Report Claims Brandi Glanville’s Parenting Is Being Questioned! Brandi Responds!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville has had enough of the drama with her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian and his new wife, LeAnn Rimes. Shortly after posting the FULL email between Cibrian and herself on Twitter, she took it down. “Im taking email down I was in defense mode,” Brandi tweeted, adding, “Lets not talk of them anymore I was wrong 2 put it up.”

As her Twitter followers started immediately commenting about the drama, Brandi wrote, “This is about my kids not them!!!!!!!!!! I want it to go away so I can deal with it on my own. I know it seems hypocritical but can we not talk about ‘them’ anymore at least 4 today.” Interestingly enough, LeAnn rimes has been mum on Twitter about the ongoing feud.

Unfortunately for Brandi, it seems this isn’t going to go away. Now, RadarOnline is reporting that Brandi’s parenting is being questioned by her ex. “People around Brandi started getting vocal a few weeks back about their worries concerning her parenting of the boys,” a source claims, and Radar reports.

“Numerous different people told Brandi that they were concerned that when she had her sons with her she wasn’t paying enough attention to them and was distracted with everything else going on in her life.” The source also explains that the feud between Cibrian and Brandi escalated over the past few weeks when Eddie learned of the concern surrounding Brandi’s parenting. “When Eddie heard that people were saying that Brandi’s actions around the kids were questionable, that’s when the relationship really started to sour,” the insider explains.

Brandi responded to the article tweeting, “I know 1thing for sure in life I am a GREAT & loving Mom. My boys come 1st ALWAYS ask anyone that knows me. Whatever radar is always full of BS.”

Tell Us- What’s YOUR take on all of this? Who do YOU believe?

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4 Replies to “Report Claims Brandi Glanville’s Parenting Is Being Questioned! Brandi Responds!”

  1. Come on wake up! Everyone knows the media will take two words and turn it into a “Media Frenzy”! Brandi should NOT have responded in any way shape or form. I know she realizes that now. When the crap hits the fan for anyone our fight or flight reactions come into play. Recognizing it, is the key. It’s what we do with it that may cause problems. Anger rears its ugly head and sometimes the result isn’t pretty. Calling her lawyer or a good friend would have given Brandi a better alternative. She is no dummy and I don’t think you’ll see Brandi react like this again. Brandi needs to stop cursing so much because she is really setting a bad example for her kids. Children mimic their parents actions all the time. You know the old saying. “Children Learn What They Live”.
    If you exude good you will get good. If you exude mean and nasty, you will have miserable children just like you.

  2. Divorce is like a death to some. However when there are children involved, you must, for the sake of their emotional state of minds, be as civil as possible. As someone posted, and it’s true, we do learn what we live. In some cases, it can be worse, monkey see, monkey do. Children need to feel safe, financially secure, and protected from all the nonsense they have nothing to do with. They are innocent victims in these life-altering decisions. I had a divorce years ago, my ex didn’t want it, but I had to move on. I just wasn’t happy and their was alot of animosity for too long. We are now great friends and only want the best for our son. We learned, per my advice, the love we have for our child should take precedence for the hate we felt for each other. Learn to forgive your child’s parent because of the ‘love’ you have for your children, period.

    1. Kelly, I so agree about divorce. One parent bashing the other for the children to see/hear is very damaging to their innocent minds. Also, as for other antics of Brandi (showing her new home dressed in the disgusting way she did, having dog feces laying around the home, etc.) damage the children. Maybe not in a physical way, but definitely in the mental way. Children should have a mother that they do not need to hear taunts of other children making the children be in a place to have to defend their mother. Mom should be the one that provides and guides their children in responsible and good social skills. Bad mothering?? Brandi is the poster child for it.

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