Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Part 2


The second part of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion aired Sunday night and the drama continued until the very end of the episode.

First, Charrisse Jackson Jordan addressed the topic of her marriage and whether or not she really wants a divorce from her husband Eddie. Andy Cohen brought up that Eddie had been let go from his coaching job at Rutgers University, and asked if he had moved back in with Charrisse in Potomac. Charisse said he hadn’t.

Cohen then asked if the couple had discussed the topic of divorce. “It’s not a discussion.” Andy then followed up by asking if she still loved her husband, and Charrisse replied, “Absolutely.” She then told everyone, regarding a potential divorce with Eddie, “Maybe, but it will be no choice of mine.”

Next, it became clear that Katie Rost and Andrew Martin’s breakup happened hours before the reunion taping. Martin was even scheduled to show up for the taping. Katie admitted that the couple had parted ways a few months ago but had been on and off as of recently as the day before the reunion taping, which was when she returned the engagement ring to him. Regarding her future, she said, “I can’t see myself bringing a man around the kids much in the future.”

Briefly two men joined the group. Karen Huger’s husband Ramond and Ashley Darby’s husband Michael. Of course, the topic of the Bethany Beach trip came up, and Ray accused Michael of being perverted, saying, “You were trying to have a male-fantasy situation!” Michael replied, “Look at what I have, why would I be titillated by Karen?”

As for the infamous butt-grab this season between Michael and Andrew, Michael said, “Most of you wouldn’t do too well in Australia. Ass-grabbing, having fun, is pretty much what we do all day in Australia.”

Katie Rost and Gizelle Bryant continued to fight for the remainder of the reunion and the accusations flew. Gizelle even accused Katie of being drunk and peeing herself during a promotional shoot for the show. Gizelle said, “You were two hours late, and you were drunk, and you peed on the couch!” Katie replied, “I‘ve had three kids, and I laughed and a little came out!”

And just as the ladies were toasting for the season and saying their goodbyes to wrap up the reunion, Charrisse dropped a bomb on everyone. She interrupted, “I’m sorry, real quick before we do the toast, I have to be very honest because I did leave something out. Since doing the show, my husband hasn’t been talking to me at all.”

Andy asked if it had anything to do with the show, and she said it had to do with her “opening up about our personal life.”

What were your thoughts on the RHOP reunion? Are you excited it has been renewed for another season?

Photo Credit: Bravo