Report: Kyle Richards Uninvited to Kathy Hilton’s Christmas Party

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The Richards sister family feud apparently isn’t slowing down just because it is the holiday season. RadarOnline is reporting that Kathy Hilton refused to invite Kyle Richards to there annual Christmas party.

“Kathy and her husband Rick‘s Beverly Hills Christmas parties are a huge annual event and Kyle wasn’t invited this year,” an insider said.

“Kathy made the decision after watching the recent episode of RHOBH in which Kyle discusses being uninvited to Nicky‘s wedding, Kathy has been absolutely seeing red since that time because it was so absolutely out of bounds to bring Nicky into the ongoing fighting between the three sisters.”

“Before Kyle became famous on RHOBH, she would introduce herself to the media as Paris Hilton’s aunt,” the source explained. “This is a woman that has wanted to be famous for a very long time. There is absolutely no family loyalty for Kyle and she will do anything for press.”

What about Kim Richards you ask?

“She had been getting along with Kyle in the weeks leading up to the premiere, but things are once again very tense between them because of the Nicky situation,” the source explained.

We all saw the recent airing of RHOBH where Kyle didn’t know if she was going to go to her niece Nicky’s wedding, but the insider says she wasn’t ever not going to go.

“Nothing was going to keep Kyle away from Nicky’s wedding. It was the social event of the season and the reception was at Kensington Palace. Kyle would have crashed the wedding to be there.”

What do you think about the ongoing sister feud? Comment below.

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35 Replies to “Report: Kyle Richards Uninvited to Kathy Hilton’s Christmas Party”

  1. Who knows what’s really going on. That said, *if* Mauricio accepted Kathy’s husband’s help to get well established in his career, then left and took business with him after agreeing not to, then Kathy is right to be offended. And, *if* Kyle has been asked not to discuss Kathy’s family publicly and continues to do so, whether on Real Housewives or the new show she has planned, then Kathy is right to be offended there, too.

  2. If byle/vyle were my sister, I’d uninvite her too, vyle is so ratchet. Did anyone pick up on her comments at Lisa V.’s party for Ken. She was rude making comments about being “bored”, and alluding to Lisa V., having horns–when in fact it’s byle who is the rude mean girl who is and has always been uber jealous of Lisa V..
    byle does not know how to be a good friend, nor a good sister, she is all about herself and her family and THEIR MONEY…..

  3. vyle and greasy maurico deserve each other and that’s not a compliment…. mo used the Hilton’s to establish himself and then left them hi / dry to go line his own pockets. It’s called a “user” just like byle…….

    1. I believe theres more to the house Momma left them and Kylho and Mauriciho got- just saying these hard feelings run deeper than a reality show and Money/Family is the root of all evil

  4. If I were Kyle I would be grateful to be uninvited! There is no way I would want to go to that couples house ever again! Kathy Hilton and her Husband are definitely the worst of the family in my view, They couldn’t even bring up their kids to be decent human beings! Apart from out of four is pretty bad.

      1. V V all you need to do is read the press about both of her sons. One son is now under house arrest for breaking into his ex girlfriends house, She already had a restraining. order against him. That was June this year. Not long before that was the problem on the flight. The rest of it you can find if you google it! Paris everyone knows! I don’t particularly like or dislike Paris, she had made a fortune for herself. I just don’t think she is a good role model, not that it matters these days because she isn’t as prominent as she used to be. I do admire her for getting her future settled herself.

        1. I think be young is hard enough, but with the privilege they were ALL raised with is sorta sad- there youth mistakes our News where as the rest society doesn’t JMO I don’t think there behavior is any worse than lets say Kyles daughter ( youngest) that’s a brat in the making JMO

  5. Not sure I believe the uninvited part, Kyle didn’t go last year either.

    But if I were the hiltons I’d uninvite her for sure. She’s made it quite clear she will do anything to remain in the spotlight, including lying about being uninvited and invited, or pretending to decide not to go.

    She’s a horrible women that keeps talking about her family on camera and then wondering why she doesn’t have a good relationship with them.

    1. She didn’t go last year because they were on holiday in Mexico (I believe) so it would have been difficult just to go for an hour to a party without her husband.

    2. I tend to agree. The thing about reality shows is Kathy and family didn’t sign up for their business to be on blast. Kyle did. People can say all day long that Kathy wanted her own show for years, which may be true however she would be in charge of what part of her business was out there. Opposed to Kyle putting her business out there. I personally feel like it is ok for Kathy to be upset. It was like when I was pregnant with my last child. I told my sister and wasn’t ready to tell others, my sister took it upon herself to tell everyone which wasn’t her place. Talk about your own stuff as long as it doesn’t involve me. Same for Kyle talk about your stuff you signed up for this but leave business involving other family out as they did not not do they get a pay check for being blasted on TV or tabloids.

      1. Agree , but Kyle has nothing to add to the show but other peoples business- gotta feeling Lisaho and Kyle’s new found love will not last- I think they joined to get Brandi and that’s all- the rest is for us/the show-Mauricioho has a creepy way about him- Lurky hard to explain- like hes always lurking in the back ground–

      2. Yeah if Kathy was on the show it would be a different matter but they fact that Kyle gets to out her biased side of the story out and no one else does, doesn’t make it cool for her family and they have every right to be annoyed.

    1. I have to say that Kathy and Kyle look ridiculous in this picture. What is it with the thing where they hold their mouth in a perpetual pout. I noticed that on a reunion and wanted to contact her on twitter or something to tell her how stupid it looks. This is the first time Kimmy is the one who looks like she is actually enjoying herself.

  6. geeezz Kathy should be use to this….. after all — take a look at the trouble her two daughters were causing a few years back., , , , and her son…. so who the heck does she think she is …

  7. These sisters must really live empty lives to make a story about everything negative about each other. Kyle really wanted to see her neice walk down the aisle & of course to be at Kensington palace, not abnormal. But, personally, I would’ve settled for photos or a video & would not have allowed the insult of leaving out my husband & daughters by being present myself. What is the deal with one minute you’re invited & the next, you’re uninvited? who tolerates that? also, why is Kim once more cold to Kyle because of Nicky, the neice & Kyle’s true comments, which incidentally was not said with malicious intent on the show, she was holding back a lot, it was clear. Get a real life sisters, you 3 are a bitter bunch. On another note, Kyle saying she was bored at Ken’s party was insultive & uncalled for. Apparently these sisters are incapable of a kind thought.

  8. Honestly does anyone think Kyle could crash a wedding at Kensington Palace. I imagine between the Royal family and Hilton money there would be so much security that NO ONE woukd be able to crash.

    1. Aunt Bee, like Kyle or not I can’t remember who said about her crashing a wedding I remember someone did. I mean really, she isn’t some young hoodlum! You are right the security would be very high, The Rothschilds are very controversial and warrant high security. Not so much these days but not so very long ago. The security was really tight during the wedding. It was a very silly comment! Especially as two daughters were part of the wedding. It was very tacky to not invite the whole family! Typical Kathy!

    2. Bee, we seem to be getting a bunch of people this holiday season who don’t know to say people’s names correctly, such a Junior High move. Kyle and Lisa are my favorite housewives, and I am looking forward to the rest of the season. I am liking it so far.

      1. ….I hope this is a joke are you seriously calling people out for not using housewives names?

        Cuz that’s your go to move, Keeney (Kenya), Neeney (NeNe), Kimmy (Kim), Slime (Slade), Wretched(Gretchen)

        I agree though, such a Junior High move, I just assumed you guys were friends 🙂

  9. I saw a meme that so applies to these three sisters (mostly the oldest two). OLDEST CHILD: “I make the rules.” MIDDLE CHILD: “I’m the reason for the rules.” YOUNGEST CHILD: “The rules don’t apply to me.”

  10. I’m sorry, I must have read this incorrectly. The Hiltons think Kyle Richards has always wanted to be famous and would do anything to achieve that? Hilarious! Never heard of “One night in Kyle”. Weren’t Nicky and Paris club girls? Paris is still a club girl…which is no longer a good look. Which one went to jail? Who was arrested in Vegas with Coke? But Kyle admitting there were ‘family problems’ and not invited to an event is embarrassing? Families having problems is the most normal part of that family. I think it has more to do with Mauricio having such success with “The Agency” after leaving Hilton/Hyland.

    1. Ditto, Kelly. She is on housewives. She has said she likes being on, no big mysterious dirty secret. All of them have said they like being on, and I personally enjoy BH most of all. It is no longer something to be ashamed of, if it EVER was. It certainly is a great job, although it does come with it’s downside. People taking pot shots at you for being a housewife. Not necessarily for something they have actually DONE. or if they did do something, which we all as humans do, it is dragged out for YEARS. Wow. Nice little College fund for Sophia and Portia. And they are such lovely girls. All of them are classy, well mannered, totally beautiful, assertive women and girls. Just like their Mom.

  11. Why should Kyle have to tip toe around what’s happening in her life. Strange story’s abounds when trying to hide bits and pieces. Family get over it.their in news anyways. If your going to tell a story tell it all and truthful. I give her credit for not hiding facts and being open. Kyle you go tell your story and your life. If anyone doesn’t like it or agree they can speak up.

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