Real Housewives of Potomac Star Robyn Dixon Filed for Bankruptcy


In an all new report from RadarOnline, another Housewife is filing bankruptcy. This time it is a Housewife of Potomac, which hasn’t even aired yet.

Robyn Dixon follows in the footsteps of Teresa Giudice, Sonja Morgan, and Alexis Bellino in filling bankruptcy. The former wife of ex-NBA basketball player Juan Dixon filed for bankruptcy in September of 2013.

The list of what she owed is listed below:

  • $149,813 to a mortgage company
  • $28,372 to Audi Financial services for a 2011 Volkswagon CC Lux
  • $16,577 to American Express
  • $10,871 to Discover
  • $2,680 to the I.R.S. for unpaid 2012 income tax
  • $3,000 to Bloomingdales

According to her bio it says that Dixon works as a publicist as well as an event manager. It looks as though two years ago she wasn’t doing that as, she made just $13,873 as an unspecified consultant.

She was then discharged in February 2014, ordered to enroll in credit counseling and ordered to pay the IRS a huge $16,183 in years of unpaid taxes.

She lost possession of her 2011 Volkswagon CC Lux.

It looks like the case was closed in October of 2014, just in time to start filming RHOP. It will be interesting to see how the new city and ladies play out. Comment below and let us know what you think.

Photo Credit: Bravo


8 Replies to “Real Housewives of Potomac Star Robyn Dixon Filed for Bankruptcy”

  1. Oh please no more of this stuff. We want to see successful, financially sound women. We have had enough financial woes. We women want to be uplifted not see a bunch of wanna bees.

  2. She must have filed chapter 13(repayment of debt) because you can’t wipe out tax debt with a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I think there are only three things you can’t wipe out with a chapter 7-taxes, child support and student loans.

  3. I guess the only women wanting to do these shows either really need the money or want the fame or both. It looks like she really needs the money. Why else would she still live with her ex…? I really do not think it is solely for the children. Divorces cost money too, and maybe it all ran out. Well, she won’t be the first “Housewife” to (apparently) live beyond her means.

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