Brandi Glanville

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She was a beautiful child as well.

You SURE this is Brandi?? At a glance, I thought is was Taylor’s daughter, Kennedy, so I thought for sure this was Taylor!
Anyhoo, adorable.

Wow she does look like Kennedy!

she is a gorgeous child and still has that same smirk

she is awesome……. please brandi stay real age with grace never lose confidence. whatsherface l r is not she someday can see that moron do it to her. ladies……a cheater is always a cheater that is common sense that she obviously misses. you stay confident. I rarely watch shows noticed you immediate you have a it factor it shows as child…… it does now……it always will people have it or do not…….later

Picture is not cute to me at all. Those eyes do look like that drunken no class witch I see on the show. You are very sad to me Brandi – if your behavior was anything like it is on the show your husband should have divorced you long ago, a day with the likes of you is too long.l