Report: David Foster Believes Yolanda Foster is Cured of Lyme Disease


According to a new report, David Foster has joined the ranks of those who believe Yolanda Foster has already been cured of Lyme Disease.

“David is telling friends he believes she was cured of it long ago, but she’s been playing up ongoing symptoms because she enjoys the attention,” a source reveals.

Yolanda was first diagnosed with Lyme disease just a year after the couple married in November of 2011. The source tells RadarOnline, at the time, “There was no doubt Yolanda was struggling and David was there to support her. In the beginning, David went with her to all of her doctor’s appointments, including the overseas trips for other treatment.”

But the insider claims as time went on, “Yolanda just seemed to really enjoy all of the attention she was getting.”

“Her oldest daughter, Gigi was becoming a very successful model, and it seemed hard for Yolanda, a former model herself, to watch her child get so much attention,” the insider added. “Getting older seems to have been very hard for Yolanda. Now, it looks like she isn’t ready to give up the role of sick patient.”

“In fact, Yolanda’s doctors in L.A. recently insisted she cut back on the trips abroad for medical care, believing it was making her symptoms worse, but she refused,” the source said. “And anyone that saw RHOBH this week knows that Yolanda’s medical closet is stocked from top to bottom with prescriptions, injections and supplements. People close to her think that all of that stuff is just making her feel worse, but she won’t give them up.”

“Yolanda recently admitted that she has been getting weekly colonics while battling the disease. David begged her to stop doing that because her doctors believed that was also hurting her, but she refused that too,” the source concluded.

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82 Replies to “Report: David Foster Believes Yolanda Foster is Cured of Lyme Disease”

  1. I read this at the weekend and am still not sure how I feel about it!
    1. Stories will come from all sources with never a name to them!
    2. I think Yolanda was sick but not too sure now.
    3. If she is cured she isn’t helping people who are still suffering.
    4. She really needs to stop some of these treatments such as weekly colonics, and some of those homeopathic remedies her cupboard is so full of. I’m not saying all I take one or two vitamins myself.
    5. This has been out for a few days now why hasn’t David refuted it?
    6. I’m waiting for other comments today to tell me what to think because I do not know anymore!!!

    1. I believe some of the article and some I’m not too sure of, but I absolutely believe Yolandas odd treatments and over medicating can be a serious issue. I think it may be a combo of Lyme, leaky implant, and menopause with a whole heap of marriage falling apart before her eyes that’s making her so ill. Maybe she feel like if she’s so sick he won’t leave her and will pay attention to her more. Who knows, but the colonic thing is over the top alone. We need some of those healthy bacterias inside us and at some point I feel like you’re doing it because of the same reason you did the cleanse and only ate almonds. I think her health took a nose dive when her marriage did.

    2. I feel the same Sally, plus I didn’t think there was a cure for this disease. I think this story might have been generated by David’s people because of all the bad PR he has been getting. It just sounds a little fishy to me.

  2. Wow. This is disturbing. Honestly, she certainly does seem to enjoy the attention; she almost seems to be making herself look sicker on purpose, i.e no makeup, the seemingly fake, weak cough…all the while, she looks, at LEAST physically, healthy; her body that is. When her friends showed up and were heading to her room and she was laying on the bed in her robe, with cameras on, it looked to me like she was positioning herself to appear weak and helpless, curled up and coughed. And what is going on with the teaser clip where it appears her body is convulsing and David is at the foot of her bed? Do we have another Brooks on our hands???

    1. If this is true then I can somewhat understand why any man would be overwhelmed with someone basically hurting their body and over medicating in the name of one issue when in reality it’s something else that’s wrong.

    2. I agree. I’m sure she does have lyme disease, but her colonics & all the meds are way 2 much. She needs to stop all of the treatments & get back to a baseline to see what is really going on. I also thought she seemed like she was getting herself ready for the cameras & Lisa & Eileen. Doesn’t mean she isn’t sick, but it did seem odd.

    3. I have suffered from chronic lyme for years. People say nasty things. Think about it. When you are sick and in pain and alone most days because of how weak you are. When you cant go or have to leave early,even on a good day, the kind of attention that you get is pretty much negative,ignorant ” attention” like you just demonstrated.I live in nyc. I am an artist. I dont get to go out a lot because of Lyme ( chronic). ask yourself why anyone would stop their lives. stop going out… she all ready had plenty of attention when she was healthy. clearly it is not fun to be sick or going to the doctor all of the time. With makeup ,i look great on a good day. On a bad day it hurts to move. dont judge what you dont understand.

    1. I don’t know, one or two others have mentioned that before. It seems strange to me especially if Bella and Anwar have it’s well. I am just totally confused as my earlier post said. Yes she is an attention seeker, doesn’t like Lisa and Ken and has done everything in her power to make them look bad. the first episode was not what it looked like, I’m not allowed to say more yet but I will.
      Even my reply to you is confused, this is just what this is doing to me and I don’t know after OC if I want to watch this if this is going to be the whole season. The divorce announcement on the first day of filming was carefully thought out as well. The trip to Dubai I do want to see as I lived there. 😀

  3. It’s so unfair of us to be judging her and giving our uninformed opinions about her case. The whole thing is sad. Let’s pray for her.

      1. Yes, Yolanda signs a contract not only allowing this, but she gets paid for these articles as part of her contract. If she didn’t want us talking, she would have turned down the contract.

    1. Jody, I would love to join you but until I know the truth, if we ever do know, I will read all opinions and see if that helps my very confused brain!

      1. Dally, how much validity do “opinions” have? I would prefer to hear the medical diagnosis. Whatever is going on, even if it’s psychosomatic, it needs treatment and compassion. Never judge another person until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

        1. Jody, I like to hear other opinions, sometimes I stick with my original thoughts sometimes others make me question if I am right or wrong! I don’t see any problem with that. At the moment I don’t think there is much wrong with Yolanda other than age. I think she has been sick and I also know this is an illness that can recur. Yolanda is not helping herself at all. I know with my medical problems I tend to go into hibernation until I feel better. I’m not in the public eye but if I were I would still do the same as I am now. She also needs to stop with the colonics and a lot of the self medication.

          1. Yes Sally !!!!! Where did Jody come from and why is she being so rancid to everyone’s comments. No need for that. I’d like her to go up against judge Judy !!!!

            1. Amy, when people are like that I just ignore (most of the time of course it depends which side of the bed I have got out of! lol) they are just after a confrontation! You haven’t said anything wrong! Your absolutely fine!!! There are a lot of us have said the same as you that’s what these blogs are for. Everyone should keep it civil even if they don’t agree! ❤️

  4. Well, he just confirmed everything I have been saying all along, if this is true. She loves the attention a bit too much, her Lyme Disease was gone after antibiotic treatment years ago, and she is making matters worse with the “treatment” she is getting all over the place and all that stuff in the closet she is taking and even the colonics, no matter what her lingering symtoms are at the moment. She is an aging model who is having problems with the loss of her beauty, menopause, empty nest and now failed martiage number two, etc. She likes the cameras far too much, and it is pointing to Munchausen Syndrome, as I have said before. She is making herself worse physically, and all of her major organs will start to fail. I expect her kidneys will be first, then liver, heart, etc. Her brain may have already been affected, or she just needs serious psychiatruc care. I do hope she gets proper care.

      1. The funny thing is that you assume I dislike her by my merely pointing out what I have seen. There is no doubt about her being sick, but it may be more psychological than physical, and she is physically making herself worse. Her own doctors want her to stop all of the ither treatments, colonics and such, so do you think they dislike her?
        I am seeing her through my professional background as a nurse with extensive psychological background. I worked with psych patients as well as my emergency nursing, and I am trained to see the truly ill patients, and I even wrote specifically what lab tests Yolanda should have done if not already, since she is hurting herself by all that she is doing to her body, as her physicians are also saying, according to this article.
        I am not ignorant to what I am seeing.
        The almonds we all know was before Gigi’s photoshoot and Yolanda did not want her to eat the cake that was there for her, so she would not gain weight. The almonds have nothing to do with Yolanda killing herself and wanting attention. She is also pushing pills on her children as we have read in another blog. She seriously needs psychiatric help before it gets any worse. I have said that I do hope she gets that help. You are seeing what is not there.
        So why do you dislike me? I am writing everything I have said in the past that was just also said by her own physicians as per this article, anyway. You, my friend, cannot say that pointing out the truth means dislike for someone. I do not have to love her or hate her, and I do not. I think she is a beautiful woman who is having trouble aging in a world (her locale especially) where beauty and youth seem to be so very important, and by that I mean in the wealthiest part of California, where the men leave wives for younger all the time because the men lead with their wallets and pamper young women for their amrm candy. Her beauty was her biggest asset and she is still beautiful, just older. She sees her daughters youth and beauty and she misses that. She even says that she used to look like that once. She truly needs help. I feel sorry for her really. I never called her names like others have. I look it her from the eyes of the nurse that I am. I can see she is in pain.

        1. I look at her from a nurse’s perspective, not a layperson. I also see that the wealthiest men, especially in the Beverly Hills area, may want young and younger arm candy, and Yolanda has been that for her very wealthy husbands in the past. She is in her fifties now and probably menopausal as well. David Foster has a bad track record with women and she was wife number 4. She also has been sick ever since they wed. Mohamed has a beautiful young woman now too. Yo is beautiful and I do not believe is is stupid either. She is sick and needs help before she kills herself from all that she is ingesting and doing to her body. She has to wake up and accept herself and love herself.

          1. That is okay. I am sorry if I was a bit defensive. We can never assume a thing, really. We see what they let us see. I do worry about her children as well. There is such a thing as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, also newly known as fictitious disorder imposed on another or FDIA. I am not saying she has this, but she did mention Bella and Anwar and makes them take pills too from what I am seeing, anyway. Even though it may not be, I thought I would give a link for it here:


            1. Yes, Real Sandy you are a ‘bit defensive’ and while I might have used a better word than dislike, I sense you understood my meaning, yet failed to answer. It’s obvious she’s not your favorite, regardless of your nursing degree or husband’s medical knowledge.
              It’s fine…while I was hoping to gain knowledge or insight to your thoughts, links and more opinions of her health were provided.
              I appreciate your response…have a nice day.

              1. If you read what I wrote, I do not love her or hate her. I do not dislike her either. I soke of her illness and the way she has been from my perspective and said I felt sorry for her. You interpret what you seem to want to interpret. Just because someone is ill, it is no reason to not like them. There was a nurse who watched Tarek, from Flip or Flop on HGTV eho noticed that he seemed to have a goiter/enlarged area of his throat at the thyroid and made sure he got the message. If not for her, he may not have been treated early for his thyroid cancer that she pointed out and he thanked her for noticing. So, does she dislike him because she noticed?
                I have never ever called Yolanda names, like others have, nor do I dislike her. She is not one of my favorites and never was, but I do not dislike her. I just do not find her entertaining, even when she is at her best. It is not dislike. I just do not love her. I even defended her beauty when someone called her an average 50 year old. I said she is in no way average. She is gorgeous with or without makeup, but she is making herself sick too, and that is an observation. Why did you single me out? What not those who called her lemonhead and worse. Really. Have a nice day.

                1. Yes, I had typos. You know, I have felt hatred from others like you in my life and clearly it stemmed from nothing I did. You even brought my husband into this, so maybe you just have a thing against medical people for some reason. Maybe you had a bad experience in your life that caused your dislike for someone who never once did anything to you personally.
                  You read what you want into others’ words. Clearly it is you that hate me and nothing I said or say now will change your opinion of me. Have a nice day. I do hope it gets better for you. I know I am having a great day, since I will no longer respond to anything you write, no matter how offensive or assuming you may be.

                  1. Wow…that went from – to 60 in less than 10 seconds. Real Sandy, you are the one assuming at this point, and couldn’t be more incorrect. I hate NO ONE – ever!!! 3D’s and I have had discussions where we agree to disagree, but I feel nothing by respect and kindness for her as a fellow poster. You brought your husband into this when you quoted him on another story regarding Lyme.
                    And maybe I have something against the medical people for some reason…that’s quite humorous considering I’m in the profession myself!
                    I do not understand why or how you became so angry…I asked a simple question and responded in kind. I have no dislike for you or anyone else on this website….I’m have a fabulous day and hope yours continues as well!!! kt

            2. RSandy, that was one of my first instincts. I honestly thought she had factitious disorder or somatic symptom disrd. I really like Yolanda, I think she is poised, physically beautiful, and truly a kind person. That said; even nice normal people can develop these behaviors/disorders. I am not a nurse like you RSandy, but I work in Soc Wrk & have practical experience in mental health institutions. I do like Yolanda, but I do remember seing a photo of her holding a sign saying something like ‘Lyme is my reality’ or something similar. It just didn’t register with me. Since then Ihave seen small snippets of things that piqued my interest. I don’t pass any judgements, I wish her good physical & mental health, but still maintain my opinions.

              1. ITA Roxanne. Anyone can develop these disorders. In the above link it even mentions divorce as a possible trigger. My instinct was that something was not right too. I really hope she gets the help she needs to be well in every way.

        2. I have to say the cake thing was ridiculous. A healthy body burns off such delights as cake! Mine did for many, many years. Of course, I was busy and moving all the time, 18 hours a day. And I had 3 natural children.

    1. Sandy, you have been saying Munchausens which I totally disagreed with at the time now I’m not so sure of my own thoughts! 😀

      1. Sick people generally do not want so much attention, as far as every detail of every treatment, and cameras along the way always. She seems to love it far too much, and it is getting worse it seems. She truly craves the attention and needs to be in the center of it from what I have seen.

        1. I’m totally starting to see it too. I think she shot herself in the foot with the convenient divorce announcement, ridiculous self medication, and the pity party. If this is a platform for awareness… I wouldn’t suggest weekly colonic for anyone in any condition. What the heck.

  5. I am also very confused, I absolutely believe she has Lyme, however, after seeing that pill closet, the fake cough, I now think the no make-up was for effect or affect? I think her marriage falling apart and the obvious menopause has her going way overboard with this (I think). Need to see more this season maybe I’ll change my mind AGAIN! I don’t know

  6. Unfortunately, I am also totally confused at this point. In the last episode, with her on the bed with her glasses on, the minute she heard her visitors had arrived, off came the glasses, closed her eyes right away as if sleeping & in a fetal position. Question mark in my brain right then. Then, the closet full of drugs was mind boggling, am sure not even a pharmacy is that equipped with that amount of drugs. Another question mark for me. Is she killing herself with injesting so much drugs? Definitely sounds attention seeking to me. I will wait to know more——–

  7. Hi all. something is not right with this woman. And it’s got nothing to do with Lyme. I am not saying she doesn’t or didn’t have it, but something isn’t normal with her. And it’s not her being “dutch” either. I’m not sure if she’s all there. Most likely she had lyme and symptoms, then her implant issue, mixed with menopause, topped off with the knowledge her husband was fooling around. But Starr said it in her comment and was 100% correct. The minute Lisa and Eileen show up, she suddenly starts acting sickly. Her acting is horrendous.

    1. Good Morning Gigicat, or Good afternoon here! She certainly is laying it on thick that’s for sure. As I said on another comment I don’t think I want to see all of this for the whole season. BROOKSGATE round two, and No to Anon I am not comparing the two people just another season of sickness. I will watch the Dubai episodes but as yet not sure about the rest. I don’t like that Yo is trying to make it all about her. The Dutch thing is rubbish I agree with that point as well, I can’t remember who said it was because she was Dutch. I have spoken to my friend in the Netherlands who has stopped watching because she is embarrassed! She also thinks Yolanda is playing up to the cameras and she only started watching because of her!

  8. I thought early on she was making more of Lyme than it deserved. It should have been seen as temporary, tiring, but not lethal or painful, so she should have been less obsessed. I noticed the immediate switch in body language from relaxing with a book to death’s door, too. But the clincher for me was her announcement that she had (not one but plural) 2 foot tape worms. C’mon. That allegation belongs in the National Inquirer next to a Martian baby. Either her “alternative health care providers” is lying to her, or she’s lying to us. I think, as most of you do, that her symptoms are real to her but mostly originate in her head.

  9. We are going to believe the word of a jerk like this who is divorcing her in a long string of women he threw away? Sorry. I am not that gullible.

      1. I think it is totally gonna be the focus, we didn’t really see much else from the trailer as big a storyline as this.

        I didn’t have high hopes for this season of RHOBH, but it actually managed to be worse than I expected having just come off seeing this storyline on RHOC.

        I quite liked seeing Brooks get dragged last season, he clearly wasn’t sick so it was just a matter of exposing him.
        Yolanda is clearly sick, it could absolutely be something psychosomatic, something else, all of the meds or it could actually be persistent Lyme disease, either way the fact that there is clearly something wrong with her makes it not interesting to see the other ladies questioning it.

        Like even if they are right and it’s something else, what comes of that? She’s still sick in the end, whereas with Brooks he basically got all but exposed, this isn’t going to have a resolution with an ‘ah ha’ moment – like Shannon getting an imaging scan and getting actual proof.

        I’m already kinda over this season, and hoping they do a major cast shake up for next year. They made a mistake in the cast they kept this year like they did on RHONY when they did a cast shakup and ruined the show for a couple of seasons.

        1. It’s sad really…and you’re right whatever comes out of it – she’s still sick.
          I do not watch OC – I can’t stand all the screaming, but I read y’all’s comments to keep updated, I hope viewers see the difference.
          For me, next couple of shows will determine if the season is better…RHoBH always seems to have a slower start.

  10. That medicine closet is what made me change my thinking about this whole thing. That was ridiculous, I cannot believe she has taken all those meds and traveled all over the world to get god knows what into her body, and she’s still here to tell us all about it??? How is that possible, very confused, smh

    1. naynay, that was my biggest question mark—that closet full of drugs. Not what David said. No one human can consume that amount of drugs in any given day. No wonder her brain is so fogged. Yes, she has Lymme, but I think her main illness is in her head. Wow & Wow!!!

      1. Starr, that’s what got me was the medicine closet, I said to myself holy hell what’s going on here?? Never seen anything like it, and I use to work in the medical field, nurses didn’t even have that much in the medicine cabinet in a hospital!! Crazy stuff happening, kind of scary.

        1. naynay, I’m on track with your every comment. Scary doesn’t begin to describe it fully. More facts will show & I hope for Yolanda’s sake, it will be true, genuine facts. But cant see how with that closet loaded full.

  11. For me, this story has a ring of truth, I don’t know why, but I just don’t believe it all. Yolanda also said she was not bitten by a tick, but a horsefly, that is what made me start to wonder. I think she has just taken whatever she had to new levels. I see on the upcoming episode Taylor reference the fact with Yolanda about sick selfie and happy selfie. I think it has become more than Lyme.

  12. I call BS on what David is saying. I have been through a chronic illness and believe me there is no way someone would choose to drag it on and play sick patient just for attention. Let me also say that when you are chronically ill and doctors can’t get to the bottom of it, it plays on your psychological state of mind and leads to anxiety. Anxiety then causes more symptoms and those symptoms again cause more anxiety and it goes around in a circle. Yolanda is a social butterfly. There is no way she would give all that up to spend day after day in bed for no reason. David is just trying to defend his reasons for wanting out of the marriage by blaming her. Yolanda once said with tears in her eyes that it pains her that certain members of her family don’t believe she is sick. Now we know who she was talking about.

  13. I believe it to be a combination of Menopause and a falling apart marriage, causing a severe bout of Depressioné… Depression can actually make you feel physically sick, you can even experience pain in joints, and muscles, etc from depression. 🙁 Depression can cause anxiety, and breathing issues do to panic attacks or feelings of being overwhelmed. That being said…..taking that many different kinds and mixtures of varying meds and substances, can be fatal. Overloading the system whether with medical meds or natural ones, can cause reactions, and toxicity, God knows what she’s putting into her system…. and that alone, is just really scary! 🙁 Good Luck to her. I hope she gets help whatever the case and it all ends well!

    1. I totally agree!!! At this point, her crusade seems a bit dangerous with the crazy treatments and medicinal cocktail she’s taking.

  14. Getting older and “invisible” does kind of make you take an inventory of your life and what matters. I think in Hollywood/Beverly Hills it would be even more so because looks are all they focus on. I am thrilled to have two beautiful daughters that are happy and healthy in their lives and that I get to watch them blossom into their future selves. Does it make me nostalgic for my youth? You bet your ass it does. Do I wish I had been wiser about some of the choices I made, yes, but it made me who I am today. I cannot imagine throwing it all away, laying in bed on purpose and not enjoying life. My mom suffered depression and lived the last five year’s of her life in bed a hermit and not eating properly. It eventually led to her heart failure. I feel sad watching Yolanda. She is obviously suffering from depression and seeking any kind of attention she can get instead of enjoying everything she has in life. I hope she gets the help she needs and not in the pill form.

  15. Just from watching the first episode, I can say I can see it. For example when the bellman called to say her friend was there to visit her voice turned. Why did she sign on for another season if she was so Sick? The excuse of bringing her disease to light doesn’t fly any longer. I think she was aware her marriage was ending and is milking her sickness. There are millions of people that their health is failing much more than hers and that is why her pitty party is not going any farther with me. Just my opinion

        1. Jody in a comment earlier you said lets pray for her and then you tell me to shut up? Well that’s a bit of a double standard if I ever saw one

              1. Jody I’m sorry you have so much negativity in your life you need to take out your frustration on this website but it is clearly uncalled for. No need for it. If people’s comments gets you so upset you have to insult people for no reason then perhaps you need to find another form of occupying your spare time. No need for your insulting negative comments.

                  1. Jody I suggest you not be such a negative person. You might need to find another past time if you feel the need to be so rude to others just stating their opinions.

  16. From the day Suzanne Sommers visited Yolanda, and she brought out that hand full of pills, I wondered. I personally have done the lemon cleanse, it is advocated for in every health food store I have ever been in. I didn’t do the full fast because losing weight was not my objective, and the reintroduction to food is problematic for me. Anyway, no matter what the pills are, the body can not easily assimilate a load of medicine like that. Some people refer to herbs as food, but they aren’t. All medicine comes from nature, DUH. Some herbs are actually stronger and more pure than their chemical counterpart. This is not medical advice, just knowledge from reading and studying herbs for many years. Because herbs aren’t controlled by the FDA, or any oversight committee of any kind one must tread carefully and do serious research before using a multitude of any herb or homeopathic medicine of any kind.

    1. ITA, & after years of taking herbs, natural supplements, vitamins, etc. the can collect in the body’s tissues & throw off your natural chemical make-up. I wonder if any one person (dr. nutritionist, herbalist, etc) knows all the things she’s ingesting.

    2. Agree with you and Roxanne, I don’t think I could do the cleanse but I have done others in the past but not regularly and not for many years! My daughter would never let me take all of those herbs, if I ever say I am taking something she always researches it carefully, if she doesn’t already know, then will tell me! She has the contacts to do so I don’t!

  17. If she was cured from Lyme Disease a while back, then it shows she is dealing with mental illness now. Just because one is treated by a medical doctor and one is treated by a psychologist doesn’t mean one illness should be viewed as real, and one viewed as fake.

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