The Real Reason Phaedra Parks Was Fired From RHOA

Bravo shared that Phaedra Parks was fired from the show for creating a lie that Kandi Burruss wanted to drug Porsha Williams and rape her, but according to a new report, that’s not the only reason Parks was on the chopping block.

“Phaedra was not renewed because she wasn’t willing to share her true personal life,” a source explained. “Producers have been begging her to date and open up about what truly went on in her marriage to Apollo [Nida] and react to Apollo’s girlfriend.”

“Phaedra’s storyline just doesn’t warrant her $1.3 million paycheck,” the source told RadarOnline.

However, that doesn’t mean Phaedra is banned from appearing in any future episodes.

“The network has reassured Phaedra that she is always welcome to appear in future installments as a guest,” the insider insisted.

But Phaedra is too angry, according to the insider.

“Since the reunion taping, Phaedra has remained in constant contact with Andy Cohen,” another insider revealed. “She feels that she wasn’t given the proper edit.”

Photo Credit: Bravo