The REAL Reason NeNe Leakes And Cynthia Bailey Are No Longer Friends


While appearing on WWHL last night, NeNe Leakes dropped a bomb, revealing she and her former BFF Cynthia Bailey are no longer “cool.” NeNe explained that Cynthia blows whatever way the wind blows and even mentioned that Cynthia “aligned herself with the enemy” after NeNe fought with Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas. Now, RealityTea is uncovering some surprising details that could have caused the rift between Cynthia and NeNe, and it has nothing to do with Kenya!

In 2012 Straight From The A reported that Gregg Leakes had a potential relationship with a woman named Pam Pinnock. The two were photographed together, and Pinniock was even photographed around NeNe’s son, Bryson. So you can imagine NeNe’s disbelief when Cynthia hired Pam, who is a celebrity publicist.


A source tells RT, “Cynthia Bailey broke the number one rule in her and Nene Leakes FRIEND contract. DO NOT hang out with Greg’s jumpoff.”

“Cynthia and celebrity publicist Pam Pinnock have gotten really close and been hanging out while the publicist has been helping Cynthia revamp her model agency’s public image,” the insider shares. “Cynthia decided to hire a well known publicist to clean up the agency brand or maybe to piss Nene off. Nene found out they been hanging out and EVERYBODY knows Nene don’t like sharing her friends. But especially the ones who have shared a bed with her man Gregg.”

The source continues, “It’s really strange how she turned on Cynthia after all these years but when it comes to Gregg and his wandering eyes, Nene don’t play that.  Cynthia broke the contract rule so now Nene wants Cynthia’s RHOA contract ripped up.”

Photo Credit: Bravo