Joe Gorga & Teresa Giudice

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Wow, looks just like Gia!

exactly like gia & joe is still the same height! :p haha joes really the best one on rh jersey he’s awesome

ADORABLE! This pic says it all to me…reconciliation for the two families is a must.

Yikes. At least Joey was cute. This family will never be repaired unless and until Theresa understands that the sun doesn’t rise and set on her head. She uses awful, disgusting, vulgar language, in from of all four of her daughters, to describe her sister in law and then wonders why they can’t get along. Theresa disgusts me. Oh, btw, Antonia looks NOTHING like Theresa! Antonia is drop dead gorgeous and is a kind hearted and sensitive child. No wonder Theresa is so bitter and angry.

Kwilliams- “theresa disgusts me..” And “Antonia is drop dead gorgeous and is a kind hearted and sensitive child..”
Relax, you act like you know these people. I’m SURE Antonia must have something in her looks or mannerisms like Theresa. Why??? Well, because they are RELATED that’s why. GET A GRIP

I like Joey’s hair.

Gia looks just like her & oddly milania looks just like her uncle!

Joe looks shy & she looks protective of him. Too bad she shows no signs of it now, in fact quite the opposite. Very sad.

I think its a sweet pic of sister and brother but I have always thought Gabriella looks like neither Joe or Theresa, or the rest of her siblings. Suspicious.

Sara: About your comment on Ganriella. I was thinking the same thing not long ago. I think Gabriella is the sweetest and the more gorgeous them her sisters. I was truing to figure out who she looked like more; mom or dad. But I cant see the resemblence in either one of her parents. I agree the pic of Joe n Teresa is so sweet. They both should have a 10X12 framed an hanging on there wall of their homes (if they dont already have) to remind them of their love for each other and the bond they both share.

Gab looks like Joe’s Gudice mother.

Agreed. Gabriella looks like Nona Giudice.

Omg! Looks just like her offspring!