The Real Reason Heather Dubrow Left RHOC

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow just made her scripted TV debut, but a new report states that she always welcome back on Housewives!

Although, Dubrow made her Freeform sitcom debut on Young & Hungry, a source close to production for Bravo told RadarOnline that the network had offered her a contract that would have allowed her to do both.

According to the source, “Bravo offered Heather a friend role for this upcoming season of RHOC and she declined.”

“Her contract was different than the other housewives, because the other ladies are under a contract that forbids them from working on other projects while on RHOC,” said the source.

“But because Heather was involved in other productions all along, she had a different contract with Bravo.”

Now, “Heather seem to see herself as being above all that drama, like she is bigger than RHOC,” the insider claimed. “She always bragged about how she didn’t need to be on RHOC and told the other cast mates that the only reason she was on it was because she hoped it would launch her into acting work. And she was right!”

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15 Replies to “The Real Reason Heather Dubrow Left RHOC”

  1. After the trip to Ireland I was really disgusted with Heather calling Kelly Dodd “trash”…I think she really does think she is better than the other ladies and I am not sorry to see her go.

  2. I think she left because she couldn’t “fake friend” it anymore with Vicki. If I were Heather I would NEVER forgive Vicki for putting my husband’s career in jeopardy by suggesting that he treated Brooks. SHAME ON VICKI! I will not be watching OC until Vicki is gone.

    1. Plus Vicki LIED about a serious disease which is unforgivable!! She’s disgusting

      Kelly is plain gutter treat alcoholic twat!

  3. I never warmed up to Heather. I don’t like her husband’s show so only have watched once. I would not gravitate to a show that either Heather or her husband were involved with. …. also… the OC girls feed BS so I don’t really consider one better than the other. I watch the show.

    1. Other than building her mansion she had no other storyline .
      I never felt she truely opened up her life. Same old crap of how terry works too much and doesn’t see the kids , they’ve been saying that for 4 years now

      1. yep…. so true… other than building that stinkin mansion there is no story that’s interesting. What I find strange is back when she would rag on Alexi for showing off her money. OMG I’ve never seen/heard anything like Heather – she wants everyone to know she is loaded. Who give a poop…..

  4. She was able to use the show for what it’s worth and moved on, like any smart woman would. It renewed her visibility in the public eye at a time when she was ready to do more than being at stay at home mom, and wanted to get back to work. The focus all along has been about finding a way to get back to the things she’s talented at and interested in, and now that she’s left the reality tv platform she’s doing very well. She’s explained in other forums the reasons why there was a bit of a guard and distance on the show, and she’s also clearly spelled out the exact reasons why she left. Personally, I’ve found that the Heather Dubrow you discover in other venues post-RHoOC is a lot different from the “persona” we saw on the show: she’s hella relaxed, a jokester, down to earth, a nurturing mentor, and has a very grounded spiritual side with a lot of wisdom… She’s become quite a delight since she left Wive, and I like where she’s going with her brand. Continued success to her and her husband.

  5. The OC and Atlanta both hit new lows their last season. To me it’s nice when you see a Housewife walk away from a show. First it proves they have money and can’t be or won’t be bought and second, they have more self respect for themselves then to be dragged down the gutter, if that is the direction of the show! Sure am gonna miss Heather though. I want to see her house!!! LOL

  6. I’m glad Heather is finally leaving the show so they can put someone more interesting on. The only interesting thing about Heather was her husbands money and career. I think she just went on the show to try to get some publicity so she can get acting jobs. I still remember her condescending attitude towards Alexis when she asked her about her weekly segment on a local show, and the jealous tantrum that she had when Gretchen told her she was offered a walk on roll on the show that Heather was going to be on. The show was cancelled anyway. Lol So really besides seeing her nice house I DEFINITELY won’t miss seeing her.

  7. What a manipulative overbearing person Heather Dubrow is : and with her
    really annoying way of talking slowly accentuating every word what an act and it is an act a poor one mind and Mr Dubrow nodding away agreeing with every word she utters even though it is quite plain he disagrees quite a lot.

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