Phaedra Parks Fired From RHOA

A new report states that RHOA star Phaedra Parks has been fired from the show after her actions at this season’s reunion.

“Phaedra couldn’t even admit that she had lied about Kandi [Burruss] to Porsha [Williams] on the reunion,” a source close to the show told RadarOnline.

The fact that she couldn’t admit to her lie was the part that even Andy Cohen couldn’t deal with it.

“That was really the end of everything,” said the insider. “Andy [Cohen] will support any of the housewives until they cross a line and become truly unpopular, and Phaedra did.”

The source also says that Phaedra tried to hide that she wasn’t coming back as long as she could.

“Phaedra knew she was fired,” said the insider. “She knew she didn’t get a new contract and that she was done. But she refused to tell anyone. She kept saying that she did have a new contract and she would be back. She was stretching it out as long as possible. That was a lie too.”

TMZ has also confirmed the news that Phaedra has been fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta after the season nine reunion.

The site reports Parks was fired for “spreading lies and rumors about cast members conspiring to rape.” During filming for the show, Phaedra had told Porsha that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, were planning to drug Porsha and take her back to their home to take advantage of her sexually. Kandi threatened Bravo if they aired that clip, so they didn’t.

But during part four of the reunion those allegations came out, so Bravo told Phaedra they couldn’t continue working with her and informed her of her termination in early April.

Are you going to miss Phaedra?

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97 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Fired From RHOA”

  1. Wow. That was a vicious lie and she was totally caught. Unbelievable. And she calls herself a Christian! What a hypocrite.

    1. Most of religious people are like that, they hide behind a veil of piety and prayer to cover their own krap

  2. I’ll believe it when I see the show without her in it. After all, look at the history of HW so far, still filming Fiarface who lied about Cancer, and the convicted felons even though they are paying their debt, but at the time feature themselves still living high off the hog.

    Other than that–next comes the Kandi defamation lawsuit and the Feds proof that Faetra had some involvement with Apollo’s convicted crimes.

    1. ORE I think she might really be gone. I think this is one of those instances where there could be indirect legal ramifications for True Entertainment and Bravo as Kandi weighs her options with her legal team. It’s easier to cut their losses with Phaedra. With Vicki and Teresa it was different: the shenanigans couldn’t really affect operations on the corporate and creative side in any way. But with this scandal, Kandi is rich enough to take the Adrienne Maloof approach, leave this show & go after those women for damages on general principle. I think the powers that be would rather not get inadvertently caught up in the fray, it’s bad for business when that happens (aka ad revenue).

      I suspect that Phaedra really is out, though, as Bravolebs have contract clauses that forbid them from suing each other during while they are employed by the network.

    2. The difference is, Bravo does not like when you don’t follow their rules…her disengagement at the reunion is the only thing that has me even believing in the possibility!

      1. She’s not any less engaged than Vicki was about Cancergate or Ramona Singer was about her divorce from that openly philandering potato-head Mario … and they’re both still there.

  3. I liked the old Phaedra (I guess character since it obviously isn’t who she was). I liked Shady Phaedra who was hilarious. This season, she showed her true vindictive nature. It wasn’t funny anymore, it was just mean and hurtful. When you accuse someone of rape and act like a homophobe by accusing those you don’t like of being gay, you are just a nasty person. Girl, bye!

    1. I feel the same. Her confessional reads were always fabulous. But she definitely has two sides. That underbelly of hers slithers in very low, muddy places. I actually feel badly for her family, she has completely undone the legacy of all of the good work they’ve done over decades – she’s made herself a black sheep. The same with Porsha: her paternal side of the family is not letting her hide nor hair near her grandfather’s charity org in the wake of being on this show. I was hoping Porsha would also be relieved of her services on RHOA, but that was too masterful a backpedal & ally-flip she did to save her a** on Part 4. She pulled out ALLL the stops…

      …but she’s still an accomplice. Phaedra may have given her the weaponry. But Porsha still carried out marching orders and attacked on cue .

      1. I agree Days, but I had a thought. I feel Phaedra was so upset at all the malicious talk that Kandi, her mother & even Todd had done & wanted to hit out & she did in the worst possible way. She attacked with the worst kind of slander possible, defaming another’s character (which in my mind was already sullied ) in the manner that she had. For a lawyer, or for anyone for that matter, she just attacked without much thought as to the consequences. I never expected Porsha to throw her under the bus the way she did. But she did, to save her own skin at that point. Porsha was not in the right either for repeating gossip & adding pepper about the “Marvin” lie. Both deserve to pay. Dont get me wrong, I have always liked Phaedra & Porsha, a ton more than I ever did Kandi & family. But 2 wrongs cannot make one right.
        Yes, I agree with Rain, Porsha seemed genuine enough, but the deed was already done & she was a partner in crime as much as Phaedra was. Is she so stupid that she allowed P to use & manipulate her to such a degree? she did that freely.

        1. I agree with your first part, I just have a bit more empathy for Porsha in that I honestly believe she just isn’t bright enough to have understood just exactly what it is she was doing. Being messy, yes, being manipulative to take Kandi down – for what reason? To be honest, though misguided, I do actually have respect for her loyalty as a friend. I think that was how Shamea felt even though she was hurt and wanted her loyalty to be with her first, she seemed to get that in the reunion when talking to Porsha.

          1. You know jane doe, you make a lot of sense. She did seem ultra contrite as well as betrayed as she was extremly loyal to Phaedra who used her. Bur, having had history with these women, did she not learn anything & is she that daft? She must be a really easy target to sway.

            1. I think Porsha just sways whichever the way the wind blows based on the stronger alliance that will keep her involved in a central storyline. She started to switch up against Kandi when Nene came into the picture supporting Phaedra when she had her Apollo woes. She’s pretty transparent, that one.

            2. I think time will really tell how we can digest Porsha, I just am not convinced yet that she could have really wanted/done that much to be part of the plot! My feelings are that I think she is a bit naïve and no I am not sure that Porsha is the best at learning her lessons, though maybe this will help her grow up in that way…she does have lovely people around her. Her sister seems very genuinely like good people!

              1. I agree Jane doe. Porsha has a wonderful. sister, without a doubt, nothing like the group. Hopefully hope for Porsha yet. I believe after her divorce, she went a bit wild as her husband had her living like a nun & controlled her every move. So, it was from one extreme to the next .

    2. I know the shady girl is fun/funny, but this year, it was not a pretty look. Though, I think Kandi wasn’t a pretty look either, and I believe she does cross the line in her discussions with her team, but at the end of the day, she didn’t get caught and she would be more likely to own some things I think, which is really where Phaedra’s stuff gets dark!

  4. Good. Getting ready to replant some flowers in my front yard that are having a little trouble thriving. Other then that, my day is open. Retirement is a wonderful thing!

  5. Rain!!! I read the Angela Stanton book excerpt about Phaedra when it first came out – it was printed by Quincy Jones’ hip hop magazine VIBE – but Phaedra had it SQUASHED with the quickness! The YT video interview still remains if you want to see it…the level of detail in how allegedly she masterminded their operation, good lord the woman lost her calling in life- she should have been a right hand to Bernie Madolf!!!

    1. Remember that story line this season where the guy got out of jail and was trying to bomb her office or something?
      Maybe he was a disgruntled accomplice

    2. Oh. I just watched Angela Stanton on YT. That says it all.
      I knew Phaedra was shady and always felt she was no innocent party with Apollo’s crimes, but this sheds even more light on how cold and calculating she is and has been throughout her life. I truly feel sorry for those young boys of hers and Apollo’s.
      Thanks for sharing. I bet that book of Stanton’s is quite eye opening too. Phaedra is the worst.

        1. I found it. Look up Phaedra Parks Angela Stanton on YT. It is a Vibe video titled Phaedra Parks Career Criminal!!!!!!!! (Has a lot of exclamation marks. )

  6. I am counting on you to ferret out every bit of info as only you can.
    This is beyond, just beyond❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I didn’t believe the rumours from before, but now I could totally see them firing her for not participating as they except wives to at the reunion…

  8. Most of those women are garbage, except for Kandi and Cynthia….that show needs a recast

    1. I don’t think any of them are super classy…but Kandi and Cynthia are two that actually bore me as characters! I miss Kim/Nene/Sheree days!

  9. Well, maybe she was trying to discredit the Tucker’s because she was afraid Apollo had more info to spill, and he might tell Kandi and Todd.

  10. Ya, I have this thing where I don’t understand how people talk about how dumb she is in one breath, then assume she’s a calculating manipulator who is an active participant in this level of messiness in another…she’s messy, but to me, she’s not bright enough to be next level messy, just surface messy!

  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️How are you, buddy? School almost out?

    1. I’m great! Yes, school is almost out. The kiddos are mapping out the world in the book we are reading so I’m basically free all day!! Woohoo! My voice needs a break. How are you? Life treatin ya well?

      1. Thank goodness, you are so ready for summer, I’ll bet. Life is treating me well, all of my grandkids will be in college this fall, two of them graduate high school in two weeks!
        I’m truly happy to see you here, and I’m not the only one.
        We are going to have plenty to post about if even half of what Days is digging up on Shady Phae is true. We’ve got this, and NYC, and do you watch Southern Charm?

        1. aww you must be proud! College is no easy feat! I don’t watch southern charm. I couldn’t stand Cameran on the real world or the other show she was on so I avoid that show.

          1. Dammit, I can’t get anyone to watch it! I know it’s stupid, but I’m like Porsha, I cannot help myself!
            Love you Jack, keep posting.

          2. Cameran married a rich doctor who refuses to be filmed, and she’s pregnant. She just gave someone in the cast a voodoo looking doll, because she believes in lots of different stuff.

  12. I spent yesterday watching the Sally Yates and James Comey testifying in Congress. I’m blessed to not be working now so it’s possible to do it. And do it with no guilt I might add, LOL. Sally made us proud!!!! But I have walked away a little on the hard core political sites. Have to take a break from time to time. I have sensed I can be somewhat hostile on sites like these and I try to pull back. Really don’t mean to come across angry but that’s what raging does, 🙁 But Rain, I’ll never give up the fight, never! And don’t get me started on the health care bill! LOL

    1. Sally Yates was totally amazing. I am horribly hooked on the news channels. So much more interesting than any RH.

      1. Aunt Bee, pull up a chair and sit next to me! I’v been watching the news channels non stop. I mean, how can we not as citizens? And it is far more interesting to me then the housewives too. I know this isn’t the venue to talk about politics, but I’m glued most days. And the Comey stuff, come on now……

        1. I would love to Barbara but I get upset with myself for being so invested in this. I haven’t been so interested since high school and college so many many years ago.

          1. Since the election of Pres Bush by the Supreme Court, I have awakened. I’v been watching CNN and MSNBC all day. Just now took a break. But please don’t be upset with yourself for being a concerned citizen. I wish there were more of us out there. 🙂

  13. I’ve heard Kelly is doing major image repair and is trying to get in with tamra and leave Vicki behind. Well see how that works out. I just want a trailer to determine if I’m really gonna watch.

    1. Hey Kirby!!!!!!
      We love you too, just haven’t seen our Jack in a while. How are you? Have you read all of the craziness today? it is UNREAL.
      Nice to see you here, Kirby.

  14. iF Kelly turns on Vicki, please Bravo Gods please, do not have it be a little whimper and its’ over. Please oh please have there be hair loss, blood, a crucifix, mirror, and a silver bullet. Then have Lydia’s mother spinkle fairy dust everywhere in a hippie style exorcism. Please, Bravo Gods.

  15. Sorry, we were at the market. We’re back & Hubby is now is happily parked gobbling his snacks. You can find the video on YT, just type in ‘VIBE Angela Stanton Phaedra Parks’

  16. And I have to disagree politely as well with you, Rain. First of all, Porsha is the prime example of why we must STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS! Look at the state of our country when ignorance is celebrated and scientists are villified. I just can’t with her, and I couldn’t from day one. Second, whether she was truly stupid enough to believe Phaedra or not, there is something to what DOWR was saying, that her behavior in repeating the gossip over and over was malicious. There is just no getting around that for me. Porsha may be the bumbling sidekick to Phaedra’s supervillian, but she is the sidekick by choice. And she performs her role with glee that shows she doesn’t really care anything about how the things she repeated would damage others. That is the difference between her and Shannon…Shannon didn’t really use things she learned to hurt other people, and Porsha did.

  17. Let me explain better why I felt Porscha was genuine! When Pheadra was trying to lie and say ‘I repeated it , somebody told me ‘ , Porscha LOUDLY said ‘ NO , you told me kandi told you ‘!!
    She couldn’ve let Pheadra lie and get away with that lie and no one would’ve been the wiser. But Porscha did the right thing and outed her and wouldn’t let her wiggle her way out. She felt betrayed and used and ultimately did the right thing
    It does NOT excuse her behavior but she did eventually do the right thing and I felt her remorse was genuine

    1. I agree, 100%..
      I actually, felt Sorry for Porshe..
      ( Briefly, as I find her annoying)
      Porshe really looked up to Fakedra and always had her back. To find out that Fakedra was basically pretending to like her in order to use her to get back at Kandi & Marvin, I mean Todd must have seriously hurt her.
      Time to burn the “Frick” & “Frack” Onesies!

  18. Wowwww I just watched the video and one other, the lady is totally believable. Why hasn’t Phaedra been to jail yet is the question ???!

    1. I have no idea. I wondered the same thing. I do feel so bad for the precious little boys with criminals as parents, the most.

  19. Yup, you’re right, days for the most part. If I remember correctly & I may not, I seem to recall that –
    that buisiness deal was more Apollo than Phaedra & when carted off to jail, & the transaction bore no fruit, P felt it was not her place to pay. I’m no buisiness woman here, so cannot argue or dispute any of it. If P was in error, I will never agree with her at all. Still & all, I do not think that either Todd or Kandi are on the straight and narrow either.

    1. Yes! And most of these comments have too (way too sappy and sugary for me). Feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone when I read them.

  20. I guess i’m in the minority, because even though the show was edited so we could see Phaedra make the hand gesture and so we could see the Porsha/Kandi blowup, it was KANDI herself who continued to spread the rumor!!! She told any and everyone within earshot about the rumor and especially about Porsha wanting to eat her out!! And if you recall, or look back at that scene where she and Porsha were first arguing, she laughed it off! I am amazed that so many people really feel like that statement was so damaging to Kandi. If anything, i believe she used it to further her brand! Besides, if she was truly offended, she could have threatened Bravo not to air/film it. I think Kandi is very calculated and needed the fans back on her side after so many people had not been on her side. She, her mom, her crew/staff/peanut gallery are the worst when it comes to spreading unsubstantiated rumors and gossip!! I agree Phaedra is certainly no saint, but Kandi throws stones and hides her hands. And if Bravo can fire Phaedra for a ‘rumor’ or lying, why didn’t they fire Teresa Guidice who actually went to prison for committing real crimes?? Or Vicki for the lies about Brook having cancer? i could go on, but my point is: Double standard much?

    1. noladiva, you’re not in the minority at all. I feel the same as you do about Kandi, rotten to the core-she, her mom, Todd & her employees. And YES, she did promote this & gloried in it.

  21. My last word. Kandi & her entire family & entourage should all be fired, not only Phaedra. They’re rotten to the core. Against all odds, I have always liked Phaedra & Porsha.

  22. What Phaedra did was awful and she was fired. What Vicki Gunvalson did was just as bad but she wasn’t fired. WHY NOT ANDY??????

    1. You said it! I totally agree! Vicki Gunvalson is the main reason (plus Kelly) why I will not be watching this season.

  23. it amazes me how people can so quickly believe these confirmed criminals like Apollo and Angela. Everyone may have their opinions on Phaedra but to take the word of these two as gospel truth is ridiculous. Look ya’ll the government and the State bar of Georgia would not turn a blind eye on Phaedra if she was indeed participating in some criminal activities. And if everyone who repeated a rumor or gossiped about someone was deemed a criminal, then we would all be in jail. The blogs, the media, the fans, e’rrbody! Further, when will people own up to the fact that KANDI is the one who kept repeating this foolishness over and over again to any and everyone she met! Phaedra told Porsha, but at no time did we see Phaedra repeating the rumor. And am i the only one who remembers how kandi laughed the first time she heard it from Porsha and when she first ran and told her wretched ‘staff’? It wasn’t until they hyped her up did she come up with the idea to flip the script and play the victim. I’m so over this bs! Bravo should fire the entire cast and either re-cast with actual housewives or cancel it all.

  24. Oh how lovely to spend time with the grandkids ❤️❤️❤️❤️Miss you too sunshine ☀️ ☀️☀️☀️☀️

  25. I am not big on celebrations either. I just am not into it and never really was, for myself.
    NY will get better. I am not into Tinsley either. She does not seem to fit with this crowd in my opinion. I want to see a nice vacation too. The Berkshires are nice enough, and the Hamptons too, especially in the summer and not the fall, but I always hope for a Caribbean or European trip.
    Ramona is nutsy. Ever since her divorce when Mario ran around with a young woman and shocked her, (She also had a renewal of her vows and said how much she was in love with Mario…kiss of death.) she has been even more bizarre. She seems to have gotten an extra dose of hormone pills or something, since she seems obsessed with finding men everywhere, and she wants them younger too…probably because her ex did that to her. He even took the girl to their Hamptons House when Ramona was not there…or so he thought. Ramona really was distraught when Mario Singer ran around like he did. They do have one daughter together, and she must be embarrassed growing up with all of this too.
    So now, it appears Ramona is going heavy with the plastic surgery. Her face looks pulled up a lot to me. Also she had new boobs…okay but she seems to have gone pretty big for a woman in her 60s, anyway, IMO. She has always been into her Pinot Grigio and even made her own label, Ramona Pinot. I never saw it in a store myself…but maybe it is somewhere or was…

    Well, just hang in there. Bethenny avoided the ladies or that would have been another story altogether. With Bethenny, Carole, Luann, Sonja, Dorinda and Ramona in the same place, it is never boring.

    1. Not sure how we got from RHWA to RHWNY…lol. I prefer NYC though. Atlanta has jumped the shark. And yes…I love Carol’s condo as well. Would really love a good close up of that sofa….lol

  26. That sofa is worth a kazillion dollars. Truly.
    Carole Radziwill is a millionaire many times over, and I love a lot of her apartment,especially her foyer, I think those walls are upholstered in leather, Days would know. Dorinda’s country house is beautiful.
    Bethenny cannot get beyond her tumultuous childhood, even though she goes to a therapist faithfully. Then she married Jason, what a train wreck of a marriage/divorce that is.
    I think Jung said that you spend early years doing as your parents taught you, and your later years undoing, I’m paraphrasing.

  27. She’s afraid of men now Rain. I MO. She took a chance, got pregnant and married, and what a ride that is.He wanted millions. Millions. He stayed in her apartment, the one she worked so hard for, and would not vacate. She got a child, the child she always wanted, someone to love and be loved by in return, but that marriage was a shitshow from the start.

  28. Ha! Her shrink needs a shrink!!! That’s funny!
    She was probably right about not marrying anyone.
    It’s funny,I always got a vibe from him, especially when he went into her business, but you know, I’ve been divorced once, and so have my daughters. Maybe I look at things differently because of that.
    In any event, we can really agree that we both want better for Bryn.
    Always love you, funny girl.❤️

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