Report: RHOC Cast Begs Bravo to Fire Peggy Sulahian

According to a new report, Peggy Sulahian’s RHOC co-stars want her fired from the show after allegations she’s homophobic and belief she has created “fake fights” with co-stars to stay on the show.

“At this point everyone is just over Peggy’s bullsh*t,” a Bravo employee said. “Her and Diko are just so hungry for fame it’s ridiculous.”

“The fact that Diko picked a fight with David when there was no reason to is just ridiculous and obviously intentionally done to create drama when there was no drama there,” the source told RadarOnline.

And now, Peggy doesn’t want to talk about her cancer journey after quite a bit of confusion on the show. “I’m not happy I discussed it. My whole intent was to have support from them… Sitting there with five women, I wanted to express it, and I wanted to talk to them about it, to get feedback, have the support. It’s pretty harsh, and if they say that it’s coming out of, ‘We’re just asking,’ it’s like, stab me in the back and say sorry. Who are you? Yeah, it doesn’t work with me,” she told Bravo.

Both Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof told the site that they thought Peggy’s anti-gay behavior was flat-out “disgusting.”

Do you want to see Peggy return next season? Let’s talk.

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120 Replies to “Report: RHOC Cast Begs Bravo to Fire Peggy Sulahian”

  1. Peggy needs to drop her fake “Isn’t it cute that I don’t understand English clichés” bit! It’s fake af and I’m not buying the fact that a woman who grew up in the US AND majored in English at UCLA is that confused!

    Furthermore, I believe she’s totally homophobic. The verbiage she used on WWHL when Andy asked her about her brother didn’t sit well with me.

    “I’m not a homophobe.” Really? Who says that? Someone who is a homophobe says that. It indicates to me that she’s been called that many times. A normal response would be, “No, I’m certainly not homophobic in any way, shape or form.”, not “I’m not a homophobe!”

    1. Yep it was documented and seen first hand by Kyle Richards’ mother in law at the funeral. Might be other issues at play but still I can bet that’s a huge part of it

        1. Peggy’s brother was pushed to the back at their dad’s funeral. Kyle Richard’s mother in law was there at the funeral with a front row seat (figuratively) and saw it all – saw how Peggy treated the brother and his partner. Her name is Dr. Estella Sneider and she’s posted about it on Facebook

          1. I read the article and thought that Dr. Sneider made a lot of assumptions. How does she know for sure that that was the reason. Her ranting left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not inclined to leap to her conclusion. I didn’t see the WWHL episode so until I do I really can’t comment about what Peggy said and how she might have said it. So I reserve my judgment about Peggy on this particular subject.

              1. I’m not a fan of Peggy’s either but I’m not inclined to cruicify her based on this doctor’s feelings and thoughts. If it comes out that Peggy is mistreating the brother just because he’s gay, I’ll hammer in a nail.

    2. Lol, I don’t like Peggy but your homophobe response.. That’s how a homophobe and non-homophobe respond when they’re accused of being a homophobe? I had no idea..

  2. If she truly is homophobic then NO, she should definitely be off the show… However, if she isn’t, then I’d much rather her come back than Lydiot. Lydia is the one that is most offensive and needs to go. She honestly thinks her shit smells of roses and she has this sense of superiority about her as if she is morally and spiritually above everybody else. She is the type of Christian that gives Christianity a bad name imo and exactly the kind of representation we do not need. She’s ‘uncomfortable’ with drag or psychics and would rather make Shannon feel bad about herself than try to understand what’s going on. She is the least open-minded and compassionate Christian to think that they are open-minded and compassionate… Completely delusional, spoilt, and up herself in a way that makes Heather look like the most humble person on earth!! Sorry for the rant – I could go on and on and on…

    In conclusion, get rid of Lydia instead and replace her back with Heather as I think it will be interesting to see her & Peggy (as long as she’s not homophobic!) on the show together (as they are both very rich) + I like to see Peggy’s Armenian family/culture.

    1. My partner is a card-carrying full fledged Christian, and trust you me, he would never act the way Lydia does. But then again, no one ever said Christians weren’t as flawed as the rest of us. Still, I’m pretty much with you on Lydia … everything about her screams fraud.

      1. Thats very true re Christians also being flawed. It’s just the way that she acts as though she isn’t. And being non-judgemental and compassionate to others are really big Christian values amongst many others that she’s completely lacking in. Also, she has zero self-awarebess which doesn’t help much either!!

        1. Yup, but I have to say I am enjoying her a LOT more this time around. When they announced they were bringing the little waif back, I was like HUH?~ Besides, I like cute Douggy:-)

          1. No I can’t stand her this time or last time. But you’re right about her husband – he is quite a dish actually. Shame he is wasted on her… 🙁

      2. NOT FRAUD, HONEST! And stands for HER BELIEFS! I haven’t EVER seen HER push HER BELIEFS on ANYONE! Tamra is a FULL BLOWN HYPOCRITE!

        1. Tamra isn’t perfect but she doesn’t purport to be either. She is far more forgiving and compassionate than Lydia and a much better representation of a Christian IMO.

                1. It’s all yours, sister. I’m sure it’ll come in handy when the next butt faced moron troll comes along. They’re everywhere.

    2. xtians love to judge everybody until their pseudo-pious faces are rubbed in the fact that they’re effed up, flawed human beings just like the rest of us. Then it’s “well, I’m just an xtian! I’m human, and flawed, and not PERFECT! I don’t have to be PERFECT, I’m an xtian”! Good. Then stfu, sit down and let your sky daddy be the judge of your life and leave everyone else alone.

      1. I’m a Christian myself (Catholic) I’m not sure your percentage of 98% is accurate but your beliefs you hold on the hypocrisy is not entirely inaccurate. I personally have had a lot of experiences with that. I have a funny story……………this happened many years ago when my son was only about 4 or 5 years old. We went to Christmas mass and typical of little guys, he was a bit restless and we kept him as quiet as we possibly could but he liked the standing up and he would stand on the pew whenever he had to. Anyway, he must have been disturbing the lady in the back of us because at one point my son said to me, “that lady hit me on the head”. I turned to him and said, “I don’t think so. Just keep still”. A few minutes later he said again, “that lady hit me again with her book”. This time I swung around to glare at her and she was singing at the top of her voice with the Holy Book in her hand but I decided to ignore the situation since we were in church. A little while later she did it yet again except this time I caught her and my son was NOT fooling around becaue I had a choke hold on him at this point. I turned to her and said, “if you hit my child one more time I’m going to grab that bible away from you and slap you ‘roud the head hard and believe me, I can do a damn good job of it, so you just try it!” All I can say is thank the Lord it wasn’t loud enough for the entire church to hear just the people directly around me. Funnily enough, after mass a lady came up to me and said the same thing happened to her by the same woman once before.

        So yes, TrumpsRolls, you are not entirely wrong about the “Xtian Affect”, but there are more than a few open minded and kind bunch of Christians around.

  3. Nothing anyone on this show could be more disgusting than trying to scam cancer patients. If Vicki is still there, this program has no standards whatsoever. How can they possibly fire Peggy and let Vicki stay? Besides, this is from ROL – not exactly a reliable source.

    1. Can YOU, or ANYONE else, PLEASE explain HOW has Vicki “SCAMMED CANCER PATIENTS”? And PLEASE give me FACTS, because up until NOW, I HAVE NOT seen ANY HARDCORE PROOF, that SHE knew he was faking CANCER! HER MOTHER had JUST died 2 or 3 BEFORE they started claiming BROOKS was lying about having CANCER, so if I were to be in the SAME situation, I would be so scatter BRAINED, and NOW her BOYFRIEND has CANCER, and she’s probably thinkng, I lost my MOTHER, and I MAY be losing my BOYFRIEND? And She was concentrating on waking up every morning, and JUST going thru the motions of LIVING! NOT ONLY THAT, but ALL her “FRIENDS” are grilling her, and ACCUSING Brooks of having CANCER, so, BRIANA was living in Oklahoma, so she had NOBODY to support HER, and hold her up, while she’s down, and being there for HER! INSTEAD, THEY KICK HER when SHE’S DOWN, and continues to KEEP kicking her, OVER & OVER AGAIN! I gotta say, the ONLY THING I see DISGUSTING, are THAT group of DISGUSTING, HEARTLESS, NARCISSISTIC B×××HES!

      1. Vicki bought into a juicing company and was seen on there (I believe her testimonies and pictures are still on the website.) taking about the amazing health benefits of this juice. Brooks and Vicki were seen going to medical professionals pretending to be doctors and dragging the owner of the juice detoxing company with them, all the while wearing Tshirts promoting the place. We hear Vicki talking about everything this juice is doing for Brooks and how he is improving even though he never looked sick. Vicki said she had all his medical records all straightened out in folders with colored tabs and organized perfectly, which we all know is a lie. Vicki claimed to have called Terry Dubrow to help Brooks when he was very ill after a chemo treatment, again a lie. Vicki claimed to have been to chemo treatments with Brooks, another lie. Vicki saw the fake reports given to Tamra as “proof” of the cancer, any thinking person would have known that report was fake. Vicki HAD to have known that Brooks was faking and yet she kept pushing the juice and talking about how it was helping Brooks. Either she’s a complete idiot who needs to be cared for 24/7 or she’s a smart business woman creating an empire – she can’t have it both ways.
        Then, when cancer gate came crashing down around her and her business took a serious hit, Vicki doubles down and tries an insurance scam called killallcancer. This organization was so phony it didn’t even get a .org web site, as all charities have, nor did it get it’s 503C. It was nothing more than a way to get insurance leads. I know this to be true because I am the proud owner of one of the plastic bracelets from the “charity”, even though I never gave them any of my information beyond my address. To this day I get solicitations from Coto Insurance. The web site was shut down, and not at the request of Vicki.
        Now, Vicki claims she didn’t know Brooks wasn’t sick, even though she has, in the past, admitted that she suspected it was a ruse. She also keeps screeching that she never lied, even though she has been caught in many of those lies and actually admitted to lying in the past.
        Vicki is a slave to her greed and she needs as much money as possible to continue to control her family and she’ll need even more to get and keep another man. Sadly for Vicki, her scams were foiled before many were harmed. She is a sad, sick woman who needs a lot of help.

        1. and she did admit it during the reunion – but she seems to have forgotten that part because she went right back to playing dumb

  4. Peggy has made it clear that her brother’s homosexuality has NOTHING to do with their 20 yr. fight, and I believe her. If she was a homophobe, why would she adamantly support the gay community? This obnoxious mo’ and his husband are well known fame whores and are now trying to capitalize on his sister’s new found fame. BTW, being a ‘fancy man’ myself I feel I can say that. As far as Li$a and Adrienne sticking their surgically enhanced noses into this, they don’t have a clue of what’s been happening in the Suilihan family.

    1. And, also speaking as one of those men, I can’t help but think that if she really were homophobic and had a brother who works in the industry, she would have to be pretty stupid to put herself on a television programme founded and produced by one of the ‘fanciest’ men of all (& no doubt many more behind the scenes!!).

      1. Good point Pierre. I’m just going by my gut, and she seems like she’d make a great hag to me. I right? But I would have to make a deal with her; no hot pick lipstick in my presence!

        1. I agree – I think she’d be a great girlfriend to have + her husband’s quite cute which doesn’t hurt 😉 Hahaha her hair/make-up is a bit hit and miss – either really good or not so much but I love her whole attitude and the fact that she doesn’t try too hard. Not like some of the other wives (& not necessarily referring to OC).

          1. Yeah, you nailed it. She isn’t trying too hard, and I too get the sense that she doesn’t really give a shit. I’ve always felt like Diko (and probably the kids) roped her into this shit show.

            1. She is a friend of Lydia’s which I think is the reason why she got the chance to be cast, so at least Lydia contributed something half decent to the show. Although this concerns me a bit in as much as it would not surprise me if Lydia was not exactly gay friendly herself so hopefully they don’t have this in common. However, I doubt this is the case as they don’t even seem particularly close anyway and they are completely different personalities imo. As for her reason coming on the show, I feel as though she is actually genuine when she says it was to gain more female friends and support following her mastectomy but you could be right about her daughters and husband as well because they sure seem to be enjoying it lol.

              1. Remember they just met on/for the how. They were featured on Lydia and Hubbys magazine. Doug is the one who brought up Peggys cancer and surgery so Lydia wouldn’t hug her to hard.

                1. Oh yes – it was because they were featuring in their magazine. I think they’d met a few time before undoubtedly but clearly not best friends and imo worlds apart.

                  1. Yep. And I really dont think that Lydia told Peggy that Shannons husband cheated on her…that is why she sounded so rude.

        1. Do you think so Rain? I feel as though she is quite deep, very family-orientated and extremely honest. I love her bluntness and no-bullshit approach with the girls. Having said that, I’m a fan of Shannon as I think you might be so disappointed that they are currently not getting on. I also think if she knew Vicki’s true colours that she would not be impressed. Obviously, if she is homophobic then I would not endorse her but I do not feel as though I have seen sufficient or concrete enough evidence to confirm that. I am hoping the reunion will clear this rumour up once and for all.

  5. I don’t think she’s’s just an angry brother trying to get back at her over a family disagreement! He’s trying to hurt her! I’m shocked Lisa Vanderpump would assume the worst before getting all the facts.. a race to judgement is unfair and unwarranted! Peggy is not trying to fight with these women..she’s trying to defuse them and stop their infighting but doesn’t understand why they claim to be friends but fight all the time over essentially nothing! Peggy has lived a pretty sheltered life because of her culture and life! Give her a chance!

    1. I fully agree with you. She is constantly trying to diffuse silly, petty arguments. Unfortunately she made the worst move in asking crazy Shannon if she trusted her husband.
      If any should go, it should be devious Tamara & looney bin Shannon.

      1. Don’t you think Starr that asking if you trust your husband does come across as catty? I cannot believe that she didn’t know about David’s infidelity. I so wanted to like Peggy but with every episode not only is she confusing but since she’s so closed, she always seems to be looking down her nose and is very judgmental. And yes I agree with “WatchingInOhio”, she’s lived a sheltered life.

        I will say that I do love her relationship with her husband and children. Now that comes across as loving, caring, thoughtful and fun filled. I wish that was the Peggy we saw more of because it makes me think that that’s really who she is. I also loved her Birthday party and how relaxed and comfortable she came across.

        1. Hi Michele, I believe she asked that question as she was trying to say that what her husband relayed to her was pure truth & she wanted to know if Shannon felt the same. Maybe Peggy is aware of David’s infidelity, maybe not. She does not strike me as petty & a gossip monger. Actually, quite the opposite.
          I also feel she is shocked at the way the women behave. It’s just not what she’s accustomed to at all. Looking on from the outside, I am mortified myself. It’s absolutely classless & she seems to be a women with class.

          1. I think Peggy’s question was innocent. I don’t believe she is petty. If anything so far, she seems to be telling the ladies that life is 2 short for all the BS. I with Peggy!

    2. I love Peggy. I think she is a great addition to the show. She seems to have a great caring heart for people. I also love her bluntness & no BS approach. For someone who has gone through any cancer, she sees what’s truly important in life. The ladies could learn from her. They better watch out because she can snap back. I love that about her.

  6. She’s a vile homophone . Homophobia can be subtle and doesn’t mean setting someone on fire . I find it odd that once somebody likes a HW , they will willingly and conveniently forgive everything she says and done . At least acknowledge she’s a homophobe and go on loving her

  7. I don’t think she is homophobic. Her brother and his partner are not a nice bunch, they are constantly ripping people off and in trouble with the law. I have 2 sisters I don’t see do to extreme alcoholism, sometimes crap happens and it is better to just not deal with certain sibs, do to their behavior ya know??

    1. I agree – there is currently not sufficient concrete evidence for me to conclude that she IS homophobic. I am not say that she definitely isn’t either, although I am hoping this is the case… I am expecting this to be addressed once and for all at the reunion.

      1. But she has said she isn’t. No one who wants to think otherwise will believe her. She just isn’t going to go into WHY….

        1. I think if she wants to dispel the rumours then she is going to have to in order to put it to bed once and for all. Ideally, you wouldn’t have to in life and people would just take your word for it. But when you are on a reality programme watched across the world sometime you might just have to!

    2. I agree. Also, when Peggy was on WWHL, she told Andy that whatever was wrong between them was family business. That right there shows Peggy has dignity. So far I don’t believe her brother. I have a family member who loves to stir up trouble every chance they get.

  8. No she added nothing to the cast and won’t be missed and she can take Lydia with her, she’s only there to promote her magazine and stir up trouble.

  9. I’m gay and could give a rat’s ass if she’s a homophobe. However, she is an asshole, and because of that, she needs to go. End of story.

  10. how hypocritical can this cast be? Each of these women have said, done and acted deplorable many times and far worse than Peggy. I say keep Peggy and fire the cast.

  11. I wish they would fire the whole cast. It’s so boring this season. Any time Shannon comes on I just FF because I’m so bored with her dull storylines and regurgitating the same old stuff from the past 2 seasons. Vicky and Tamra are a huge yawn fest and Meghan is so boring they show her talking to her baby – they film for months and this is the best part of her life to show? Hugely boring. Time to start fresh with a whole new cast. Oh and Lydia is so boring I forgot to even include her

  12. Caveat: I can’t stand Peggy and Diko. Also, for identifying as such an exotic queen, the name “Peggy” sure does hearken to a Nebraska farmer’s wife.

    That said, the OC cast isn’t exactly high falootin. Presently (and historically), they’re dumb white trash who wouldn’t make the cut for Beverly Hills and all they do is pick fights when a fight isn’t there. In fact, this actually pushes Pegs up to my top OC HW slot. Since I hate all of them, it wasn’t hard to fill.

  13. She won´t be missed….the show needs desperately a recast, all those women are well past their shelf life

  14. ha! you’re so awesome. Yeah, I don’t mind not having the same favorites. It’s just fun to read your stuff and chit chat 🙂 Sorry about the ratchet lack of emoticons but I’m techno-challenged.

  15. I don’t believe LVP or Adrienne would have said this about Peggy or a HW from another franchise. They just don’t roll that way.

  16. Agree–she should go. She drives sports cars, but the mere thought of going on an all-women vacation seems like an insurmountable challenge for her. And the way that Lydia was acting around the trans bingo game made me super uncomfortable too–does Lydia use her religion as an excuse to “feel uncomfortable” around trans people.

  17. Team Peggy!!! She has the right to feel anyway she wants as long as she isn’t spreading hate. And she’s one of the few who isn’t fake on this show.

  18. She is no worse and no better than the rest of them – its a trashy tv show and it’s meant to be so… do you really care that much?

  19. Oh Michelle, I’m thinking that Shannon, regardless of her saying she never initially mentioned anything to David & he was clueless when he questioned Diko, was not the truth. They avoid personal communication as that lacks in their marriage, so they talk about others I’m sure. So David, in my opinion, was not as innocent on this subject as Shannon said he was. I’m sure David is a good man–living with Shannon one has to be a saint, but Shannon is making a mountain out of this as she normally does, everything is dramatic with her & she’s scooped up more ice-cream than needed to prove Peggy & Diko wrong.
    I understand Peggy’s back ground all too well & you would understand. She’s reserved, low profile, respectful & does not understand the prying, investigating, gossiping meddlesomeness of these women.
    At home, she’s loving, caring & her family is above all in her priorities. She’s not accustomed to blending outside of her culture so she’s shell shocked. I have to agree with you that she should not have joined the housewives as she’s a real fish out of water. Watch her at their anniversary party. That was the real Peggy, in her element, comfortable in her own skin as she was among the same mind set as hers except for the housewives.
    1000% Diko should never have approached Shannon at that function at all, wrong move.
    That’s my view point Island sister.
    PS. I’m happiest around Island folks, they understand my slang.

    1. We didn’t see all that was filmed with David & Diko. I don’t believe Shannon. Shannon was putting in words she thought David said. She admitted to Tamra in the bathroom she was “assuming” what David asked. I agree with you, I understand Peggy 2. I love that she is reserved, low-key, respectful, & dignified. I also like that she will snap back when she needs to. These ladies are no where near Peggy. They are a bunch of back-stabbing, bad mouthing, gossiping, meddlesome women. The reason I like Peggy is she seems so real. She doesn’t get the BS. It shows she has true character. I loved seeing Peggy at her birthday party. It reinforced to me that she is loving & caring.

  20. Love Peggy and Diko. They are a great addition to the show. I really like that Peggy will snap back at the ladies. She’s finally added some new spice to this show.

  21. Michelle my dear, I just could not get on yesterday–all I tried. Finally, just got back in, every so often that happens.
    Yes, our way of speaking is in & of itself our own language, cant even be understood by others. Even my own kids have a hard time understanding what I mean at times & have a grand time laughing at me.
    Anyway, I’m equally as happy you are here too, disagree or not.

    1. My daughters’ friends used to love calling the house to hear my voice on the answering machine. They made fun of me of course. And just yesterday I said to my daughter that I had seen a nice bed set for my room from Houzz, and she didn’t understand what I said and asked me to spell it. So I said……..H O U ZED ZED. She started laughing and said , “you and your ZEDs and noughts!”

      1. Same with mine & I still say Zed, Zee does not roll off my tongue well. My youngest calls me Rose Nylon from the Golden girls. He says I have the weirdest stories like her with words that makes no sense & I even come from a land that no body knows or cares to visit. Oh well, it takes all kinds.

        1. Ha ha , I’ve never been accused of being Rose but honestly, it would make sense. I am accused of the same “weirdness” though. As far as visiting T&T….well he needs to go down for carnival or the very least, mud mass. I truly think Trinidadians are the friendliest, least judgemental and cleekish people, oh and fun living people around. And I consider myself more Bajan than Trini so I’m impartial.

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