Report: Heather Dubrow Quit RHOC To Save Her Marriage To Terry

Heather Dubrow has announced she will not be returning to season twelve of The Real Housewives of Orange County and according to a new report, it’s because of her marriage to her husband Terry.

According to the source, “After Heather’s marriage became a central focus last season on the show, it really caused issues with her and Terry.”

The couple has four children together and after they got into arguments last season where Heather broke down in tears accusing Terry of never being home because of his work, sources say this is the reason she decided not to return to the show.

“They both decided that that she should just quit RHOC since they both have several other successful projects and do not need the money,” an insider told RadarOnline. “The last thing that either of them want is to end up in a divorce because they became reality TV stars.”

Heather revealed she wouldn’t be returning to the show on her podcast.

“This show has been incredible for my family,” she said. “Without RHOC there is no Botched, no Heather Dubrow’ s World, no Heather’s Closet, and no Consult Beauty.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Now he won’t have to put up with everyone knowing he’s harangued and spoken down to every day.

I like Heather very much. I will miss her. I’m not sure how much of the show I will enjoy because she is not there anymore. I guess I have to wait and see…….

I kind of enjoyed watching Heather and Terry (probably Terry more). I’m not blind though, she definitely isn’t perfect by no means, and I don’t like Tamara at all. I’d been much happier if Heather stayed and Tamara was leaving. They did go to far with Kelly imo but Heather wouldn’t have been my first choice to go

Tamara forever, long live the queen of OC.

I doubt that’s the reason. couples that break up on these shows are not victims of any RH curse, they had issues before coming on the show. it’s just now their problems are aired for all to see and judge. you can’t have any secrets or issues in your marriage and come on a reality show and think all will be ok. Terry needs to spend more time with his family but I don’t see he and Heather being close to a divorce. they seem pretty solid as a couple.

Bravo had a recap show on the OC, now sure exactly what it was called, however, the producer was stating that Bravo had tried to get Heather on the show a couple of years prior to Heather’s actually appearing. The producer stated Bravo wanted Heather very much and she was resistant. That it was Terry who pushed her into doing the show and that Terry liked the genre. He had done ‘The Swan’ and liked the spotlight. Perhaps, Heather just had enough of the gutter-trash (Vicki & Kelly) and has chosen not to be associated with them in any way… Read more »
Now that makes sense because after last season, I have had it with Vicki forever and I don’t see any room for Kelly in my RH life either. Bitches, liars and backstabbers, the both of them. And could anyone be any denser than Kelly. “It’s like she’s the puppet and all the puppet masters are down here.” I’ll never forget that line or the look on her ex’s face. And her mouth. Trust me, I swear like a sailor, but some words are strictly off limits like C U Next Tuesday. Even putting it that way is difficult. Really, does… Read more »

yes I remember that too. Heather stated that she didn’t want to do the show at all but Terry was pretty much forcing her to do it because he wanted the limelight for himself. now that Terry has his own show, there is no need for heather to stay on. I think the reason she didn’t want to come on the show in the first place is she felt it would ruin her acting career …that no one would take her serious as an actor if she goes on a reality show.

So, is Botched still on but she has to quit?

I think the reason she is quitting is because of Botched. Terry has his own show now so no need for Heather to stay on a show she didn’t want to be on, take criticism from fans of the show, and argue w the ladies. I was not a fan of hers so I wont be sad to see her go. Ta ta

She’s already moved onto other things. They have their skincare line on home shopping, the hour long radio podcast show about medical & beauty news, she just started a new scripted show, and she takes on tv hosting gigs for entertainment news shows. If their main focus now is just to concentrate on building a real brand for long term, I can understand why she would parlay the fan based she’s renewed/developed into avenues closer to her actual skill set. It can’t be all that easy or healthy to choose to be around reality tv chaos and take on all… Read more »

Has this so called “source” ever seen them work or listen to their podcasts together? These two are incredibly in sync as marital partners and Terry understands/embraces the reality TV machine like like no other. I call hogwash. Radar of Lies is the same tabloid that reported recently Mariah Carey has just introduced her new boyfriend to her kids (sparking outrage) when the dude has been on world tour with her all last year (and kids were in tow and he’s her Creative Director. Hogwash.

I don’t care what reason she gives for leaving…. I’m just a happy camper.

I respect her for putting her family ahead of becoming yet another RH casualty. I hope he is giving the family the same respect, though to be fair, it isn’t like Botched puts such a personal spotlight on them as people as RHOC does.

Give me a break. He has to work all the time to pay for the gigantic, over-the-top house that she had to

Haven’t they both agreed publicly that he is the one who wanted the house, though? lol

So sorry to see her go. But good for her and Terry for putting their marriage first.