Recap: Part One Of the RHOA Season 8 Reunion


The ladies were throwing major shade during part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion Sunday night. Longtime feuds were addressed and the ladies confronted each other about the problems they have had with each other.

First, Kenya and Phaedra’s long running feud was addressed. Parks admitted to calling Moore “oatmeal pie face,” to which Kenya said really wasn’t funny. “You’re a pretty girl, but you’ve got bad skin,” Parks continued. “You’re not one to talk because on your best day and my worst, you wouldn’t even by my third runner-up,” Kenya snapped back, after saying it’s not fair to judge someone by their looks.

Phaedra kept her argument that Kenya shouldn’t be on the show because she isn’t a Housewife. “You’re not married. You’ve got no children,” Parks quipped, but backed off and ended up apologizing to Moore who kind of accepted the apology.

Next, it was time for Phaedra to address her problems with her former BFF Kandi Burruss. Andy started out by asking where their friendship stood. Phaedra told Andy she brought Kandi chicken salad after her baby boy Ace was born, but Cohen pointed out that doesn’t solve the problems their friendship has suffered.

“I feel like we both want things to be better, but you know how you kind of feel a person out,” Kandi said, “I don’t pay my husband an allowance,” she added after a clip ran of Phaedra referencing Todd Tucker getting money from his wife. “Don’t come for me that way.”

Phaedra said she had apologized and “tried to move forward,” but that she “felt a certain way” when she’d learned that Kandi and Todd had some of Apollo Nida’s stuff in their garage.

“I wasn’t trying to be two-faced,” Kandi clarified. “I just did not think it was a secret.”

Next, it was time for Kim Fields to confront Kenya Moore. Andy started the conversation by asking the Housewives if they thought Kim was right for the show.

“I don’t know still to this day if it’s a fit per se, but was it entertaining? A lot of times yes,” Kim admitted.

Kenya said that Kim wasn’t a fit because she was too “condescending” to the group. Kandi added she didn’t think Kim fit in because she wasn’t prone to dealing with confrontation, Phaedra agreed. Cynthia Bailey didn’t think Kim was judgmental of the others, just that she seemed really uncomfortable, and Porsha said she’d hoped Kim would transform from being judgmental into the beloved aunt of the group.

Moving on, Kim was not pleased when the topic of her husband Chris Morgan was brought up and the accusations Kenya made on camera about him being gay. “I didn’t give it to her husband,” Kenya said. “I gave it to her, so his opinion didn’t matter.” Lots of eyebrows went up at that. Kenya continued, “That’s biting the hand that feeds you. I brought you into this group, so you need to understand that.”

Andy asked what Kenya thought about Kim’s career versus hers. “She’s on the stage that I’m the star of right now,” Kenya added, “She’s here, the lowest man on the totem pole.”

Moore did take responsibility for pulling out Kim’s chair in Jamaica. “I recognized that I was out of line for doing that and I apologized to Kim,” she said. Kim just said that she had been grateful her husband was there to basically talk her off the ledge after that incident. At that point, Cynthia, who had mainly stayed out of this discussion so far, chimed in to say that she thought Kim had “handled herself well.”

From there the discussion got heated as Kim kept talking louder to get a word in over Kenya.

What is your point now?” Kenya asked.

“I am making it!” Kim snapped back.

“OK and we are bored, so please get to it,” Kenya replied.

“Say something!” Kim shouted.

“Something, Kim,” Kenya shouted.

What were your thoughts about part one of the reunion?

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17 Replies to “Recap: Part One Of the RHOA Season 8 Reunion”

  1. OMG! Just reading this drivel makes me so pleased I don’t watch it anymore! If Kenya ever leaves maybe I will start watching again. She offends me in every way!

  2. Boring. …Kenya needs to stop for God’s sake. ..please stop talking all the time. She feels so superior to everyone, even Andy! She is someone that needs to be knocked down a few pegs…
    Her and her career of 30 years. .girl by! I’m not a fan of Kim field, but she was and is a star. She had a career and still makes money from re-runs and has worked in tv..Kenya needs to take several seats.
    Kenya truly believes that she is the star of RHOA and that Kim is coming for her pursue. It’s really laughable. ..

  3. She’s on the stage that I’m the star of right now,” Kenya added

    I wish Bravo would take this nasty vile woman who is a big fat nobody off the show…who does she think she is? Porsha may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but she has more heart.

  4. I had no idea who this nut job (Kenya) was when she came on the show. This woman is desperate for a paycheck, she is so delusional, she thinks she’s some big A list star..what a scumbag the way she talks and treats people.

  5. Kenya just cant seem to hide her dirty colors. On top of being of the lowest caliber of class in all ways, she’s one big roll of pure jealousy. She’s horrid & cant match with the ladylike dignity of Kim. She also looked greasy & dressed horribly. So disappointed in Sheree’s choice of hair, makeup & outfit, just not a good look at all.

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