The Real Housewives Of St. Louis? Jim And Meghan Edmonds Reportedly Join Cast Of RHOC


According to a new report, The Real Housewives could be coming to the Midwest! Reports claim that former MLB star Jim Edmonds and his wife Meghan, who are friends with RHOC star Heather Dubrow, have signed on for season 10. Edmonds and his wife will do the majority of their filming in St. Louis, which gives Bravo an opportunity to see whether or not viewers would take to a show set in the Midwest.

LALATE reports, “The new season of RHOC will feature tons of footage in St Louis, enough to make Nellyville fans applaud. The new season of Real Housewives of Orange County will feature St Louis celebrities, STL sights, and enough elements to hint RHOSTL.  RHOC will still remain RHOC and will film in Orange County.”

“Is there an RHOSTL spinoff in the works? Not just yet. Bravo is expected to use the RHOC 2015 season to test the waters and see if a new Midwest spinoff if finally logical,” the site reports. “Edmonds is currently employed as an on-air broadcaster in Fox Sports Midwest. And today, Edmonds is opening his second restaurant in St Louis.”

Let’s not forget St. Louis the home of WWHL host Andy Cohen. Do you want to see RHOSTL? Sound off in our comments section below!

UPDATE: Learn more about Meghan King Edmonds here.

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52 Replies to “The Real Housewives Of St. Louis? Jim And Meghan Edmonds Reportedly Join Cast Of RHOC”

    1. Dear Hater,
      STL is where it’s at and you already know that. So after St Louis is put back on the map, we will work on Denver and Nashville next.
      Ryno from the 636
      Lets goo 🙂

  1. I would think Nashville would be more logical choice, but since Andy comes from St. Louis, he could be angling for that city, and maybe the Edmonds will be his way in to that franchise. At any rate new I welcome a new franchise. Maybe even two. And retire a few franchises that have run their course- like Jersey.

  2. I would LOVE it, but how about we have just regular people, why do they HAVE to be stars already/or famous/well known?????????????? Lets have regular upper class. maybe then you would have a true REAL housewife

    1. Seriously, a few unknowns make it more interesting but they have done many many unknowns and now they are well known. It happens that way.

  3. Such brave souls. You film for however long and they put up the worst 5 minutes of your behavior. For some reason after that people think they actually know you. Good luck but glad to have fresh blood.

  4. A RHOSTL spinoff is so skewed to please Andy Cohen – given that Jim is his BFF. Like of all places to host a new spinoff….St Louis??? Might as well do Real Housewives of Bismarck. A new edition in a city like Chicago would make more sense.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think we can bear to hear the Chicago accents. The rest of the country can’t bear listening to it. Ditto upstate NY. Yikes.

  5. I think St Louis is a great idea. I live in California, but have quite a few friends from Missouri who are real characters. I think it’d be a refreshing change. There are aspects of life besides materialism that are entertaining.

  6. They should do classier cities:
    Real Housewives of Dallas
    Real Housewives of Las Vegas
    Real Housewives of Stockholm (Sweden)
    Real Housewives of Milan (Italy)

    1. classier cites?! you obviously have never been to STL! we have some VERRRRY nice neighborhoods and very expensive houses. Ferguson is one teeny tiny town outside of STL. Stop listening to the news. Ever heard “don’t judge a book by its cover”?! Judge STL and I’ll Judge you.

  7. To Vanessa—-NO dallas, it’s full of katricians from katrina and the other half is mixed with illegals from all over south America and mexico, and then there are those peaceful muslims—the big D., ain’t what it used to be—-thank this anti-America government and the loser rick perry….
    All politcians work for themselves and to line their pockets and could care less about serving AMERICANS or doing what’s RIGHT for America……………

  8. Yes please! I would love to see that I live an hour south of St. Louis. I think here people are not as materialistic as other cities. We love Andy here and would love to be given a chance to show what St. Louis is all about.

  9. Here’s the deal….don’t come to STL unless you really know our city and have a good sense of humor about it. We don’t care where you went to college, just high school. IL people don’t like “crossing the river” and vice-versa for MO. We are a baseball town and instantly become Blues hockey fans when they make the playoffs. We are a beer drinking city and love to have fun indulging in it. Marti Gras in Soulard is our one time of year to truely have fun and then turn around for the St. Patrick’s Day Dog Town parade the following month. Know our “socially clickish” city and you’ll find entertaining stuff everyday!

    1. “We don’t care where you went to college, just high school.” LOL. The city is so freaking segregated that the residents categorize you based on what high school you went to. It really is “socially cliquish.” North = ghetto, south = white trash, west = snobby… It’s bad. And rude. And racist. And yes, I have been there. And lived there…for about 20 years. I know it well. Too well. On second thought, maybe it would be housewives gold. LOL

  10. Please do not insult our city with this trash television. We already have such bad PR, putting a horrible show series led by the jerk Andy Cohen, yes who doesn’t know him here it’s a small town, who changed television into a drama-filled black hole of entertainment. No. No. NO!

  11. Let’s have real housewives in the midwest. The wives and moms who actually go to work, watch there own kids and clean there on houses. I want to see real housewives.

  12. Bring it on! The real housewives of south St. Louis! Above ground pool parties with bud lights and cigs!! Lets do a show where real people live.

  13. If they were to do a St. Louis version, they’d be better off doing unknown individuals. It would put a different spin on things.

  14. From someone who grew up in STL, lived in the east coast (New Jersey and Philly), and now resides in LA — there are far better Midwest cities to film the RH franchise. Stl is absolutely boring and the city has nothing interesting to contribute to Bravo! watchers. It’s why people move out of Stl and not into Stl. I would rather watch a RH of Chicago, Denver, or Nashville. Those cities have more substance. Even Andy Cohen suggests to not film a RH of Stl (

    St. Louisans, get real! Outside of Stl, nobody cares where you went to High School and nobody wants to hear about Bread Co/Panera Bread or the thin-crust pizza that tastes like cardboard.

    The only good thing about Stl is the Cardinals baseball team and this isn’t a hot topic for Bravo! watchers.

    My prediction, should Bravo! film a Real Housewives of St. Louis, the show will be “dead on arrival”!

    1. I grew up there too and agree with you. It’s a fun city to visit, but its residents act as if it’s the greatest city on earth. Not a lot of humbleness, lots of delusion. No one cares about what high school you went to outside of the city – my husband equates the question to “What preschool did you go to?” It just doesn’t matter or mean anything – but there, it helps put you into a nice little category. As for Imo’s, I always loved Imo’s until I moved away. Now I think it tastes like cardboard with spaghetti-o’s on top. The Cardinals really are one of the best thing about the city, but outside of the city most people don’t necessarily appreciate the “best fans in baseball” title they give themselves, and in fact they get annoyed by the boasting. If it were ROHSTL I’d imagine they’d come from Town & Country, Ladue, or Frontenac. They’d have to really find the right mix of women – ones who attend lots of social events and create lots of drama.

  15. I think the real fans would watch anywhere they make one. My opinion is any city would have a lot of good housewives to add to the cast. St. Louis would have a lot. Their suburbs like Frontenac and town and country would have a lot of good contestants!! But so would Chicago and Nashville. Stl has many positives like the Edmonds and Andy!

  16. Drama is Drama and is available in all socioeconomic groups. Since RH exposes drama for entertainment I don’t think it’s necessary to only focus on the wealthiest zip codes. St. Louis is filled with dramatic women married to men of means as well as blue collar. A new city of RH would be different and fun, why not St. Louis?

  17. Here’s the deal…to anyone living in St. Louis who watches ANY Housewives show, I’m questioning the RHOSTL, & I live here! (I know you are secretly dying to be chosen to be a Real Housewife yourself, but be careful what you wish for!!) Think about it for a minute….they want DRAMA! Are you that and more? Is your marriage UNSTABLE? If so, perfect! That’s what people want to watch! There is a lot that St. Louis has to offer, but, other cities like Chicago, Dallas, etc., has much more, wealth & fame. Andy Cohen is from St. Charles, yes! But that’s different. He’s a host, living in NY. And Jim Edmonds? Hello! He’s on his THIRD marriage! Need I say more? Take the show to Chicago is my vote! That city is FULL of activity/entertainment/night life/clubs/prisons….

  18. Let’s review for a moment what the real housewives do on the show, regardless of the city. 1) They go to each others houses for parties. We have houses in STL, large expensive ones with pools! I grew up in a house with a BALLROOM. You won’t find that in the OC. 2) They go on the required girls trip. STL has an airport. 3) They go to eachother’s vacation homes. Lake of the Ozarks? Don’t tell me that wouldn’t be entertaining. 4) They go to Charity functions. StL was found to be in the top five most charitable cities in the country. I think it would be great to see some drama played out in the Midwest. Denver? No thanks. I have no interest in watching Teva wearing, granola eating housewives who don’t wear makeup talk about their latest vegan recipe. Nashville? I was just there and the place is filled with man bun wearing hipsters working on their craft beer business or shabby chic clothing line. Really? And Andy Cohen is from Clayton, not St. Charles. HUGE difference.

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