Alexis Bellino

  • ullala00@gmail.com

    No way lots of procedures for sure

  • roo

    You can tell that is Alexis.The eyes say it all.The window to your soul.Kind and Loyal.

  • CCwriter

    I see Alexis in this little girl. She looks sweet, humble and kind. Adorable.

  • Kwilliams

    I think she looks beautiful. Alexis isn’t perfect just as none of us are but she’s loyal and kind. I like her.

  • sara

    obviously a cute pic as a child but yes work has changed the finished product. I think one thing we as women should remember is that most of the pics of the HW show to some extent plastic surgery and we should and cannot compare ourselves.

  • kizzy

    Most definately Alexis! I think she has gorgeous looks, but the way she boasts about the material things she has makes her personality ugly.