on how to be a selfish, fake, narcissistic hooker!
    Off topic: I just read on Radar that Rossi and Bellino have lost their jobs on OC. I wish them all the best and will miss their silly, boring stories.