Report: Melissa Gorga Has Made Over $1 MILLION In Book Sales


According to a new report, Melissa Gorga has made over $1 MILLION in book sales for her book Love: Italian Style, and the Gorgas will soon be able to start paying off their debt.

As the family as put plans for their dream house on hold, sources say Melissa’s income from being on the show has really helped push the family in the right direction.

“Melissa Gorga is making over $1 million right now. Her salary and her book sales have pushed her into a 7-figure earning bracket,” a source told Tom Murro via RadarOnline. “Unlike Teresa, she isn’t worried about her finances because she has been quietly making good money and doesn’t have nearly the expenses that the Giudice’s do.”

Melissa is currently being paid $250,000 to appear on season of RHONJ and sources claim her book sales are raking in big bucks.

“Melissa has negotiated good deals with Bravo,” the source says. “They’ve been willing to pay her well because she delivers the drama each season.”

RealityTea repots, that Melissa’s book is ranked 411,969 on Amazon, while Teresa’s four books are ranked 153,832, 103,624, 181,539, and 206,979.

Photo Credit: Bravo