Report: Teresa Giudice To Host Cooking Show On Bravo


According to a new report, Teresa Giudice WILL be returning to Bravo after she serves her 15-month prison sentence for bank, mail and wire fraud. The Daily Mail reports that Teresa has already signed a deal with Bravo to host her own cooking show.

As for RHONJ? With reports that Caroline Manzo is in talks with Bravo to return to the show, network insiders tell the site that Teresa will return next season in a part-time role.

Bravo has put a hold on RHONJ until next year, as we previously reported. Our show insiders revealed that the network has hired a focus group to revamp the show after this season’s low ratings.

But sources insist that Bravo knows how valuable Teresa is and that she can bring the ratings to any show that she is on.

Bravo knows “Teresa has always been a ratings winner for them ever since she flipped a table in the first season. So it was a no-brainer to have a show ready to go when she gets out,” the network source reveals.

The source says that a cooking show is a natural choice for Giudice, who has already published three cookbooks that have been on the New York Times Best Seller list. Those cookbooks include; Skinny Italian, Fabulicious and Fabulicious! Fast & Fit.

What do you think about the possibility of Teresa’s new cooking show? Will you watch RHONJ with Teresa appearing in a part-time role?

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43 Replies to “Report: Teresa Giudice To Host Cooking Show On Bravo”

  1. Well, isn’t that the Peter Principle in action. She can successfully flip a table and make an entire audience squeamish with her idiocy. She has the charisma of a wet sponge, she knows maybe 50 more words than my parrot, she can’t process information as well as my parrot, so they’re giving her a show where she will instruct us with her fractured vocabulary. I’d rather watch reruns of Mr Ed.

  2. That is when RHONJ had good ratings, this year not so good. Bravo should realize people don’t want to watch a person that stole and defrauded others. I don’t know why Bravo continues to promote a convicted felon. I am definitely not interested in watching.

  3. What will they call the show–“the Convicted Chef”, “Cooking with a Convict”, “from Prison Bars to Peanut Butter Bars”, “Cooking, the Guidice Way–Shortcuts to home cooking”

      1. Thanks….although the “tongue in cheek” comment made me think of a title if they had a spin off for Brandi..if you know what I mean..he ha ha

  4. Bravo does not seem to get it. When you have a naughty behaving character like Teresa , it only works when juxtaposed with a sane normal person such as Caroline. They took that out of the mix and voila! Low ratings. Also IQ has something to do with it. Teresa’s is in the low range and to make it interesting let’s find a smart person in NJ.

  5. Yes Teresa deserves a chance to redeem hereself, I’m sure she will do many things differently, like not competiting with her brother and sister n law aka not keeping up with the joneses!! I’ll watch her cooking show besides she has to maintain her daughters especially if her marriage fails!! Wish you the best Teresa

  6. I don’t think she has the personality to keep people watching a cooking show, besides, aren’t they her mother’s recipes?

    1. Some of them are her Mom’s & Mother in laws recipes but I remember her ghost writer admitting that some recipes were just “gathered” to fill the book. I mean come on I highly doubt Antonia Gorga Sr. made Nutella Pizza or Canoli cupcakes for Teresa & Joe Gorga growing up. That is just hype.

  7. I will NOT be watching this. However if Kathy did a dessert show I would def watch that. Her desserts always seem to turn out looking perfect

    1. I think they are just baiting her so she will them film season 7 with her as a part time housewife. Bravo just did a focus group on the show. People were very clear they do not like the twins & they find Teresa Giudice no longer genuine, relatable or interesting. Bravo isn’t going to ignore that.

  8. No I would not watch a cooking show of hers. I saw one of her cooking demos (just a video someone showed me) & she was horrible. She seemed like she needed to concentrate too much on what she was doing to be a good cooking instructor herself. She stumbled over her words a lot (like she does all the time) & skipped over some steps. I doubt in almost 2 years from now that anyone, especially Bravo is going to have any real interest in her. She has pissed people off & no one really wants to see her do anything except pay her debt to society & creditors, down size her lifestyle & move on out of the public eye. I think Bravo is just letting her think she will have something waiting for her when she gets out. I liked her cook books just fine but we all know they were ghost written & though some are her Mom’s recipes & her recipes, a lot of them were trumped up just for her books. With cooking shows you want authenticity. Lidia, Rachel Ray, Emeril, Sunny Anderson. Teresa no longer comes across as genuine. She is about as charismatic as an injured crow.

  9. 2 be blunt I haven’t watched a full show in 2 season’s I tape them and skim over scenes as 4 dina no not on budas life and I’ve been over teresa 4 3 season’s or so Never cared 4 the twins so if they don’tstart from scratch it’s over with!!!!!!!

  10. Bravo, quit feeding $ to the monster you created(giudice). No I won’t be watching her cooking show, and would prefer never to see her and her bratty mini malania monster on my screen again. RHONJ will not be on my TV. Teresa should have to pay back the $ she owes working a REAL job, rather than being handed $ for bad behavior. 10’s of thousands for an exclusive after court interview, that amounted to bullcrap and lies, no thank you Bravo.

  11. The only thing about that “source” is how is teresa ratings gold when she’s been on 6 seasons and the ratings have dropped each season. I like teresa but I hope she doesnt come back, only cause I think she should focus on family n stop exposing everything to the world.

  12. Bravo’s gotta b reading these posts. No one wants 2 see Teresa Guidice on their tv screens anymore. 2 depressing & we watch 4 entertainment not 4 aggravation. Anyway, let’s face it, a cooking show with Teresa would be as successful as her friend Dina Manzo’s Home Hostess Show (or whatever it was). It would tank 4 obvious reasons.

    1. The first thing Bravo looks for in a Housewife is who gets us talking! And she did that. The second thing is ratings. If we just say we won’t watch her she’ll be back.

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