The Reason Behind Lisa Rinna’s Feud With Kim Richards

Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin

According to a new report, RHOBH star Lisa Rinna is eager to be asked back for another season of the show and she’s hoping to seal the deal by ending the season with major drama!

“Fans of RHOBH are about to see a very different side of Lisa,” an insider reveals. “There will be several screaming fights with Kim Richards.”

In one heated exchange, the source said, “Kim hints that [Rinna’s husband] Harry [Hamlin] might have been unfaithful to Lisa, and she obviously gets very upset.”

“Even though Lisa’s reception from fans up to now has been lukewarm, that will likely turn when her storyline becomes a key part of the show,” the source told RadarOnline. “Lisa very much wants to do another season of the show, and has nothing but respect for producers. She hopes Bravo will want her back.”

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  • Love Lisa Rinna on the show—can’t stand vyle and kimbo (the drunk / druggie)—those two bitchard sisters are a piece of work (and not in a good way)—bravo should send them packing, kim has no storyline (other than bringing in her dying ex husband), and vyle is just so jealous of Lisa Vanderpump and vyle is so 2-faced trouble maker pot stirrer (uggg), wish they would go along with trampon/brandi and lemonhead (fraud/faker)…

    • starr sabga

      Agree with everything you said. All low classed women. Fame & fortune does not give one class.

  • kim has relapsed AGAIN—bravo dump this train-wreck along with brandi and yolymes…

    • plushious

      Relapse is a very common occurrence with alcoholism. It doesn’t have anything to do with a person’s character; it has to do with body chemistry and previous negative experiences that the person is trying to numb out. Can treatment help? In many cases it can – not always. Educate yourself on the disease so you can stop believing that addicts are just weak characters.

      • DeeDee

        Thank you. Sheesh. Barely on here bc if the ignorance.

  • Confused5

    Wow some people tell it like it is, or like they think it is, I agree that Lusa Rinna is lovely and it’s about time rhobh had someone like i dont like kyle very much,and Kim is a waste of space as is Yolanda, I do wander if Kyle and Kim’s feuds are real or if they have made them up for the cameras to get more air time? Interesting to hear others feelings on this.

  • Funny that this report states that Lisa R’s reception has been Luke warm when in all the blogs I’ve read the fans seem to love her. Hmmm. Anyway, it was only a matter of time before either Brandi of Kim, the toxic twins, turned on Lisa. Since Brandi already took her shot at Eileen, I guess Lisa was left to Kim. Maybe it is Lisa’s natural effervescent personality, steady work schedule and happy marriage that makes her a natural target for a desperately empty and envious Kim. But alway lurking under the “kooky Kim” is a extremely angry and hateful woman that wants to tear down everyone in her path.

    • Anonymous

      The comments on here are better than the articles. Peoples POV crack me up.

    • starr sabga

      Ditto!!!!!! Lisa Rina is a breadth of fresh air. Kyle, Kim–horrible. Brandi? Lowest of the low. Eileen–just wonderful. Lisa Vanderpump, a true lady & hard working & successful to boot. Do your homework Bravo & see what you come up with.

  • RHOBHLover

    Why do websites keep perpetuating the mythical story that Lisa’s reception has been lukewarm?

    Kim needs to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had relapsed for camera time.

    • ldeimler

      radar online puts out these stupid stories . they need filler for the web page. lisa has not gotten a lukewarm reception and she doesn’t have to stir up sh*t. that’s what kim and brandi are for.

      • Sackem

        ITA!!!!!! Radar just makes up these random stories! I think she’s been very received well. I appreciate this isn’t a NJ thread but just to prove how desperate they at Radar are – have you read the daily crap about Teresa? I think my fav was a headline screaming Teresa would be on the down low (if women can be) whilst locked up.

      • RHOBHLover

        Lisa V and Lisa R are everything about this season! Such a funny duo, and everyone online seems to agree!

    • One Rotten Egg

      @ RHOBHLover–since when was Kim ever sober–one hot minute? I dont believe she has been sober for 2 years; she has been caught making excuses too many times. its her own business, but dont think she can fool the viewer–she’s not that good an actress

      • RHOBHLover

        I always find it funny when Kim is the standard against which RHOBH actresses are judged… Child actress =/= acting pro. If it did, she would have 1/100 as much respect in the field as Lisa R and Eileen do…

  • Tam

    Luke warm!!Wtf! Love Lisa and am not surprised Kim goes after her for all the reasons Karen said ( hi Karen) I can totally see Lisa R snapping there is only so much shit a person can take!

  • ceebee

    I’m not crazy about Lisa. And let’s not forget this: she’s an actress. I don’t trust an actress to be a “REAL” anything.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha. The entire show is an acting job. Reality tv is not real. It is a paid job.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they keep Lisa R – she is totally entertaining without being an idiot like some of the other HW’s. her quick wit and sense of humor are priceless on this show. and she can hold her own.

  • leah

    I absolutely love Lisa R. !!!!!! And her private interviews crack me up!

  • cin

    reception warm??? I look forward to seeing Lisa every week. She’s the kind of lady I want to see more of on the housewife shows…. she holds her own, she’s honest and open, she’s funny…. and looks like she will not take crap from the other girls!!! Bring her back for sure!!!!!

  • Amber

    Why is it so bad to have a positive person in this herd of crazies? Stop and think about this for a moment. You cant stay on this show being kind and beautiful, supportive of others? What have we become that she has to fight with people to keep her job? I personally enjoy the nice, fun storylines. Its mindless TV. I am not watching this show to pollute my soul.

    • Aunt Bee

      Lord I agree with you Amber. I am 70 and in my whole life have I NEVER met the crazies seen on these RH shows. So far I have enjoyed Eileen and Lisa (both of them) and want to see the fun and rich lifestyle they live.

      • Dalimili

        Should 70 year old people be watching tv??

        • LOLOL

          Tv is for everyone asshole..lol what a loser! Age shaming a person shows a sign or ignorance and immaturity! You do know you will have to age one day ! LET PEOPLE LIVE

          • Aunt Bee

            Thank you LOLOL

            • GLUTENFORRH

              Also Team Aunt Bee!!!!

          • kat

            you go LOLOL!!!

            • Aunt Bee

              Love you gals. You help make a decrepit old lady enjoy her somewhat boring life.

        • Sackem

          Random question.

        • Amber

          Stupid question.

        • Aunt Bee

          Honey there are a lot of 70 yr olds out there doing fantastic things and I applaud them but after having a few surgeries, back, knee and spine problems that’s about all I can do is watch TV.

          • You rock Aunt Bee- peeps like you and ladies like Betty White are AWESOME,!

            • Aunt Bee

              Thanks Karen you always say nice things to me.

        • FLUFFYXXX

          WTF??? HOW STUPID ARE YOU???

        • Your ignorance is showing.

        • starr sabga

          You are way out of line—who are you to determine who watches what & at what age. Sounds like you are an immature JA.

  • Amber


  • jennyd

    I don’t like new ladies coming on the show, its silly but that’s how I feel. BUT, Lisa R and Eileen are great!! I love them both. Kim needs to go. I have seen bravo get rid of ppl that were great but keep kookoo Kim, why?? I hope Lisa R has Kim running off with her tail between her legs. I don’t think Kim is even all there honestly.

  • momoffourkids

    I didn’t think I would like Lisa R at all, but I am really starting to like what she brings to the show. She is far too classy tho to keep lowering herself to using the f word so much. Not that she can’t say it, but I don’t understand why such a beautiful well known famous woman would feel the need to use trashy words so often, especially when she must know her teen girls are going to see this.

  • Jacks

    Lisa R…the R stands for REALLY AWESOME!! Love her and Eileen – hope they both are back!!

  • kat

    I love Lisa R!! She is fantastic.
    Dump Kim, BORING as hell!!

  • DebBrenn

    Of course Lisa R would react big when Kim accuses Harry of cheating on Lisa on national TV! I think Lisa R is basically a fun person looking for a fun time and not at all the calculated person that pushes for a storyline. I agree with momoffourkids though, that she could tone down the use of the f word. It gets old fast.

  • Melodie

    I love Lisa R…. she is great… she does tell it like it is and I think she is really honest. SHe got in the car and point blank asked kim if she had been drinking? Bold! Kim is a mess and yes I agree with all of you Kim only stirs because there has been so much press about how Kim is a train wreck and most people want her gone.

  • anab4

    I like both Lisa r and Eileen. I hope they continue to stay on

  • imaroyce

    of course her husband cheats on her he cheated on his wife with lisa … helllooo and who the hell would want to kiss those nasty lips of hers gahhhh …. would love to see her and brandi gone !

    • Lala

      I’m not sure that’s true. She said when she met him, Nicolette Sheridan had just left him for Michael Bolton.

    • starr sabga

      Did you wake up unkind today? try a little kindness, it goes a long way & sure beats being mean mouthed.

  • Afton

    Everyone wants to talk about “storylines” … what exactly would queen lVp storyline be? Bedazzling shirts & carrying Jiggy around?
    How about Vyle Kyle? Family vacas & screaming how rich she is now? I’d rather see someone just be themselves then create a “storyline”

    • RHOBHLover

      Lisa IS just being herself. THAT is her storyline. She works, looks after her family and lives her life.

      Kim takes pain medication and lashes out and people for camera time. I would rather watch Lisa living her fabulous life than watch an idiot.

      • cin


      • Afton

        Yeah LVP is terribly exciting. Lets give her a spin off that doesnt revolve around a bunch of gross drunken idiots sleazing up her businesses & see how well that does

  • Afton

    And in the finale, Kim doesnt back down “tail between legs” as suggested. She hits Rinna right back with her “we have to reveak all, we are on reality tv…” well then I would say her hubbys indiscretions are fair game too

  • Love Lisa Rinna on the show. Lukewarm reception is bullshit!

  • j

    Team Aunt Bee!

  • j

    I always enjoy Aunt Bee’s comments and usually agree with her! You rock Aunt Bee!

  • Sunny

    Lisa R and Eileen are exactly what this HW franchise needed! They’ve brought everything from exquisite humor (much like Lisa V’s) and sanity to some very weird situations. I’m not a fan of the idiocy of Kim and Brandi or the passive agressive nature of Yolanda. Lisa V, Lisa R and Eileen and some Kyle are making this a much better season than the last one. Too dark last season. It really made me rethink what I’m doing sitting here watching such depressing television. Now, it’s lighter and more fun with the new ladies.

    • Aunt Bee

      You’ve got this right Sunny. RHBH has been fun since the two new ladies have been added. Too bad they can’t find 2 more of these ladies to liven up the rest of the franchises.

  • Jen23

    Love Lisa Rinna!!

  • VaNonna

    Bravo did great this season adding Lisa and Eileen. Now time for Bravo to get rid of 2 – Brandi and Kim. Brandi especially cheapens the show. Out of all the Housewives shows, these women have real class – again not including Brandi. She doesn’t fit in with these women.


    Lisa is a fake! she will do or say or endorse anything for a money!!

  • Melodie

    I was here for a discussion about Lisa Rinna and now we have a bunch of people making comments to a 70 year old. Leave her alone. I for one think it is awesome…. You go girl…Boy…!

    • Aunt Bee

      I’m a girl (old lady really) thanks for the support Melodie.

  • Anonymous

    Love Lisa and Eileen on the show

  • Ew!

    Lisa R is vile and Eileen is a wet blanket. Bor-ing~

    • Aunt Bee

      Ew to you too.