Report: Joe Giudice Making Moonshine in Prison

Teresa Giudice opened up about her resentment towards her husband Joe, who is currently serving time for fraud. Teresa has said on the show that she will leave Joe if he isn’t better when he comes out of prison… well she might not be too happy with him after she hears this.

Joe is doing well in prison. He’s eating better, working out and making nice with the inmates and guards, but a new report claims he’s sneaking alcohol.

“He and his friends have been making moonshine in bottles,” an insider says, adding that the juice is made with sour fruit and water.

Joe began serving his sentence in March 2016 and it was reported that when he surrendered he was intoxicated.

“He has been drinking a lot while in confinement,” the source tells RadarOnline. “They make moonshine and sell it to other inmates.”

But James Leonard, Giudice’s attorney, insists his client has been behaving behind bars. “Joe Giudice has been a model prisoner and has committed zero infractions while incarcerated.”

Despite these allegations, Joe has been working out and getting his GED.

“Joe really wants to improve himself during his sentence,” the insider shared. “He has been studying regularly.”

Joe will be released in March 2019.

Do you think Teresa will stay with Joe?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Boo

    Source from Radar of lies, Sorry, don’t believe this story for a minute.

    • luvmyfrenchie

      Me either…

    • jpinphx

      except the part about how he doesn’t had a high school degree…

  • missroxmiss

    It is funny this story comes out not sure where i read but I put a post out that just cause he is in prison doesn’t mean he is sober they make their own alcohol in prison. now this story that is a riot.

  • Daisy

    Not surprised at all , if this is true

    • Sugar Mama

      Me either doll… I don’t think Joey meatball would know how to live a life lawfully at this stage of the game *smh* makes sense to me he’s trying to cash in on pruno it’s easy enough.

      • Daisy

        My hubby got me sick . Sissy I feel so bad now . Chills, and body aches . Plus my throat is killing me . God help us all , I’m such a cry baby when I’m sick

  • justanothermary

    ROL – nope, not true.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    He´ll have plenty of limoncello to drink once his ass is deported to Italy

    • Minx

      He will be Drinking Limoncello, out of Barrels…

  • UnrealHousewife57

    Question: If Joe gets his GED in prison will he be the only one on the show with a high-school education? *snark*

    • Minx

      Tre is the ,,” Scholar” of the Family. She has a degree in,
      “Marketing”, (or Something in, that, genre.)
      She was a ” Buyer” for some Major Department Store and was quite successful.
      I know, difficult to fathom…

      • melodie Phillips

        Ha Ha HA Tre a scholar? She cannot even speak a declarative sentence. If I was her teacher I would have taken points off her work just having to listen to that voice that sounds like screeching cat. Not sure if she had points taken off for changing her name from Giu..dice? or Giudeeche’ how stupid.

        • UnrealHousewife57

          I was being facetious about Joe and sometimes, Tre’s English is cringe-worthy, but she does speak Italian and is therefore bilingual, something I wish I was. Last night’s OC reunion, most of them didn’t know what “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush” meant.

          • Minx

            Isn’t that the Truth!
            “The Meetings of the Morons!”
            The Reunion”s other than BH & NY ( excluding Ramona. Yet, I get perverse pleasure in listening to “Stingerisms,)
            Yes, these Women aspire to be included into the Esteemed Category “Dumb as Dirt”..
            I can’t not even fathom how these Women, have lived fox X amount of years without understanding Common, Colloquial Phrases..

  • cat62

    Who knows what is REAL and what is not in the land of make believe. Who knows what t will do…she was given permission to leave him by her father so…it wont be as hard now if she wants to.

  • melodie Phillips

    Im also calling BS on this. IF it were true the guards would have found it and he would be put in solitary and given extra time. These stories are just ridiculous, those pods or cells are searched every single day at random and unless the prison is run by a bunch of morons Joe Troll Giudice is no different than all the other idiots . Lets remember Mr Sweaty has the education of a 4th grader and can’t get out of his own way.

  • melodie Phillips

    Thank you Minx…… my head hurts when I listen to those two.. I just wonder sometimes “They cannot be that dumb that they don’t realize people only watch their stupid show is to make fun of Tre and her Troll. She keeps saying she is the only reason NJ is still a valuable franchise…
    well I don’t watch NJ at all now but once in a while I will see the show on and watch for a few minutes.
    It amazes me that this show is still on to tell you the truth. It’s so sad in season 2 which I did watch and a few after watching The Giiiiiuuuuudiiiiiiicccceeeeessss I realized that there are people in this world who CAN function on minimal brain cells. Im not a scholar in any way but I would love to play a game of scrabble with Joe and Teresa because she spells, SANGWItches for 0 word points and also points deducted for a really stupid answer. Joe all he does is try to spell the word wyne. Hell he makes it he sure as hell should know how to spell it. Me myself will pass on his wine, a visual of him stomping the grapes would turn me off in a second.