Report: Luann D’Agostino Already Having Marital Trouble With Husband Tom

RHONY star Luann D’Agostino married her controversial husband Tom only seven months ago and now it looks like they have already hit a rough patch in their marriage.

This weekend, E! News reported that the couple got into a public argument at Le Bilbouquet restaurant.

“They have had their share of rough moments. There was an argument in a restaurant last week, they’re not denying that,” an insider told the site. “Marriage is tough and they’re working on it.”

“They have hit a major rough patch. This was going on before the wedding, and she was too embarrassed to call it off, so she tuned out what a lot of people were saying. She had confided in friends that she knew something was up and that it didn’t gel—but she had to put on a good face to avoid embarrassment. Everyone gave it six months,” an insider told People.

Luann echoed that same sentiment in an interview with the site. “Tom and I are in love, and marriage takes work. We are working on this together.”

However, people around the couple don’t feel like their relationship can be salvaged.

“People are urging Luann to end the marriage. She got in quick, she can get out quick,” one source told E! News. “There’s no shame in admitting you made a mistake.”

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14 Replies to “Report: Luann D’Agostino Already Having Marital Trouble With Husband Tom”

  1. Stevie Wonder, Jose Feliciano AND the Five Blind Boys of Alabama saw this coming sitting in a pitch black linen closet at midnight 5 minutes after Tom put the engagement ring on her finger…some things just shouldn’t be rushed…

  2. Despite LuAnn bragging Tom up as Vicky Gunvalson did about Brooks, it back fires. LuAnn might suggest that people just want to see them fail. No one wants that. When you say someone is sooo perfect and make everything be all about the big event and have to let everyone know you’re getting married people will look for holes. No one is perfect and there were too many red flags and people genuinely concerned for LuAnn, she just didn’t want to listen It seems as though, she was more about getting married, being a bride and celebrating than it was about rumors and friends advising her against it. People argue, that’s healthy. It gets destructive when you’re doing it in public. In being involved in sports the rule was “wait 24 hours” before you say something you are going to regret. I’ve been married 30 years and that does work. Talking with your significant other, not talking at, or trying win an argument with others around isn’t going to strengthen your marriage, it slowly destroys it. The argument is between the two of you, not a fan crowd. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    1. “How Real Adults Communicate , Chapter 1”, by Sassy Chickah. This is something all the gals on the New York franchise could stand to read!

  3. Tom didn’t have “just a kiss” with another woman after being engaged, it was a public makeout session; blatant disrespect. His comment about getting a hall pass right before the marriage made my skin crawl. He seems so slimy to me, so lecherous. His face reminds me of Uncle Fester from The Munsters, his eyes creep me out. Luann should get out, I do not see anything positive coming from this match.

  4. LuAnn has actually characterized her first marriage as a ‘success’. He cheated for years , she probably cheated for years, when we did see him on the rare occasion he was even in town (for a dinner once and practically running away from her at a horse event I think) he was visibly uninterested in her, and then FINALLY getting the divorce. Is it any wonder that she thinks it’s a good idea to give it another go with someone who clearly is untrustworthy?

  5. She said she was too embarrassed to call off the wedding. But she’s not too embarrassed to possibly divorce before their first anniversary? That doesn’t make sense.

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