Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Part 2


The second part of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion aired Sunday night and the drama continued until the very end of the episode.

First, Charrisse Jackson Jordan addressed the topic of her marriage and whether or not she really wants a divorce from her husband Eddie. Andy Cohen brought up that Eddie had been let go from his coaching job at Rutgers University, and asked if he had moved back in with Charrisse in Potomac. Charisse said he hadn’t.

Cohen then asked if the couple had discussed the topic of divorce. “It’s not a discussion.” Andy then followed up by asking if she still loved her husband, and Charrisse replied, “Absolutely.” She then told everyone, regarding a potential divorce with Eddie, “Maybe, but it will be no choice of mine.”

Next, it became clear that Katie Rost and Andrew Martin’s breakup happened hours before the reunion taping. Martin was even scheduled to show up for the taping. Katie admitted that the couple had parted ways a few months ago but had been on and off as of recently as the day before the reunion taping, which was when she returned the engagement ring to him. Regarding her future, she said, “I can’t see myself bringing a man around the kids much in the future.”

Briefly two men joined the group. Karen Huger’s husband Ramond and Ashley Darby’s husband Michael. Of course, the topic of the Bethany Beach trip came up, and Ray accused Michael of being perverted, saying, “You were trying to have a male-fantasy situation!” Michael replied, “Look at what I have, why would I be titillated by Karen?”

As for the infamous butt-grab this season between Michael and Andrew, Michael said, “Most of you wouldn’t do too well in Australia. Ass-grabbing, having fun, is pretty much what we do all day in Australia.”

Katie Rost and Gizelle Bryant continued to fight for the remainder of the reunion and the accusations flew. Gizelle even accused Katie of being drunk and peeing herself during a promotional shoot for the show. Gizelle said, “You were two hours late, and you were drunk, and you peed on the couch!” Katie replied, “I‘ve had three kids, and I laughed and a little came out!”

And just as the ladies were toasting for the season and saying their goodbyes to wrap up the reunion, Charrisse dropped a bomb on everyone. She interrupted, “I’m sorry, real quick before we do the toast, I have to be very honest because I did leave something out. Since doing the show, my husband hasn’t been talking to me at all.”

Andy asked if it had anything to do with the show, and she said it had to do with her “opening up about our personal life.”

What were your thoughts on the RHOP reunion? Are you excited it has been renewed for another season?

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19 Replies to “Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Part 2”

  1. All I’m saying for now is that Ray Huger reminds me of an OOOOOOLD church deacon who’s assigned the Sunday service church announcements, but goes entirely off script and waxes poetic on what happened back in ’52 when he met a gal named Long Legged-Lucy that he loved from afar… this reality TV forum is SO not for him, bless his heart. The man is 899 years old and a tech nerd…who half the time doesn’t even look like he knows where he is or what he’s supposed to say next – stop trotting him out in front of these cameras and let him LIVE. His wife knows damned well just wants to play golf after working so hard all his life, probably has bad knees and acid reflux, and now she’s dragging him around to events on national TV so he can look confusedly out the corners of his eyes & speak in non-sequiturs. Girl, stop! If they keep this up next season I’m starting a “Free Ray!” campaign on his behalf…

    1. To add to this, how said that is is being labeled “black Bill Gates” by his wife. Little demeaning since his net worth is around 40 million compared to the Billions and billions ofBill Gates. As if AFRICAN Americans can’t compare because of the inferior position. yep, I went there! Karen just needs to shut up about about this”black Bill Gates” nonsense. The dude is rich–PERIOD.

        1. No worries, no disrespect taken, lol.

          Ray is rich, and looks like he’d be a lot more comfortable fishing on a nice placid lake somewhere instead of dutifully trotting along after his wife while she cuts up on a tv show: every time I see him, his facial expressions are just one stop shy of “wait…do I look into this camera or that one? OHHH THAT’S RIGHT, I’m not SUPPOSED to look! Ooooh, okay! Now where do I place my hands??? Just by my sides? Be natural you say? Hey, Honey, do I still get Vicks throat lozenges after this??? Because you promised! Yes, I KNOW what the doctor said about my sugar levels, but you said I get cherry lozenges after this scene and by gum I want ’em!” Every time Ray masters a line Karen has coached, I picture him getting cherry Vicks throat lozenges after every scene as a reward. That… and a whisper in the ear that he gets a motorboat when they get home. I say “FREE RAY”! Release that poor old man away from these crazy the golf course and fishing trips where he belongs, lol

          1. I want to know who died and made Karen Huger the etiquette guru??? She needs to get in this century before she starts giving advice on manner & etiquette. This show was actually renewed????? Sorry for the lateness….I just found this site.

      1. Hi!!! O.R.E. It is lovely to see your name. I only watched two of the PHW shows. I really don’t get why Bravo told them it was a show on etiquette? No wonder the word was spoken all the time. Anyway, I didn’t even realize the second part of the reunion was on. AND, it was renewed? Wow. I might turn it on now as it is a little windy out and chilly still to be out. I am going to try not to dose off!

    2. I like Ray. Old School is cool with me and I wish more men were Old School. He supports his wife and doesn’t check out other men… sounds like a keeper to me!

  2. Lol, so funny, bit I do agree with you. I didn’t watch the whole thing I found it boring , watched a re-run of naked and afraid. I did watch WWHL last night, Gizelle was way overly shady, she’s desperate for some $. Mike from shah’s seemed like he snorted something, can’t stand him.

  3. @Nicki–it was KAREN who admitted to peeing on the sofa, blaming having those kids when Gizelle brought up her being drunk and peed herself.

  4. “You were trying to have a male-fantasy situation!” Michael replied, “Look at what I have, why would I be titillated by Karen?”

    Priceless !

  5. I am glad we finally got to the “bottom” of the ass grab scandal. It’s not because Michael is white…it’s because he is Australian..down under…if you will.
    This whole mess can go now.

    1. I don’t watch this show but I happened to flip channels while the butt grab discussion was on!! What a bunch of dummies?? Seriously?? A butt grab now equals gay??? Come on!!!!! It did Give me a laugh . That Giselle chick looks a little mannish to me , is she transgender ?

      1. Personally, I think the gay equivocation comes from him literally not being able to peel his eyes off of another man’s body while his wife was trying to have a conversation AND just popping up in a gay club. Those two things would certainly raise red flags for me but to each their own.

  6. I loved Katie’s dress. I usually don’t care for the aluminum look, but that dress was stunning on her. The rest were the aluminum foiled home made decorative type dresses, IMO, that I would have imagined on women of the 18th century right after they learned how to make shiny. I loved Robin’s hair and the neckline of her dress, although not the cutest dress, was very flattering. I also respect her relationship with the father of her kids. Different? yeah. But they both seem to have an honest attitude about it all, and divorce can be so much worse, to say the least. The kids look happy, and that is wonderful. Kids are the most important in our hearts, and the most important commodity in society. We need well rounded, happy, confident, loved children, and they have shown us on camera their lives and their promise to themselves and their doll children to put them first. I think that is remarkable.
    I do wish they wouldn’t bring up disgusting remarks taken out of context like peeing at a promotional shoot. That is purely vulgar, crass talk.

  7. I’d like Bravo to stop trying to edit people into perfection and show us the real deal… what the heck was edited that Katie did not want Gizelle to bring up??? Clearly, it was worse than peeing on herself during the promos which I thought Gizelle was very restrained not to bring up sooner considering how Katie was determined to attack her throughout the reunion.

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