Report: Jason Hoppy Sent Emails To Bravo Associates

According to a new report, Jason Hoppy wants Bethenny Frankel fired from The Real Housewives of New York City. Prior to his January 27th arrest, he had allegedly been sending her “hundreds” of emails and FaceTime calls, despite a cease and desist letter.

“He wants to get her FIRED,” a source revealed. “[Jason] has also been sending emails to her friends and business associates at Bravo!”

RadarOnline is reporting that Hoppy wants to steal Bethenny’s spotlight and make a name for himself in Reality TV.

“He’s obsessed with her and still has pictures of her around his apartment,” the source told the site. “He buys every magazine that she is in. He’s coming fame obsessed.”

“She’s not easy and he [learned] everything from her. He now has her passion for public attention and wants his own reality show.”

Radar reports that Hoppy’s arraignment was listed as a domestic violence case. A temporary order of protection was issued and his bond was $2,000 cash (not posted). Hoppy is due in court on March 13.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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So Radar doesn’t even care how stupid they sound anymore it seems….

Ok, here is my problem with this story…if he is so fame & “spotlight” obsessed… why aren’t we reading his side of the story in every gossip column & magazine. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve yet to hear (or read) his side of things so am I missing that part? Everything that I’ve read about him, and his actions, has been from her side of the situation. I’m not defending him, but I don’t understand how he is all about the limelight & looking for a reality show, when we never read a story or article that he actually… Read more »

You are right on! It’s because it’s BS that’s why! There are crazies out there all over the place and they always look for the nice guys!

Radar used to at least TRY to sound believable – ugh.

You looked at that picture and thought he was hot? Different strokes I guess.

Here Bethany Frankel goes again with her PR Blitz to try and tear this nice guy down when she is the one obsessed with trying to make a case against him! She’s the looney toons and he’s the unfortunate guy who had a child with her! She can’t get get along with anyone..male or female for any period of time and doesn’t understand what the word relationship means! She’s a broken, delusional, vile and vicious woman! Hoppy is going to have to wise up and not put himself in harms way..don’t communicate with her unless it is through your legal… Read more »

How can you be so sure he is a nice guy…if she’s claiming she’s receiving tons of emails and facetime invites…she knows she’d have to back that up.
It appears to me he’s just a sore loser and is trying to get back at her.
Totally my opinion,

Mine too. More than opinion. The New York Police don’t first arrest without other witnesses to the behavior & the New York District Attorney does not charge a person with a CRIME without evidence. Simple as that.

Good to see you too Rain – It’s hard to find a friendly face on these blogs anymore!

I’m friendly. Just ask anyone. No, I am opinionated, but I enjoy, genuinely, reading others opinions and their reasons for forming them. If I wanted to be so embroiled in only my own, I would stay off or read my own journal over & over. A little debate is always good for the mind, IMO, just not the insulting of other posters for their opinion. That is what I mean when I say I am friendly. To disagree brings discussion, and that is what this blog is for I think. I always enjoy reading you.

I’m all for discussion and a respectful exchange of opinions but it seems lately a lot of the blog have become totally hateful. It’s like any political debate now. No one can simply voice their opinion, it has to be filled with anger. I don’t understand.

Since I just turned 72 I’ll take Ken — however if I were younger Mauricio would be thee one.

I quit OC due to Vicki’s cancer scams but I miss seeing the old crowd around. Maybe when NY or NJ are back, some of them will be too. You have a great weekend also.

It’s that hipster beard. I love a hipster beard. Funny thing is that I was listening to a comedienne make a joke about how you have to be careful with going for the hipster look because it’s only a thin line between that and a homeless halfway house dude you might meet at a music free festival, tee hee.

You lasted longer than me rain. I couldn’t watch each time they brought Tamera back, but Vicki is even more unbearable.

If this bears any truth to it, then, he’s a sick person. I hope it’s not true.

two sides to this…. B is a mean girl so I would imagine she’s one nasty wife also. Jason obviously has issues but B can’t possibly be a innocent victim in this… She’s awful.

agree…. RHOA sounds vicious. NJ also. I don’t watch either one. DC was stupid. Mine are RHOBH, NY, OC… also Vanderpump Rules.

Real news sources don’t have an opinion in print. Radar is lower than any rag-mag on the market. “He learned it from her!!!” She grew up in a place very few women survive with the brains Bethenny has. Instead of allowing it to turn her into an addict, she ended up with a little O.C.D. and a drive to never be in the place her Mom was in. I am watching ( again ) the third season of “Bethenny Ever After.” So many things I forgot, but I never forgot him nagging for a second baby while they were bringing… Read more »

I have that on Amazon, too. Wow, using your guts and double talk got that one couple past the Secret Service. I bet a few heads rolled for that. I liked them too, but I think Bravo almost got their asses sued off for that one! Too bad a couple of the women couldn’t have joined another franchise.

I wasn’t a Shannon fan at first, but now her and Tamra are the only 2 I like, it’s gone for me, too. Kelly is a beastly person, she likes causing pain. I can not watch that kind of thing. It gives me nightmares.


They love a line, AND a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, lol!

OMG, I had not thought of that! That brings ideas, huh? Good thinking, we should write Bravo and point that out. oxoxoxox

Absolutely, they got the name Radar of Lies form somewhere, right? Hahahaha. I think he is a psycho, and he is doing his best to get his hands on Bryn, to take her away from what he deems “evil.” That is pretty strong language to use about the mother you chose for your child, and for the wife you chose. Bryn will one day see that, so whether or not he is doing this for fame or not, he has now crossed the line. It is a factual account that he was waiting at Bryn’s school and verbally accosted Bethenny… Read more »
Not a Housewife & Neither RU

if a recently divorced woman sent emails and phone calls to her ex’s place of business she would be unanimously deemed psycho, bitter, crazy….just saying. All the Bethany haters want to make her out to be the devil and Jason be some long suffering saint..puhleeze….divorce brings out the nasty in EVERYBODY. There are no saints in this scenario and certainly not Jason. Now here comes a reply from one of Jason’s family members in Ohio…in 3….2….1…..

JH was naive and was manipulated by BF into having a child. She decided..he was just the “sperm donor”. He has to forgive her for “using” him ! His anger is really “terrible hurt at the realization that his “normalcy was an affront to her. He and his parents niceness was made her realize just how screwed up she really was. That Jason was your “sin”. He hasn’t dealt with the pain of what she did to him and put him through. She made a fool out of this nice normal man! Now she’s trying to manipulate him into losing… Read more »