Real Housewives of Potomac Ratings

Check in here for all the latest Real Housewives ratings including; RHOA, RHOBH, RHOM, RHONJ, RHONY and RHOC! Browse through each season and compare how many viewers watched each episode.


S02E14 Reunion Part 2 7-16-2017 1,384,000
S02E13 Reunion Part 1 7-9-2017 1,171,000
S02E12 Home Is Where The Truth Is 7-2-2017 1,089,000
S02E11 The Grand Dame Sham 6-18-2017 1,210,000
S02E10 Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle 6-11-2017 1,184,000
S02E09 A Host Of Issues 6-4-2017 1,101,000
S02E08 War of the Darbys 5-28-2017 1,032,000
S02E07 Over the River and Thru The Woods 5-21-2017 N/A
S02E05 Messy Games 5-7-2017 1,769,000
S02E04 Kick the Trick Out 4-30-2017 1,791,000
S02E03 A Mother Knows Best 4-23-2017 1,813,000
S02E03 Hold Your Horses 4-16-2017 1,625,000
S02E02 All Tea, All Shade 4-9-2017 1,762,000
S02E01 Don't Let the Zip Code Fool Ya 3-2-2017 1,596,000
S01E12 Reunion Part 2 4-17-2016 1,391
S01E11 Reunion Part 1 4-10-2016 1,511
S01E10 Rules of Enragement 4-3-2016 1,643
S01E09 Fifty Sense 3-27-2016 1,590
S01E08 All Shades of Shade 3-20-2016 1,702
S01E07 Reading Is Fundamental 3-13-2016 1,565
S01E06 Beach Session 3-6-2016 1,634
S01E05 Error on the High Seas 2-21-2016 1,619
S01E04 Desperately Seeking Marriage 2-14-2016 1,421
S01E03 What a Little Whiskey Can Do 1-31-2016 1,657
S01E02 Divas, Queens and Bubalas 1-24-2016 1,667
S01E01 Mind Your Manners 1-17-2016 1,667

A special thank you to TV By The Numbers for the viewership data from Nielsen. Check back with us, as we will keep you up to date on all your Real Housewives TV ratings.

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