Nicole Napolitano And Teresa Aprea Refuse To Film With Jim Marchese


According to a new report, the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s cast trip to Miami ended in a drunken debacle as twin sisters Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea refused to film with Jim Marchese over allegations their mother slept with Teresa’s husband Rino.

The Miami trip was “a complete s**t fest!” an insider tells RadarOnline. “Everyone was drunk the entire time and Teresa Aprea and Jim Marchese got into a huge fight.”

“Jim confronted Teresa about allegations that her mother, Santa, had slept with her husband, Rino,” the source alleges. “Nicole got in on the action, and they both were yelling and screaming at Jim.”

“They categorically denied Jim’s allegations about their mother, but Jim held his ground and didn’t back down,” the source continued. “Their reaction to Jim’s claims only prove that it’s true, that Santa did have romantic relations with Rino.”

And the drama continued after Miami…

“After the trip, Teresa, Nicole and Rino all refused to film with Jim going forward. They were disgusted by his actions and never want to see him again!” the insider claims.

And according to the report Jim was subsequently banned from attending the filming of the finale episode and “there are serious doubts he will be included in the reunion filming,” the source revealed. “The twins are adamant, they want nothing to do with Jim, and refuse to even be in the same vicinity as him.”

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20 Replies to “Nicole Napolitano And Teresa Aprea Refuse To Film With Jim Marchese”

  1. Already read a few days ago Jim was not invited to reunion shoot.
    Show is so bad now, but HW is my guilty trainwreck pleasure

  2. Bravo why are you putting this trash on TV? I feel sorry for the Italians in NJ – they must be so horrified by what this reality show is portraying. Disgusted.

  3. Why would Jim even care one way or another if Santa slept with Rino? What business is it of his? Honestly, he is making Peter look less and less like a bitch every article.

    1. Ann… I totally agree with you, they signed up for a reality tv show and now all their dirt is coming out…shouldn’t have signed a contract if you are afraid of your skeleton’s coming out of the closet…

    2. Exactly Ann, I am over hearing this one won’t film with that one…well i would be like well I won’t be paying your check…TOUGHEN THE F..CK signed up for this, what did you think you would be filming?? picking daisies !!!

    3. EXACTLY! Ann….they sign up for a reality show but then get all butt hurt when skeletons start falling out of the closets! Like him whining about when the show’s producers came to them about appearing on the show. He said they didn’t tell them anything about the show…the name etc. I call bull poopy on that one. No one would do that. They’re just trying to create controversy to attempt to stay relevant and keep a story line going. He doesn’t want to be seen talking to Joe Giudice?? Then maybe he shouldn’t have signed up for the show to begin with. He needs to put on his big boy panties and deal with it.

  4. Honestly, Jim & Amber Marchese have proven to be the stars of the show. The twins are honestly so unlikeable and irrelevant. They are the “typical Jersey Shore” trash people think of when they think of Jersey… and that’s not just a stereotype. Jim & Amber actually have wealth, and education, and they clearly have the star quality that gets underneath everyone’s nerves. Jim doesn’t even film with them yet he’s completely the center of the drama. Nobody really likes the twins, and we all believe the rumor that Rino slept with Santa… which btw, Jim never brought up, but Victoria Gotti did. My safest bet would be that the twins do not return for Season 7, but Amber & Jim do. The fans are not feeling this season at all, and the major reason why is because of the twins. People find them stupid, and they’re not really relatable. It’s like a Joyce & Carlton case… they just don’t CLICK well with the rest of the cast nor with the viewers.

    You see production even pulled some last minute tricks to SAVE the ratings, by filming some RECENT scenes with Jacqueline, and editing her in the season… so that they can show her in the recently release mid-season trailer, the viewers can see her, and it can bring them to watch the show.

    My predictions are that Teresa Giudice will return for Season 7. Melissa Gorga will return for Season 7. Amber Marchese will return for Season 7. Dina Manzo will return for Season 7. We MIGHT get Jacqueline Laurita back for Season 7. And possibly a new wife added to the mix.

    The Twins are out, in my opinion. Although Andy Cohen does LOVE Rino… he also LOVED Mama Elsa, but demoted Marysol in Season 3. You just never know.

  5. This is so lame, Nicole couldn’t wait to film with Amber when she attacked her and pulled her hair out for some camera time? Now, that the skeletons/ truth is coming out about the twins, they don’t want to film with Amber & Jim??? Why not say that you don’t want to film with Victoria Gotti, who spilled you’re family beans….. Either way, I don’t like the twins and their “whiny” voices, they bring NOTHING to the table whatsoever………And the whole “first responder party” was totally stupid, maybe they should just have a “car salesmen party” starring bobby—sheeezzz………..

        1. Don’t want to get too detailed–goes along the lines of what Heather Debrow commented on RHOC–“dirty Sanchez”–Google it.

          reference made due to insinuation made about Amber and Jim’s bedroom antics, and Mikey Cyrus’ Instagram selfie with rubber fist.

          1. One Rotten Egg I know what it means I was joking back with you hahaha you crack me up I laughed over that for a couple of hours it just kept popping in my head haha.

        2. LOL Lia!!! One Rotten Egg cracks me up almost as much as you do!! I check this site out just to see what ya’ll have posted lately!! Thanks for all the giggles you two!

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