Report: Meghan King Edmonds Returns to RHOC Season 12

There were many reports that Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds was done with the show and had already moved back to St. Louis to raise her new daughter, Aspen King Edmonds.

But according to a new report, Meghan is back in and a full-time Housewife for season 12. “After almost a month of filming, production decided to bring Meghan back as a full time housewife,” a source told The Dirty. “While this wasn’t an expected move,” they added, “they decided that there was a missing link in the season and that she was needed to help fill it in.”

The source also shared that Meghan had previously turned down a part-time contract to film as a “Friend of the Housewives.”

How do you feel about Meghan’s return?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Jack

    I hope this is true. She really grew on me and she’s a great objective source of advice and wisdom. Funny that the youngest of them all seems to be the wisest.

  • Cin

    I’m happy to hear she is back. The show needs her.

  • Samh09

    This is the first that the RHOC has had a full time quit and come back full time. I said RHOC, not the whole housewives franchise. Just trying to be transparent with what I say.

  • barbara

    So disappointed she’s coming back. Can we just get a woman who is at least from the same generation as the rest of the cast? We lost Heather and her replacement is Meghan? I’m feeling ripped off.

    • Rain

      I see your point . Sadly these are all business decisions now. They probably feel they need to appeal to younger women. But that’s just my guess

      • barbara

        Could be, but she adds nothing to the show.

  • Starr

    I actually viewed her in a better light her last season. To be honest, she acted much more mature than the whole lot of them too. A far cry better than pompous Heather.

  • melodie Phillips

    Are you kidding us Bravo? Really???? Why? She has a baby so all of a sudden she has a storyline. After she left last year I thought this is great at least one of them will focus on their children and now allow the HW’s to get in the way. The kids are only little for a while and you will miss so much. BUT I was wrong. she would rather have her family investigated instead of living a nice private happy life. Sorry but Meghan is a NO Vote for me. Also it’s a deal breaker for me that Bravo has decided to bring Vickie back and trailer trash foul mouthed Kelly. Not me Im done! That leaves just BH and NY for me.

    • Rain

      ITA agree about vile Vicki and gutter trash Kelly! Deal breakers for me as well . Total trash !

  • barbara

    I like Shannon a lot but I just don’t love any of these women any more. Honestly Rain, the only housewife I love is Erika from BH. I’m just no longer that into any housewife, like I was years ago. Maybe I’ve out grown them all now, who knows. And I’m not even all that sad about it.

  • Bettes

    This is good news

  • barbara

    Maybe that’s it. They are boring! It’s the same recipe with everyone of the shows. Outlandish behavior, fake story lines, crudeness. They are just not any fun anymore. 🙁 By the way, please give my best to Suze. I miss her. Love ya 🙂

  • Barb Jean

    I like her…now just get rid of Vicky!!

  • Barb Jean

    I miss the earlier years of the housewives show. Now they are just drunk vicious women acting like they are teenagers.