What Recent Advice Did Andy Cohen Give to Vicki Gunvalson?


Upon its release, Andy Cohen is promoting his third book, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries. In a recent game for promotion of the book, he played a fan oriented game called The Last Thing.

And he didn’t hold back, revealing all sorts of tidbits about himself, like the last person he kissed (his boyfriend!), the last vacation he took (the Hamptons!), the last time he drank too much (with his high school buddies!), and his last big splurge (his swanky new apartment!), but he also shared the last piece of advice he gave to someone, which just happened to be to one of the stars of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

“The last piece of advice I gave was to Vicki Gunvalson last night, which was, ‘Get off social media and stop investing in what people are saying on social media,” Andy shared with The Daily Dish.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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The last advice he should give that witch is “get off my show”!!!!!!

Great one, Aunt Bee! Yes! 😉

Bee you are right and that’s the only advice to give her in polite company!

YES, I agree. And the Dud.

Bravo aired all the parts of the reunion today while I was making turkey stock….. and I am hearing that old hag-face liar Vicki STILL insisting she had NOTHING to do with the Brooks Cancer Scam and that the women need to APOLOGIZE to her for saying this!! Now, let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? 1. City of Hope claims Brooks was never a patient there. I think City of Hope keeps very good records of who gets chemo. Yet, Vicki claims she saw him in the room in City of Hope with an IV in him… Read more »


I really wish we could start a usable petition to have her fired. She has very few fans left, and the little bit of drama she used to bring has now become a sickening shrieking useless vulgar attempt at her being the queen.

He should have told her to get some therapy for her narcissistic ass. And a personal massager. Maybe not in that order, but asap on both.

It doesn’t what you tell this hag-faced LIAR, she doesn’t listen anyway. She’s not going anywhere. She actually believes she is an actress on a TV Show and that the world would stop spinning on its axis if she quit. She will have to be dragged off kicking and screaming.

Hi Gigi, Happy Thanksgiving! I wish someone would drag her off!

Maybe men in white coats will come and take her away…to the funny farm.
Anyone remember that song , “They’re Coming To Take Me Away?”It could be Vicki’s theme song (to Brooks) ! So fitting! I pasted a link to it. Take a look see. 😮
Happy T Day to All!

When it comes to someone’s appearance I respond more to their inside appearance than the outer. I find Vicki ugly inside and I must admit I wonder about the inside of those who so vehemently defend her. I appreciate those who try to see both sides and find good points about her (and Kelly) but those who root for her year after year really make me wonder.

My response wasn’t to Real Sandy but to Cin regarding name calling about a woman’s appearance. It went under the wrong comment. No offense intended.

I thought so. 😉

holy cow….. I wasn’t speaking to any specific person… actually hadn’t even read your post until I saw this. I am way past playing like this… sorry if I offended you.

Dear Cin you just happened to spark something in me that began when I started watching the Oc in the middle of the first season. I saw how manipulative V was and haven’t liked her ever since. Then calling it her show when she has been at odds with every lady cast member since day 1 really set me off. I am sorry if you thought I was referring to you because I didn’t mean it that way. Please forgive.

wish I could post a smiley face…. guess it goes to show that some things get lost in the translation and I misunderstood…

Happy TG Aunt Bee and Cin 🙂 let love shine ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks Rain….. it was a great dinner…. just wish the weather was as good as the food!!! Not ready for another Wisconsin winter!!!

Oh my husband is from Wisconsin so I have a soft soft for your state lol !!!! ❤️❤️❤️ We used to go there for Christmas when the kids were younger to see their grandparents , and yes it was brutal cold. . I hope you have a warm fuzzy winter with lots of hot chocolate and marshmallows! 🙂 xoxxoo

To Cin 🙂 ❤️❤️

Aunt Bee, no need to apologize ever ❤️❤️❤️ We all love you and who amongst us here hasn’t ranted or moaned or went on and on about something??? I know I have …. And as for feeling sorry for yourself, most of us do it and I personally do it at least once a day . I hope today is a better day for you and that tomorrow is even better xoxxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

one thing has been accomplished….. we became friends !!!! Putting my tree up now with good thoughts!!!!! Sending love!!! Happy Holidays to all….

Sending you love right back Cin and happy holidays to you ❤️❤️❤️

Smiley face is : ) no letters or punctuation for a space before, no space between, and no letters, comma’s etc for a space after. 🙂

lol…. I’m still learning the symbols…. my kids just laugh at me for my stupidity…especially the grandkids – they just roll their eyes at me.

question…. how are you guys posting smiley faces and hearts…

Cin, the hearts from me are on my iPad on the bottom row next to the 123 I’m not sure about laptops or phones! Xo ❤️❤️

I remember the song; the voice of the person singing it I found creepy and ominous. I guess that was the idea!

Yes, it is a bit creepy..by Dr. Demento! I think Monster Mash is an even creepier sounding voice by Bobby Pickett. https://youtu.be/vNuVifA7DSU

And, as we all have personally witnessed, it’s really SHRIEKING. The show has actually gotten boring, IMO. The trip to Ireland could have been good, but of course Kelly had to ruin it, and everyone else jumped on the ruination train.
If we can’t get rid of Viki and Kelly, it will never be good again. I know many think others should also go, naturally we all have our opinion on who should go. Those 2 are my personal choices.

hard for me to call another woman names due to their appearance, etc. Just had this conversation with my Granddaughter…. women don’t call other women ugly names ”ho”…etc. Although I have put in my two cents in about their looks .. don’t like their frozen faces.. that is as far as I can go.

I think she was agreeing with you and adding her take on the same subject. I am not speaking for Aunt Bee, but she is the sweetest person around. She also looks at people from both sides and does not just defend any one person nonstop (like some may) without realizing that person may also have faults, etc. I don’t think she said you, yourself, vehemently defend someone. You didn’t do that, Cin. I agree that some take the fillers and Botox too far. I don’t call them names or anything myself. It gets to look like a mannequin with… Read more »

Sorry Real Sandy…. I was just responding to her comment with my name in it. I may have misunderstood. My original comment was in general and was my thought at the moment and I had no one in particular I was directing it to. So when I saw I had created a few comments directed towards me – I was perplexed. Also have enjoyed Aunt Bee’s past posts, etc. Thanks for your note… appreciate it…

I watch BH, OC and NY …. never have seen the other ones… I have a blast watching !!! You also have a great day!!!

😀 ❤️

Read your comment about your turkey Sandy but there was no reply button ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yum yum is all I can say!! I hope you and your family had a fantastic TG and lots of love to all of you

Thanks, Rain. You’re so sweet. I hope you had a nice T Day too. Mine was very nice, thank you, Rain. 🙂 XOXOXO


Thank you R Sandy ❌❌⭕️❌❌

Oh please. You are too nice, Bee. No need to thank me.
Honestly, sometimes, I think people read a tone to the written words that was never there. Sometimes too, we may misinterpret the writer’s intended meaning too. Either way, I knew what you meant. I am always glad to help if I can.
Have a great day! ❤️XO

No button under your TG rant, but I was washing dishes since I could stand on a chair to do it. I no longer do turkey, for reasons most here know, but I did used to love it. Nan always helped with the stuffing, which was everyones favorite. The last TG dinner I had started growing herbs, and had my own organic Sage and Thyme for the stuffing. So, no matter what the reason’s are, you have the right to your feelings, and to speak of it. No sorry necessary.

Thanks, 3 D’s. ❤️ Holidays make us all remember when we were younger and how it was growing up. I loved helping my mother make the stuffing, etc., as well as clean up, and I always watched cooking shows from quite young and learned lots that way. To me Thanksgiving is a great holiday with our family, and no gift giving, just good food and family togetherness. The holidays change a bit as our families change, but being thankful is what it is all about, and I am thankful for my family and also for friends here, like you, who… Read more »

Did you ladies see the disgusting comment Rae left on the article referring to Lynn Curtin’s daughter? I’m thinking “Rae” might not be a lady ( a woman I mean, certainly not a lady considering that remark .) I was just horrified by that as you will see if you decide to read it.

He is only doing it to rile us so ignore I do! Xoxoxxo

Somebody needs to go to his job and knock the dick out of HIS mouth 🙂

I already replied, as you might have seen, & if it’s to rile us up, well, that makes it no less disgusting, repulsive, cruel, vulgar or depraved. I personally can not let that particular remark go, but then we all have our limits. I have seen Rae’s commentary before, so it’s not as if it was some previously unknown troll coming in to hit & run. I know you’re aware of why I take this so personally, and I am sorry to put it on a page filled with such love, stories, funny anecdotes and care for one another. I… Read more »

3Ds you are always the one to make as a stand and speak Your mind. We love and respect you for that
I don’t know who this person is but its definitely a disgusting comment and it deserved the response you gave. Sometimes I can’t bite my tongue but sometimes I feel they say these things to get a reaction. I don’t read that comment until you told us about it. Lord knows, we see enough posters trying to get a reaction by saying something atrocious or shocking ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Xoxxoo

So many typos and grammatical errors ! Sigh! But you get the point I’m sure 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

Of course you should stand by it! I know why you feel this way and I love you my friend xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cin, I didn’t even know what an emoji WAS, then after I asked and learned, Real Sandy told me where to find them to use for my posts. You are not alone. 🙂

For Cin, On a laptop, on the top where it says “Safari” “File” “Edit”, Hit Edit, and at the bottom( or somewhere on the list ) it should say “Emojis and symbols.” Click that, and a window should pop up with all the choices. On the top right, there is a little box with dots next to the search window. If you click that, the box of emojis will get really big, hit it again, and it will return to small again. When you do that it allows you to use as many symbols as you want instead of disappearing… Read more »

The best advice AC could give VG is to stay out of the public eye in addition to staying away from social media. AC don’t renew the OG of the OC’s contract, that would be the best advice many of your viewers would impart to you. After this season, the ship is sinking grab a life vest.

Firing her would be best to take that ego of hers down a peg or TEN or at least demote her to “friend of the OC”.

I honestly wish we could start a true petition to get her off the show. I might go try to find a way on Bravo’s website. I can’t even stand to look at her much less hear her shrieking.

Happy TG lovely ladies ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you all and hope you have a wonderful holiday xoxxo

Happy Thanksgiving Rain, enjoy your day xoxoxoxoxox

Thank you gorgeous Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️ An excuse to eat till we pass out I guess 🙂 I will be giving thanks to how wonderful it is to have you in my life xoxxo

It’s not TG here but I am so thankful you are in my life. Don’t overdo it today xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy turkey day Rain, Suze, and to everyone. Hope everyone has a great day. I myself having major turkey trauma. It’s perfect on top undercooked on bottom

Let’s hope you have time to finish it at risk of saying something stupid have you flipped it over? Xxxxx good luckxxxxxx

Not stupid at all Suze sweetie . I did. It’s ass in the air cooking good now

Oh good! Enjoy your day! Xoxoxoxo

That also makes the breast meat more moist. I used to cook mine in a paper bag, until Reynolds cooking bags were invented. My Nana always cooked hers upside down though! So, not so odd Suze.

I have had to flip mine at Christmas before now.

I always cover the Turkeys boobies in streaky (fatty) bacon as well that also keeps it moist!

Lol turkey boobies…. Love it

There are some Martha Stewart videos online about cooking turkey. She has used layers of cheesecloth soaked in white wine (could use chicken broth instead) on top of the bird to prevent too much browning and then removed it toward the end. She also has put a puff pastry crust on a turkey in the end…looks gorgeous. I remember seeing her do that on TV. It looked so pretty…but just for presentation,, since you have to remove it somehow to carve the bird!

RealSandy❤️ Morning! That’s exactly how I do my turkey with cheesecloth soaked first in turkey broth and white wine, and I put huge sage leaves and butter under the skin first, it looks real perddy too.

Puff pastry sounds really good. I have made my last turkey, but it would work on game hen too. Game hen makes way more drippings than turkey, and no 20 pound, hot turkey to try to pour drippings off of. Game hen can be stuffed too, one of my Daughter’s prefers the stuffing that isn’t “stuffed.” So, I always made a big extra pan for her & take homes back when I did TG dinners.

There are smaller turkeys too and large chickens you can stuff too, but restaurants make their stuffing outside the bird mostly. Many people prefer the crunchy stuffing from baking separately and not in the bird.
I prefer stuffing the turkey, since I like the moist stuffing with the turkey flavor, myself, and my kids and hubby love it too, thankfully. 🙂 I have had game hens too, but not stuffed. ❤️

Omg too funny Suze!! Daisy I hope your dinner was wonderful! I hope everyone’s day was. ❤️

Morning Miss M. Not to brag but it was delicious. More importantly my m n l gave me a hug and told me that she appreciated everything. First time in 30 years. I hope you had a lovely day. Thanks to you and Sandy for the cheese cloth hint. I’m going to try that with a chicken next time I roast one. Have a wonderful day sweet lady

Oh I’m so glad Daisy you should brag away when making a monumental meal it’s a shitload of work! I’m pooped it was really nice but it costs me some down time. I’m lucky I have my sister here in the kitchen organizing the leftovers and I can smell a turkey stock for soup wafting in. God bless my sister♥️ I’m so glad your M law gave you your due too. ♥️

As a child I was always encouraged to help out during the holidays. Doing dishes at age 5 was not my idea of fun but Dad insisted. Sooo Thanksgiving has never been a favorite of mine. It just means 6-8 hours of preparation — 1/2 hour of eating and 2 hours of cleanup while all the men sit around, yelling at the TV and watching ball games. Yuck.

I want to apologize to all you dear friends about my Thanksgiving rant. I had a rough one yesterday and was feeling sorry for myself. Please forgive again.

Miss M, aren’t sisters the best. I miss mine so much. I’m in tx and she’s in pa so we don’t get to see each other often. She was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I wish we lived closer so I could take care of her

Miss M, your turkey must look beautiful. Mine came out perfectly moist, and I used the cooking bag. I also rub some poultry seasoning under the skin and on top with some oil. I love sage. I add some Dalmatian sage, though the seasoning has sage in it too. I never tried herbs de Provence, though some use that in turkeys too.
I should have taken pics of my turkey. It was pretty for a short time, anyway… 😉

Oh Aunt Bee I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you had a nice day yesterday even though it’s not your favorite. In my house the hubby does dishes so I’m grateful for the help. Oh and he also helps me cook. Yep he’s a keeper

TY Daisy ❤️

Daisy, I cook my hubbie peels potatoes and does all the washing up! We have well trained men! Xoxoxoxox

Love it Suze dear . .. and yes we do

Bee, you don’t need to apologise there are a few who should but you are not one of them and never have been! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Xxxxxxxx

It’s much more difficult after it’s been cooking. It’s heavy enough to stuff, bake, spoon the drippings etc., without it being hot and already falling apart!!!

Definitely a two person job! Xxxxxxx

Yes it took me and Bear , the dogs wanted to help also

I bet they did, there wouldn’t have been much left for you if they had! Love you Daisy xoxoxoxoxxoxo

Love you too Suze sweetie . Even though you guys don’t do thanksgiving I want you to know how thankful I am for you . Truly I am

Daisy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

That is SO great about your M-I-L hugging you and complimenting you. I guess we can all learn as we age and grow. I am so happy for your hug, for real. ❤️

Sandy told me about the cooking bags yesterday . I look forward to using them next time

Yes, I use the cooking bags. I also put the turkey on a roasting rack in the pan. It helps it cook better underneath. I use my oven on convection roast, so the air is moving around and cooks more evenly. I also use three themometers. One temperatureprobe attaches to my oven and I set the temperature I want for the breast. I put a regular meat thermometer in the thigh, not touching bone and another in the stuffing, since I stuff it. My turkey came with a pop up thermometer too. It came out perfect and moist. I also… Read more »

Happy TG 3Ds ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, Rain. A belated one to you too. I read your lovely story about how proud your kids did you for dinner. ❌⭕️❤️☮

You’re the best my soul sister xoxox ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Too funny Daisy. I remember when my newlywed sister roasted her first turkey. She had no idea their was a wax paper bag inside with the neck, kidneys etc.. until mom asked if she had made broth and stuffing. Oh yeah, and the smell of burning paper.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this side of the pond and a very nice day to the rest of you.

Too funny Aunt Bee. I also did the same thing with my first turkey . Thanks for reminding me of my lovely memories . Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving lovely lady

I did the same Bee but it was a plastic bag! I never told anyone and no one had food poisoning! Xoxoxoxox

I did with my first turkey and my daughter did the very same thing yesterday with her first turkey. When I asked her if she cleaned it out she answered yes, then I said…both ends? Oh dear. She didn’t know both ends held unmentionables. She was so disgusted at the process of cleaning out one end….you had to do it twice?!?! LOL LOL

She quickly pulled out the baggie, gagged and threw it out. We ate and no one has been the wiser.

People make such a fuss over these things and we have all done them from time to time.xxxx

Exactly! And we survived to talk about it later.

Love you Suze ❤️❤️❤️

Love you too Sweetie xoxoxo

Hope you’re having a great weekend Suze ❤️❤️❤️ We are having another rainy day but we sure need it xoxxoo

Very quiet here Ironing! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and your Daughter cooked hi what lovely! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

Ironing? You’re so good Suze , I hate ironing with a passion lol
Yes my daughter did great. I ate way too much ❤️❤️❤️

That’s good you ate too much we all need to do that now and again! I just ironed my bedding it’s so much nicer ironed and while I can I will do it! Xoxoxxo

Rain ‘hi what lovely’ was supposed to be how lovely!

What a funny story Michelle 🙂 this year my daughter took over TG tradiotn and I was ok surrendering it ❤️❤️❤️ She’s a perfectionist and I was worried that she would be overwhelmed but to her credit she managed to do everything so well and to HER standard lol. If I hadn’t squeezed her out, I would’ve thought she was someone else’s daughter lol, we are different in that ‘perfection ‘ aspect ….. My husband and I felt like we were dining with the royals 🙂 I teased her that she must’ve felt she was slumming it all those years… Read more »

Yes. I heard that is the most common mistake. I think because I always helped my mom and even made the stuffing back then, I was already used to cooking turkeys.
My eldest sister has never made one in her life. She is turkey phobic…about cooking one. Luckily her MIL did that for years, then her BIL, then her DIL.
Happy T Day to you too!

Happy TG Aunt Been❤️❤️❤️

Aunt Been? Just kidding! I know you meant Aunt Bee, Rain!
You are the best! Love ya.

Oh my lol!! I was so proud of no typos today !!!! Been wanting to discuss VP Rules with you Sandy! I’m SOOOOOO disappointed in Katie who is now a total mean girl. Being upset with Sheana for simply talking to LaLa is so petty and stupid . It was obvious she was riling up stassi and Kristen against scheana when they were all on her bed. LaLa is atrocious but she still works there and if scheana is being simply being friendly, that’s not a betrayal or whatever. As for the ‘straight ‘ boys club, the steak in the… Read more »

And while I have you sandy, I’m also disappointed in josh flag (MDLA). He’s such a little BITCH now and that snark is not cute anymore . I think he’s still a great agent but even when he’s on WWHL, his animosity and bitchiness towards Altman has turned me off. I don’t believe this conveniently found new BF, can no one around him tell him the definition of ‘rebound’????? lol

I never could stand Flagg. I liked Edith. Flagg is a rich showoff who thinks he is better than everyone else and rude. I sorta like Altman. I know I am in the minority. I love the two Brits, James and David. David had a nose job…not sure why, and I could not recognize him.

Yes, it is a rebound, and he proposes! Unreal.
Don’t fret. I will watch that episode now. I have it ipon the bravo app on my Roku on pause. ❤️

My comment is at the bottom of the page. XO

OH I am so glad you spoke of Flagg. I can’t stand that little snot. He is such an obnoxious show off. Sandy I like Josh A and the Brits too.

Aunt Bee, it seems James and David are friends with Flagg but not Altman. Altman did not invite any of them to his wedding either, so it must be an ongoing feud. I think Altman and Heather look great together. They had a smaller reception and just had close family and friends.
I think Flagg has absolutely no manners. He is just too spoiled and snobby.

Altman and Heather are so lovely together. I wish Madison was on more but I do like the brits too , especially when they show their families ….

Where is Madison? He said he was back, but he isn’t really back. I like to see some of Malibu too. Madison seems happy with his new helper/surrogate mommy now.
I just rewatched the Altman wedding. All of the Altmans appeared very happy. Heather’s mom, not so much by her expression, anyway.
Nearly 8 million (plus reno.) for a first house is not bad. Heather and Josh seem very happy together and mesh well. ❤️

Yes , Madison is a joy to watch. He seems like a genuinely nice man and someone you would want to know in real life, he’s not snarky or viscously catty . He is in future scenes where he clashes with the Brits . But he’s definitely not a full cast member . Maybe the show wasn’t doing well and they needed him to show up a few times. I know from the past he was always the fans number 1 favorite , even though I’m not sure who they poll for these things

Rain, I am not up to date with VPR, so I missed all of that. Sorry. I was watching Dancing with the Stars finale and did not watch that episode yet. I will now! ❤️

Oops!!! Sorry I ruined it for you xoxox ❤️❤️❤️

Watching it now. Just saw the butt thing…gross!
I am no fan of Katie either. I feel sorry for Tom Schwartz.

I no longer make turkey. I made turkey and all the trimmings for many, many years. I am making steak and home made deep fried french fries this year, my S-Daughter is making the Pumpkin Pie. Just the 3 of us this year. This is the first time I have had her by herself for a holiday, my oldest Daughter and her husband are going out for a romantic, no work dinner, my younger Daughter is having a romantic day with her husband of 1-1/2 years. This is their second TG together. TG isn’t the same, never will be the… Read more »



Love you 3 D’S . Have a great thanksgiving and please know that we are all so very thankful for you doll

3D❤️I hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving day with your step daughter and hubby. Steak and French fries sounds totally perfect in my mind and I may do just that one year. It really doesn’t matter one whit what we consume on T day after all. I know this had to be an especially hard year for you emotionally with the loss of your dear brother. My fathers loss too. Through the years as we age on we’re noticing so many of our dear family and friends abesence, and it’s a reminder for many of how it once was. The loss… Read more »

That was just beautiful Miss Moneypenny. Thank you.

(((Aunt Bee))) xo

You are such a beautiful person! Xoxxoxoxox

You are. ❤️

Thank you Miss M, that warmed my heart. It is true that this is a place of love, true caring and love for one another. Who would have thought a blog Ni**y put together about housewives would become not only a great forum for that, but a place of comfort and thought for so many. I want to thank everyone here for all of the many times I have needed comfort, and have found it here. I really do wish for the magic carpet to get us all together for a day. What an unforgettable day that would be!

I’m glad 3D & I hope you enjoyed your TG with your ❤️ones too.

I just read this, Miss M. Thankyou for those really kind words and I know they come from your beautiful heart. This place is so special. I still am in wonder at times how odd the finding of it was, and how my start here was less than proud. But many here taught me, and I learned so much about how others feel and think. It is a God-Send, this blog. I bet Ni**i didn’t know what she was creating when she set this up. I owe her a debt of pure love and gratitude for helping save me from… Read more »

P.S. It snowed here last night. It looks so beautiful on the mountains, with the Sun glittering on it. I love it here.

3D’s Forever…..we don’t know each other very well since I’m relatively new here, but wow. I see you a little cleaner now. It’s really nice getting to know all of you ladies. I’m not much into the blogging thing only because I feel it’s so cold and disconnected. I don’t know how to speak my thoughts because I don’t know you and I know nothing of your story. I don’t want to sound soppy, but thanks for sharing.

Honey I learn more and more about what makes you ‘you’ and I understand some things better each time I read you. Sometimes I can’t see the forest through the trees, I think I see things more clearly now. I know you’ll understand what that might mean so I’ll leave it at that. I hope you’ll be on line more so we can share our good times and hard times together and not alone. I used to isolate myself when I was way down in the hole years ago, ‘the abyss’ I called it. Most people never knew I was… Read more »

The above post is for my friend 3D❤️❤️❤️ And p.s. I’ll bet that snow was enchanting.

You too Daisy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Popping in to say “Happy Thanksgiving & just Happy Thursday” to all sweet housewives’ posters here♥️ I feel blessed to have such wonderful camaraderie and friendships thru this forum. Thank you Nicki & Thank you all for being a friend. Love, Jane xoxoxox

There you are I haven’t had a chance to say hello and happy holiday to one of the sweetest kindest and funny gals on here, our (((Rain))) love you sweetie ❤️❤️❤️

Oh Miss M 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ You sure know how to melt a heart and bring a smile to anyone’s day . I hope you had a great TG with your family xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

Princess of Strogonoff

Vicky should get her love tank filled up more frequently…

Popping in to say “Happy Thanksgiving & just Happy Thursday” to all sweet housewives’ posters here♥️ I feel blessed to have such wonderful camaraderie and friendships thru this forum. Thank you for being you.

Love, Jane

(I posted about a half hour ago and realized I put the owners name in there also and it went to moderation)

Happy Thanksgiving our sweet Miss M xxxxxxxx


Happy turkey day sweet stuff . Thanks for all your help

Daisy, I’m just catching up with posts and so sorry that you’re going through a difficult time ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wish you and your family plenty of health, love and the best of everything xoxox . I’ll pray for you my sweetie xoxxoo

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! ❤️

ABSOLUTELY! Sorry but she is a tired, old nasty person w/ nothing but her kids as her storyline.

If Vicki actually paid so much attention to social media, did she not read how disgusted people were with her and why wouldn’t she try to work on herself based on the common complaints everyone had about her?

And we’re obviously not just picking on her, her children say out loud what we type!

Tell her to quit acting like she created and is responsible for all the Housewife franchises. Why you let her get away with this is beyond me. Does she pay the salaries of all the cast members? Just because she had been on the show for 11 seasons just tells us she has no life to move on to. You DID NOT give birth to the Housewife franchise and you are NOT the reason they are on today. Get a life and move on. PLEASE!

I have VPR on now. You did not ruin anything, Rain! You reminded me I missed it!
Gotta go now. Have a nice night! It is 8PM here.
Love ya Rain! XOXO

There is absolutely nothing redeeming about Vicki. I lived in Newport before moving south. Coto has nothing to do with Orange County as Kelly impies. These women having moved to CA from out of state are no example of true Southern CA women and the beach lifestyle. Just how many surgeries has Vicki had trying to fit in? Denying she was involved with the cancer scam. How insulting to viewers. Her motive was to have castmates and viewers accept and feel sorry for both she and that scumbag boyfriend. The terrible lies and accusations she has made each season about… Read more »

Love your post Margo ❤️❤️❤️

Margo, excellent post. I remember Vicki saying she was originally from the heartland ? I think or the Midwest and moved to California and her family remarking she wanted to live ‘the lifestyle’. I can tell that Vicki isn’t a native because most of you Californians are very laid back and organically in touch with yourselves. Vicki has never exuded that, she’s high strung usually and overly ambitious. So no worries, we know the carpetbaggers when we see them.

Margo ITA 100%

This is the very first post I read and ❤️Rain you beat me too it. I can’t agree more with Margo’s statement.

How are you today Miss M ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hope you’re doing well and spreading love and joy like you always do 🙂 your posts always make me smile 🙂 Vicki and Kelly don’t represent humans, let alone Californians lol xoxxoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Good morning sweetheart♥️ I will admit to feeling blah today :/ I think it’s the holiday after grumbles and poos. My stomach is queasy from too much fat and sugar lol. And hubbys been away for herd season at camp so I have to take care of things when he’s gone all the time and I just get weary sometimes you know? I’m just tired but I’ll perk up this week no worries♥️ Are you feeling good Rain? Arent the holidays a bit hard on you too with your health? ugh I try hard to not complain honest .

Oh you’re the sweetest ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You have every right to complain with so much on your plate . I can’t even begin to imagine what a typical day for you is like , with all that you need to get done . And your husband being gone makes things even harder !!!!! But we women remain hard on ourselves. I do hope you feel better and that queeziness wears off my dear xoxo This year my daughter took over the TG tradition and she made me prouder than I could imagine . I look at myself and at my kids… Read more »
Well boy I think we might just be steel magnolias like so many of the women here are. Right?! So so many of us do have our plates full emotionally physically etc. I am so proud of you for allowing your dear daughter ♥️ to take the reigns because it is hard to let someone do what you love doing for them. See you fillled your children up with so much love it’s spilling back over and that’s the gift. You done good sister, reallllll good 😉 I love you too. xoxoxo oh joy text alert: My hubby is on… Read more »

Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, Ca., has been prescribing THC gel caps for decades. Nana got them before she passed away, and that was a long, long time ago. The legalization of Mary Jane was just passed in this last election here in Nevada. Yay.

That’s fantastic !! Same here in California, all legal now . I’m not going to deal with the morality issues of young people smoking, but for us the elderly or the ill, why would anyone give a hoot or be bothered what we do in the privacy of our homes ???

Hello ladies!
Miss M, I’m sorry you aren’t feeling too well at the moment! Get well soon!!!
Rain, how are you doing?
Bee, I hope your mad hectic social life has calmed down a bit down and you are recovering!

Suze how are you darling ? ❤️❤️❤️ Sunshine today after rain day yesterday so maybe a walk is in my future lol xoxo

Rainnnnn you are so so s0Oo lucky to live where you do. I’d move there if my hubby would! My niece is there actually over in Oakland, if I ever visit her I’m coming over and we’ll get bonged! heheee xoxoxo

Parts of Oakland are just incredibly beautiful. Local open gardens for growing food, or whatever. I’ve been all over California, the one State I really know well. I lived in Redding California during my youth, and all my kids were born in Red Bluff, Ca. I hitch hiked all up and down the coast of Ca., and had the time of my young life. Grass Valley was a place I loved, and Laguna Beach, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Burney Falls, ………..

That’s amazing 3Ds!! You’ve lived quite a life ❤️❤️❤️

Then I got married and started having my children. I went straight before marriage, during pregnancy and nursing, and have been blessed with much. There have also been some tragedies. People like Rae and HWLOVER have shallow hearts and souls, so usually I worry not about what they say. Until they stumble into territory they apparently know NOTHING about. The one thing ignorance is used for the most, are those housed in that category speaking and judging about unknown subjects. If it wasn’t so damaging, it would be funny. Like calling your life a mess, what an obtuse, moronic remark.

(((3D)))❤️ You HAVE been everywhere you are so lucky too. To live on the west coast in near perpetual nice weather I really envy you girls there. I do love the northeast it’s what I know and I love the distinct 4 seasons but I can’t take winte weather like I used to I can’t. My bones my joints my ligaments aughhhhh it’s killer. And we can get pretty darned depressive being like a bear in a cave without the sun for long stretches. And I’m starting to get all wired up just talking about it cause it’s here already… Read more »

Come on over Miss M! We will get baked and giggle 🙂

LOL oh Lord no doubt about that! It’s a shame we can insert animated gif images on here cause I have some good uns for just this post daaaaaang

Good mornin Suze ♥️ The other minor thing is that when I’m feeling under the weather and take my meds (lots ugh) it really affects me and makes me nauseous. So that’s what I’m feeling mainly queasy nauseated blech. I’m not telling you anything you don’t understand well unfortunately (((♥️)))

That sucks Miss M , I’m sorry :(. I hate to sound like the resident pot head but nothing gets me over my nausea like some medicinal herbs, otherwise it just feels like I’m pregnant and have Morning sickness all the time . I send you lots of love and hugs Miss M and Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Well you are a pot head . If the shoe fits …

Oh look what the cat dragged in! Last time you said you love me and now we are back to this again lol. Well, you’ve called me worse things before so I guess we are moving in the right direction. Use your powers for good and have a lovely day xoxoxxoxoxoxxoxox

Can I get an A MEN!! You did it girl!!!! Proud of you!!!! lol

You’re a great example Miss M ❤️❤️❤️With friends like you , Daisy, Suze , Sandy , 3Ds etc etc , it’s all good 🙂 xoxxo

I thank you for including me my hippy souls sister. I always remember God created herbs. He created them for many reasons, taste, medicine, poultices, beauty, scent, ( like Lemon Thyme ) ooohh the scent is heavenly…….and you are one of the most beautiful examples of joy and God in this world.

I love you 3Ds and of course I would include you . You are a wonderful soul (sister!) and you stand up for us when we are even too tired to stand for ourselves. You’re a true friend and a beautiful soul xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

Rain you are good my friend! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Love ya Rain. ❤️❤️❤️ ☮️❤️❤️❤️

How rude . You have no clue as to what this lady lives with everyday or even what her story is .

Thanks Daisy ❤️❤️❤️ You’re a doll , but no need to bother yourself . I’m not bothered xoxxoxoox

Unfortunately sometimes ignorance is catchy. But we will keep it sanitized here.


(((Daisy)))) you’re so sweet ! It does know it knows, it reads all the time it just doesn’t know how to morph yet to human emotional levels give it time. Maybe one day not here but somewhere he/she will come out of its shell. Ok I’m cooked my husbands home. xoxoxox

Ooh la la . Have fun with your hubby sweet stuff

Welll there ya go, Rain. Another dingleberry to practice your patience on hahahaha.

The Lord keeps testing me lol, but I think I passed this one ❤️❤️❤️

Hahahahahaaha you did you did !!! See it gets easier it’s really comical

The Lord test me everyday . I always have to say dear God please remember that I was never an A student

Daisy ❤️❤️❤️ That kinda patience doesn’t come easy to me lol xoxxo

Can I get a amen ! !! I’m not going to lie…. I would smoke down with you any day

The only thing better than ‘partaking’ , is doing it with friends 🙂 and for all you judgey people out there, I do NOT do that infront of my children, even though they are all adults.
I do it privately . Love you Daisy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love you too doll

Rain, you should never have to explain why you take your ‘herbs’ They are for a very good reason so I say to those who pipe up ‘ go boil your heid’!

Thank you Suze , you’re so sweet! But I honestly wasn’t bothered 🙂 rolled off my shoulder and I moved on. Not worth it sweetie ❤️❤️❤️

I really do like you Rain but maybe my sense of humor is foreign to most people. I enjoy how crude and vulgar you can be and how open you are about what a mess your life is. I apologize if I offended you , I didn’t mean to , it was a bad joke . I am even adding xoxo like you do

Oh my! Crude and vulgar ! And this is you ‘liking me’? How lucky your friends must be. You may have percieved me as being crude and vulgar but you provide us proof of your crudeness and vulgarity with every post . I think you enjoy coming here and picking on one of us and then blaming it on a misunderstanding. You probably think it’s a hoot. However, I’m not bothered nor intimidated by you . I’m used to brats and smart asses. There are messy things happening in my life but I never said my life was a mess.… Read more »

Daisy too funny! I missed a whole lotta chatter today I’m reading some funny posts here. Daisy? Do you take classes or courses? Are you studying like for nursing or something is that you sweetie? If so, I’d be scared to try and actually do any test work at my ripe ol age. I wonder if I can still retain any information to take one yeesh

Good morning Miss M . I hope this goes in the right place as no reply button under your comment . Nope that’s not me . All I do is clean houses

Rain, I’m embarrassed to say that in my wild 70’s days I did not partake (there is a story…) but girlfriend if you invited me, I would! Side note…my grown children so want me to partake in the brownie kind but have yet to bring it home for me.

On a serious note, if it makes you feel better, you do what makes you feel better girlfriend!!

P.S. I just read your answer to “her/him who will not be named”…..I love that line “the way youve been congratulated on every fart you took along the way”…….that’s awesome!!! Can I use that line?

Michelle I didn’t either until recently for medicinal purposes! Xoxoxoxox

Suze, if it helps, don’t you bother what anyone else thinks or says. You be healthy and happy, lady.

Is it just me??? Some posts don’t come with a REPLY button or if it does, it doesn’t take you to the right spot.

What’s is happening?

Michelle and Suze, I wasn’t proud doing it when I was a teenager. I was a hippy and it was part of the life and I did enjoy it lol. But once I got pregnant , I stopped and didn’t do it again till I was diagnosed and it was recommended to me by a friend. I was never a big drinker so when I was young I did enjoy smoking it. Now it’s a such a tremendous relief to me to have have that option available ❤️❤️❤️

Rain….you don’t owe me any explanation. I didn’t know how much it helped until rather recently and if you have no choice but to take highly toxic medication to kill off a disease, why not take something natural to help with the side effects. No judgement here. Anyway, I have a pothead son. Funny story…..last year one while hosting one of my children’s baby shower I realised after the party started that my son’s bong was sitting out on the patio table. I simply picked it up, apologised to the ladies sitting there and put it away in a cupboard.… Read more »

Rain, if anything gives relief I don’t understand why it’s a problem. In U.K. It should be on prescription, my GP agrees as well! Xoxoxoxoxox

What a funny story Michelle 🙂 i don’t know if my kids do it or not but I’d rather they do that , than get stupidly drunk every day of their college life lol. Alcohol is a depressant and why anyone would want to constantly get drunk is beyond me . Again I know some people are all up in all arms about what a ‘gateway drug’ it is, but that’s a bunch of baloney with no facts to back it up . I was pleasantly surprised once I started again (almost 25 years later) how many options there are… Read more »

Florida just passed it. We can now get prescriptions. I think that’s so much better. We know now that there are so many good medicinal uses for marijuana. I have absolutely no objections to its use.

Suze , I think in less than 5 years, doctors all around the world will be prescribing it as a legitimate option. All that remains is a little bit of stigma that’s all. Our kids and younger are all totally fine with the concept of it so no worries mate 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hi Michelle! I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and posting I just wanted to say I’m happy you’re here. It sounds like we’ll grew up in the wonderful 70’s as teenagers ? so you’re among like minded women here who are youthful at heart. ❤️

Hi Miss Moneypenny, it’s very nice to meet you and yes I think the thing I like most about being here is the age group. There is something to be said for growing up in the same generation. By the way, I love your name. Truth be told, my husband would LOVE it more! He’s a James Bond aficionado.

I feel for you between a lot of us the nausea really gets to us! It’s foul! Xoxoxoxox

That was to Miss M!

Oh Suze I’m fine❤️ I’m feeling way better now since this morning the queasiness are gone and I sucked on some popsicles that helped a lot.

Apparently that’s exactly what you do, Rae. Probably nothing else to occupy your small mind. Poor thing, I should feel sorry for you, but you’re just so, so far beneath me I can not see you down there.

I started to reply to Stupido here before, 3D, but said nah not worth it. ((((Thankyou))) xoxox

Rain! I hope you see this way down here in the bowels of the posting basement! Here here! I wanted to say that your response to your boyfriend up there was one of the absolute dead on best I’ve ever read here. If I had a microphone right now I wouldn’t drop it I’d fling it. Between you and 3Ds you sure know how to bring a point home. ; ) ❤️❤️❤️

Vicky should upgrade her sex toys

Not like this is on topic, but I saw a comment about not understanding a sense of humor. I am not making excuses for anyone either. I think some people think they are funny when they are not at all. I think some people assume others will laugh off a comment that comes out the wrong way, but they don’t know the other person at all and assume way too much. They should not try a stab at humor, when it is purely a criticism. It is not funny. I think too, and this is no excuse, that humor is… Read more »

Wow Sandy , it’s really cold there . I wish it was here .You are such a dedicated walker . Good for you

Brrrrrr Sandy ❤️❤️❤️ Very cold in NJ! Stay warm xoxo With regards to Mr. HOLE , I think he knows perfectly well what he’s doing , and thinks it’s all very cute. There’s a history of that person sending passive aggressive (or simply aggressive ) comments so I don’t know why he thinks I’m supposed to think this particular one is a joke or a misunderstanding. I don’t buy it , nor the whole I really like you but you said you’re a mess blah blah . I am not bothered but also felt like calling him on it .… Read more »

Hi Rain. I know what you mean. I agree.
As for cybershopping, I have been doing that, though not today…on Cyber Monday.
My eldest son is always the one that is hard to shop for, and he does not want gift cards. I have some small things so far, but if it is like last year, he will return things. His birthday is in January too. 😉

I know this whole thread is old but I knew I had to read and reply to a couple of posts here. Daisy. Just a cleaning lady huh? Do you get paid ? Thank your lucky stars cause all I DO is clean, for free. And I’m damn good at it. Soooo …you need help on your crew? I have a Swiffer mop and my own pink bucket with loads of germ fighting potions I kid you not. I’m super proud of my tools oh and I have an Electrolux with Febreeze scented bags! Call me. Michelle? You can thank… Read more »

That’s because I said you were more like a sexy Miss Moneypenny than a Bond! Xoxoxxo

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best!

Love that song too!

Good day Miss M. You Jane me Tarzan. I would love for you and your pink bucket to work with me any day

Oh yay!!!! You girls♥️♥️♥️ do read old blogs I’m so glad to know. Suze ☕️lol sexy indeed! I just love Carly Simon so much Sandy don’t you? All of our fav. singer/songwriter gala of the 60’s & 70’s. We had the best music ❌⭕️❌ Daisy hehe yeah I got that Tarzan thing growing up a lot trust me. And Daisy? My Electrolux is the little green metallic beetle bug and it’s an ultra silencer. My gawd I love my vac. ⭕️❌⭕️

Yes, definitely! I always loved James Taylor too. ❤️ They were married once.
(Also like Carole King, etc.)

Oops sorry Miss M. I thought about that after I posted. If it makes you feel any better kids called me little Debbie the snack cake girl

Hahahahaha very sweet Daisy ! I have no problem with nicknames actually and they’d sing, “JaneJane…Jane of the jungle”….actually I was very in touch with my tomboy growing up always barefooted I hated shoes, still do! I liked my feets nekked.

Lol I’m the opposite. I have a reverse foot fetish

Lol me too Daisy! The thought of anyone near my feet or going bare foot makes me want to throw up! Xxxx

Yay Suze something else we have in common

When I have my massage, (next one next Monday) she always wants to do my feet! That almost spoils the back massage!

Sure, I’m so happy that you’re still getting your massages. I love for Bear and only Bear to massage my feet but I have to lotion then up and put on socks or it really grosses me out

Daisy, I can’t even let my hubbie touch my feet!

You have me beat darling . Not by much though . I sent you a couple of silly dog pictures

I will have a look now! Xoxoxo

Miss Moneypenny brings to mind a deliciously sexy flirtatious woman who always had the hots for James but who cares he would flirt outrageously with her. Yum Yum. Great name!



Testing here:


It worked Sandy!!! ♥️ Thankyou



Ok enough playtime I gotta go clean now 😉

Any time! Some work. Others don’t. 😉

I have no idea what advice Andy gave Vicky. Does it matter? She thinks she owns the show and the only friend she has is Kelly and vice versa. I know they are both coming back so I won’t be watching. Heather did the right thing by leaving.