Report: Tamra Barney Judge Fired From RHOC


After a rough season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, a new report claims that after Tamra Barney went on a Facebook rant regarding the show’s editing, she will not return for another season.

“The network has had it with Tamra’s over the top ego and diva behavior. She sealed her fate by publicly stating that Bravo edited scenes to make her look bad,” a source tells RadarOnline. “This is a very big no-no, and Tamra’s contract won’t be picked up for another season. The fact that she has ongoing legal issues with ex-husband, Simon (Barney), and really doesn’t have anything that interesting going on in her life made it a very easy decision.”

Tamra has had plans to vacation in Mexico. “One more day till paradise,” she tweeted on July 29th. “I’m so over the stress of the show and what it’s doing to my spirit.”

On Wednesday, Tamra deleted her Facebook page and left the country for Mexico, which has fueled rumors that she has been fired from Bravo.


We have reached out to our RHOC insiders and they tell us that Tamra has not been fired.

“These claims are completely false,” our show insider says. “Tamra has not been fired from the Real Housewives of Orange County.”

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45 Replies to “Report: Tamra Barney Judge Fired From RHOC”

  1. I don’t believe this for one second!!??!!??

    If this is true, I will literally s hit on myself and not complain!!! Praying to The Bravo God’s that this news IS FREAKING TRUE!!!

    Yahoo’s, Yippieeee!!! Amen!!!
    Be GONE WITCH, BE GONE!!!!!!
    Heather is next!!!

    1. If they take nasty Heather off the show will maybe get worth watching again. I can’t stand her voice or her looks she gives that try to make her off to be above everyone else. Worst HW , ever.

      1. I agree about Heather and I cannot stand her girly-man of a husband Miss Terry. Such an obnoxious, insecure, entitled couple. According to Tamra, she and Heather are friends outside of the show. I truly would LOVE to know how many fancy parties she and Eddie have been invited to, by the snotty Dubrows, with their REAL friends. (And I believe Shannon when she said that Tamra told her Miss Terry stated that he wanted to “take the Beadors down.” It sounds EXACTLY like something he and his creepy wife would say.

        1. You know Terry and his family personally to know he actually said that? REALLY? You do realise that these people are acting a part they have been told to play. Everyone takes a turn being the bad guy. Some parts may start off true and then it rolls from there. Reality TV is not reality. It is 80% BS with some truth thrown in to make the chaos ;look good. If Shannon’s life is the truth part they should not be on the show airing their own dirty laundry. Shame on them for trying to blame other people for stuff said about their marriage. She opened her mouth first and has kept opening it. So that makes me wonder if this was a story line her and her husband thought of to be asked back on the show for next season. No backlash if the kids already knew as did the rest of their family. Ding ding I think we have ourselves a winner in more ways then one! lol

    2. Hoping that Heather is also fired!!! I can’t stand watching either of them. Can’t stand Heather’s husband he fusses at one husband who said spread you legs to his wife….well Eddie said to ride the bull just like she rides her husband and nothing about that bothers this stupid Heather’s husband!!!! Sick of Heather, her husband, and Eddie and Tamra..they just want to fuss all the time!!!!! sick of them

  2. Hope this is true!!! I stopped watching OC for 2 seasons because I couldn’t stand Tamra. Now I just skip her scenes. Hopefully she’ll take Heather with her.
    I’m really liking Vicky this season. She is trying to rise above the pettiness while still being “Vicky”. I think her distancing herself from Tamra has really made a notable difference on her attitude.
    Love Shannon, and Lizzie/Izzy is growing on me. Danielle seems like a petty sycophant.

  3. Radar Online usually isn’t the best source of information. Until I see another more credible site confirm this news, I don’t believe it…..

    1. I agree with you One Rotten Egg! I hope it is true that Tamra is gone. Apparently, Bravo has double standards when it comes to NeNe. I don’t know if anyone noticed preview for this up coming NY Reunion but Andy pretty much tells Ramona she is required to answer questions…. hmmm, he didn’t seem to think it was a requirement for NeNe!!! Oh, that is because Andy is afraid of Bull Winkle Leakes. NeNe needs to tell him how she grew her pair.

      1. Yes, I think Ramona realizes she is losing viewers and needs the dough. I don’t see her getting up (yet)

  4. I highly doubt this……but would LOVE IT, if true. As Tamra heads out the door how about dropping off Shany at the local insane asylum?

  5. Hope hope hope this is true! Tamra needs to evaluate her character and lack of integrity and make some changes.

  6. Tamara makes the show, you need to fire Andy Cohen he takes these women & turns their lifes into a soap opera, the money is good but what it does to these women are horrible, Andy tried to get infomation out of Ramona about her marriage & she would not go for it right Andy would you want your gay sex life all over the show, I do not think so. Money is the root of all evil & while they need it their lifes are going to be turned upside down. They hire these women & get rid of them after they make a mess out of their lives, horrible but people love to watch horror.

    1. Ramona doesn’t get a pass on her marriage after yrs of publicly criticism of Luann’s and others. When R said those horrible things abt Luann, Lu’s kids were younger than Avery is now. Further, Mario has been on the show frm day one. Fair game!

  7. Really? Don’t they complain all the time on the reunion shows that the editing makes them look bad? How is this any different?

  8. sure hope this is true….. I fast forward thru her and Eddy’s scenes….. neither one is likable in any way so what’s the point!! Also fast forward thru Heather…. Bravo…. you need get rid of a few and bring some new interesting, fun ladies on board.. there is no laughter anymore… so again what’s the point of watching.

    1. You are right CIN! New ladies is needed. Like Beverly Hills bringing on Lisa Rinna, someone new, might be good!

  9. Oh Lord I hope this is true! Please get rid of her she is boring and irritating. I fast forward her scenes *snore! I love Shannon and I agree Liz is growing on me too. It’s still fun to watch the ‘party bus’ Vicki. It would be fun to watch something a little more positive of a show n less FORCED drama.

  10. I hate Tamra but guys honestly…The show may be boring without her shit-stirring. And this is radaronline so we can’t believe shit yet. Though What she put on Facebook probably DID violate her contract and since she deleted it there may be truth to it..

    1. All a game for Bravo’s ratings and Tamara is doing what she’s paid for. Remember on WWHL when Tamara stated, ” Was she shit stirring or making the show worth watching?” I do not believe it. DAMN, I hope I’m wrong!!!!

  11. Tamra is abusive, and maybe she doesn’t realize that she is that way, as it may be a learned behavior. I started to have concerns about her when she purposely hatched a plan to get Gretchen drunk. That was the first red flag. In regards to Shannon, when you try to manipulate a persons perception of reality for sport or to get personal gain of some kind, you are using a form of abuse called gaslighting. I think that she did this with Shannon and I applaud Shannon for standing up for herself. Tamra was so unkind to her son’s fiance. I Tamra needs a time out. Too bad Eddie is not loyal or supportive of you and it’s a shallow relationship.

    1. Couldn’t believe that when her son announced the venue for his wedding, Tamra turned on the drama and fake tears and made it all about her. I liked his fiancé – the only normal one on the show. But it was obvious the reason they didn’t tell Tamra earlier, they want their wedding to be about them not Tamra and all her drama!

  12. Good riddance! I hope it is true. Karma for all the things she’s said and done! Who will Heather have now? Hopefully she’ll be gone too.

  13. I’ve never liked Tamara, she threw Simon under the bus ! She’s been mean to every member of every season! She was so mean to Gina, her hatefulness is not enjoyable to watch and I’ve never liked her son ,Ryan.

  14. We can only hope this is true, tamballs is truly vile, she is mean spirited and lacks ANY talent except for pot stirring & lying). And she needs to take that amish looking son to a barber….
    tamballs is one of those twit blondes that has relied on her looks to get what she wants in life, but when you pass 50, it’s not cute anymore.
    What will heather do????

  15. Truly it’s time to replace miss andy, romona, sonja, nene/felon, fakedra/felon, tamballs, all of RHONJ and go ahead and take the other sinking ship called RHONY (lame/boring).
    We need more Ladies of London – some women with manners…

  16. Tamra is no longer relevant. ie fake baby plot. Why did she treat that incredible woman her son doesn’t deserve so horribly. That was a classy smart beautiful woman. I hope her son does well with her. He has always been so creepy but I blame Simon and tamra for that. I really hope she’s gone. Love heather and Lizzie. Shannon has an incredible husband that she spends every waking moment criticizing. No wonder he’s had it. She spends d erg minute with him being bossy or crying she wants to spend more time with him. Go figure. Brooks needs to get off the show he gives me the creeps. Isn’t there any normal rich people who do good for others and not complain about their nannies?

  17. Yeah, Tamra is an irritating, selfish, insecure woman. The way she sucks up to heather is awful. I cannot even watch. Her breakdown over not being involved in her son’s wedding was pathetic, too. Last time I checked, it was the daughter’s wedding a mom involves herself in. They can get rid of Heather, too. Her arrogance is laughable, as she would probably be waiting tables and doing commercials if her creepy husband didn’t swoop in and save her

  18. Well thats too bad. I personally cannot stand Tamara. I think she is every bit of evil that she puts out. She is definitely a shit stirrer. She is jealous over every Housewife that looks better than her. We’ve seen it in history. If everything isn’t revolved around her or your not kissing her *** then she stirs up mess and drama for the others. Why do they keep her on the show? It would be so much better without her. She’s one nasty *****. She picks on the other wives “body parts”. Look in the mirror Tamara.

  19. I have not watched the show since Vicki renewed her vows with the last husband, she was just too hard to take. I really liked Tamara yet I see all of the negativity posted here and wonder what did she do? I loved how she stood up to the other hypocrites on the show. I guess Ive missed a lot, especially in the cosmetic procedure area. I almost did not recognize Vickie. Isn’t this like the 3rd time Tamara has been fired?

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