Recap: RHONY Ladies Head to Mexico

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City the ladies headed to Puerto Vallarta for Bethenny Frankel’s tequila trip. And while Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer, Luann D’Agostino, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer traveled south, the drama certainly heated up.

The ladies arrived at La Vida Dulce Villa in Banderas Bay in a beautiful villa, but Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan had to make a big deal out of which room they were staying in. This did not please Bethenny, the hostess.

“They’re not going and getting their rooms — it’s not happening. We’re grown women and we’re going to do it fair. We’re not f*cking Gabon animals,” Frankel said, telling Singer and Morgan, “Nobody acts like this!”

Singer and Morgan tried to claim they had gotten the worst room the last time, their protests were shot down and the group drew numbers out of a bowl determining the order in which they could select their rooms. They ended up drawing the two final slots. But they weren’t going to leave it at that.

They tried to go after Tinsley Mortimer’s room first. “You should have given me that room,” Morgan told Mortimer, with Ramona agreeing. “You’ve been staying at my house for free. You didn’t think of me for one second.”

When that didn’t work out for them they tried to convince Dorinda Medley and Carole Radziwill to share the Jack and Jill Suite, which had four single beds and one joining bathroom.

“I want light, I want sun,” Singer shouted. “I didn’t come here to f*cking live in the attic.”

But Dorinda was over it, because she had already given up her room to Ramonja on the Vermont trip. “Stop being a spoiled brat,” Dorinda yelled at Singer. “We’re staying here, and you’re not staying here. I will literally take your sh*t and throw it in the pool.”

Bethenny and Ramona had made a pact to be cordial to one another, but when Ramona got the flu, Bethenny didn’t seem to abide by their deal.

Some of the names Bethenny called Ramona included; a “grabber;” a “miserable, disgusting, grabby twat;” a “vile human being;” an “asshole,” a “nasty person;” a “room whore;” a “bully;” “self-serving;” “disgusting;” “not a happy person;” and a “mean old lady.”

Ramona let Bethenny’s comments roll off her shoulder and told her this was not HER trip, it was for all the ladies. “She’s not in a good mood,” Singer told D’Agostino. “Hopefully we’ll make up. I can’t do anything right by Bethenny. I can’t do anything.”

Then, Tinsley got very upset when she found out that Page Six was running an article about her being an ungrateful houseguest at Sonja’s. “This is not what I need right now,” Mortimer told Radziwill. “It’s making me look like a person I’m not.”

Mortimer asked Ramona and Sonja which one of them leaked the story to the press, but both ladies denied her claim. “People talk! I didn’t talk to the press!” said Morgan. “I didn’t say you weren’t ungrateful. I just said you could be inconsiderate. Why would I tell that to the press? Who cares?

“I avoid the press. I don’t talk to the press. I hate the press!” Singer added, in her defense. “Who gives a sh*t? It’s not like you killed someone.”

But Tinsley was very upset over the bad press, especially after her prior arrest. “I care,” she shouted. “Ramona, shut the f*ck up. I’m a lovely house guest!” Then she stormed off yelling, “Oh my God! Once again I’m not inconsiderate!”

“Sonja, I don’t know what’s happening to you right now but you are being so insensitive to me,” Tinsley said later. “This isn’t you. You are a nice person, you are my friend.” But Sonja insisted she was innocent. “I did not do that!” she said. “You know me better — you know I wouldn’t do that.”

Amongst all the drama, Luann appeared to be enjoying the margaritas. She even found herself on the floor… twice!

“Oh my God, Luann, are you okay? You fell in the bushes!” Singer said after her first tumble as D’Agostino was lifted by the Villa’s staff from the shrubbery. “I never saw someone fall like that,” Singer told viewers. “Luann out of all of us holds her liquor the best. But tonight, I don’t know what’s happening to her.”

The second fall happened when Lu went to walk down a step, not realizing it was a ledge. “Oh sh*t” she screamed as she rolled around the floor. “That’s bad!”

This time, Ramona was quick to make sure her friend was okay. “You should have gone this way, okay? I’m going this way,” Ramona explained. “You went the wrong way. You didn’t see, it’s late at night. There’s no lights and you could have broken your ankle sweetie. Are you okay?”

“This is my tipsy girl,” Luann joked.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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11 Replies to “Recap: RHONY Ladies Head to Mexico”

        1. Starr,
          Oh no, I’m so saddened to hear that.
          Suze was such a beautiful soul, may she rest in everlasting peace.
          Thank you for letting me know.xx

  1. Tinsley Mortimus is such a screeching child my Lord! A big freaking cry baby and she isn’t even good at fake crying. Lou’s trips down ledges and into bushery is EVERYthing! hahahahahaha

  2. LUANNE FALLING THROUGH THOSE BUSHES, LOLOL. It’s a pity Dorinda was so drunk that she passed out and got out of filming the first night, but so far this trip is everything: the house is fabulous, the conflicts are juicy without being life altering crises, and the hijinks are classic New York Housewives at their most ridiculous. These broads are all nuts and I’m ready for part two of the trip.

  3. I am absolutely sure that if I had to go anywhere with Ramona singer and she behaved that way, I would tie her up and leave her in the desert to be eaten by coyotes. There is not enough money and fame to tolerate her big bag of bull.

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