Report: Jason Hoppy Sent Emails To Bravo Associates

According to a new report, Jason Hoppy wants Bethenny Frankel fired from The Real Housewives of New York City. Prior to his January 27th arrest, he had allegedly been sending her “hundreds” of emails and FaceTime calls, despite a cease and desist letter.

“He wants to get her FIRED,” a source revealed. “[Jason] has also been sending emails to her friends and business associates at Bravo!”

RadarOnline is reporting that Hoppy wants to steal Bethenny’s spotlight and make a name for himself in Reality TV.

“He’s obsessed with her and still has pictures of her around his apartment,” the source told the site. “He buys every magazine that she is in. He’s coming fame obsessed.”

“She’s not easy and he [learned] everything from her. He now has her passion for public attention and wants his own reality show.”

Radar reports that Hoppy’s arraignment was listed as a domestic violence case. A temporary order of protection was issued and his bond was $2,000 cash (not posted). Hoppy is due in court on March 13.

Photo Credit: Getty Images